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  1. Second favorite Aon? Favorite shape? Do you say GIF or JIF? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Favorite section in a grocery store? Which part of the day are you most productive in? How long have you been on the Shard?
  2. Rereading Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages.
  3. I love your "About Me" description!

    1. Cosmoriente


      I thank you! I relate to your inability to navigate nowhere. There's no biological compass on this body whatsoever either..

  4. My Talent is being absolutely unable to navigate anywhere. Seriously. I don't even know how to get to the grocery store. I also have the ability to pronounce any word I learn from a book completely wrong.
  5. YKYAS when you shamelessly advertise the Stormlight Archive (yes, this actually happened):
  6. Great question! Personally, I don't think Rock can see Shardblades as dead spren, but that could be a factor in why he is a chef, not a warrior.
  7. Kaladin: Joins army to protect Tien Also Kaladin:
  8. Meanwhile, I drew a majestic chicken in a tornado:
  9. Here's the pictures I used. The English letters on the script image look pretty similar, so double-check you're writing the right shape!
  10. You know you're a Sanderfan when you write your name in Alethi script and glyphs (sorry for bad quality).
  11. Definitely agree!
  12. I was wondering if anyone else made that connection! Have you read it?
  13. When you say "I am offend! You will apology with boots!" to your barefoot sister. When you think your car's windshield in winter looks like the Shattered Plains. When your NitroType name is Ryshadium. When you create a deeply troubling Cosmere-themed Christmas carol (WoK spoilers):