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  1. Hey! You probably know this already, if you've watched Brandon's recent spoiler stream, but this question was asked in it. Of course, it was promptly RAFO'ed. Brandon did say that he wouldn't dig into this relationship in the main Skyward series, but he may eventually
  2. In Brandon's spoiler stream last night, Adam pronounced Jorgen as "Yorr-gen." I previously voted for "Jorr-gen" in this thread's poll but I'm switching to the other pronunciation now
  3. I, too, have some Cytonic memes! Here's a non-spoilery one: This next meme has Cytonic spoilers under the cut: And finally, some miscellaneous incorrect quotes between Jorgen and Spensa that don't really pertain to Cytonic but I thought were too funny not to post. Spoilered for length; there are no Cytonic spoilers.
  4. Honestly, I'm mostly just stunned after finishing. I learned so much and I can barely keep track of all of it I liked most of the new characters in this book, like Peg and Chet, although I also wish we'd gotten to see more of Detritus and its characters. Moreover, Brade seemed a bit underdeveloped to me in Starsight and Cytonic, and I stil don't fully understand her and her motivations. I liked seeing Spensa form more bonds in Cytonic, though. (Plus, I loved seeing Jorgen's and Spensa's relationship develop!) I really liked both Chet's and M-Bot's character arcs. It was fun--and enlightening--to hear them talk about what it means to have emotions, and what it means to be human. And Spensa, as usual, impressed me. I'm really happy with where she ends in this book. As for the plot/pacing, they both felt slow and inconsistent. I know that matches Spensa's experience in the nowhere, but as a reader it just made me feel constantly disjointed. I did enjoy all the twists, though. I audibly gasped out loud during multiple parts of this book, but I probably reacted the most strongly to the ending, when Chet and M-Bot both made their decisions. I'm curious as to how we'll see them in Defiant!
  5. I know this topic is kind of dead, but seeing as we're a week from Cytonic's release I figured I would share this! Everyone waiting for Cytonic to release:
  6. Spensa does refer to Alanik as having "elfin" features in Starsight!
  7. I enjoed this novella so much more than Sunreach because the POV character, Alanik, was more fleshed out and had an interesting take on everything. The characters in general appeared more fresh and witty than in Sunreach, which I appreciated. The banter also felt more lighthearted and a little less forced to me. A lot of people have mentioned romance, so I'll dive into that here too! I'm not a big fan of the amatonormativity in the novellas. Romance loses its worth if it's forced or fast. Yes, I think Rig and FM could be cute, but their relationship was rushed and unsatisfying. I liked Alanik and Arturo as a pairing more, but it still bothers me that Patterson and Sanderson seem insistent on pairing everyone up, when that's not how it works in real life. Some aren't ready or simply don't want romance. Some want it on their own terms. Everyone is different. (On a slightly related topic, I suspect Kimmalyn could be aromantic, asexual, or lesbian, given that she so vehemently denies having a boyfriend.) Okay, romance talk over! Let's get into the worldbuilding and plot. I found it fascinating. I'll admit I don't remember much of it now, but I recall that it surprised me and kept me captivated. The plot was engaging, although it had a few predictable twists, like the Cobb-body-double bit. I loved seeing little teasers of Spensa's journey. (Although Jorgen says he's seen her twice, but in Sunreach it appears that he's only seen her once?) And of course, the ending, which deserves a separate paragraoh for itself. I'm still in shock about what happened to Jorgen's parents...when I read the part, I spent a full five minutes ranting angrily at the authors. Poor Jorgen...I feel so bad for him and I just know he's not going to cope with any of this well, given his tendency to repress strong emotions. He's one of my favorite Skyward characters and I can't wait to read what he does in Evershore!
  8. By the way, you can also read Chapter 1 and some of Chapter 2 on Netgalley! Now, onto my theories and predictions. Spoilers for ReDawn and Starsight below, of course. In Evershore, I think we're going to see a lot of Jorgen compartmentalizing his grief to an unhealthy level, and/or having his grief interfere with his powers, making them "erratic" as mentioned on the blurb. Also, given that both his parents were members of the government, he may have to fill their shoes while being a pilot and flightleader, which is only going to worsen his mental health. For Cytonic, I predict that Spensa has come in contact with some of the kitsen cytonics that were mentioned in Starsight. I also predict that she will develop mindblades, because she seems to have the aptitude and strength for them. Brade may have a redemption or corruption arc as well. I also hope we find out more about M-Bot's old commander, Spears. Even after 2 books, we know so little about him, yet he knew about taynix and hyperdrives before anyone on Detritus--he had a hyperdrive compartment in his ship, and he instructed M-Bot to search for mushrooms, which taynix consume. He may have been cytonic himself, which might explain why he crashed in a remote location on a planet that seems not to have a known record of him. I agree with @Govir about M-Bot's potential growth and arc, and I think it's a very interesting idea! I hope, too, that M-Bot will find a fellow AI to complain about organics with. He deserves it at this point! Edit: This isn't a prediction, but Evershore's cover has been revealed on Amazon, however I haven't found any official confirmation of it by Sanderson yet. My Kindle also lists the release date as December, which I hope is a glitch/mistake. Nevertheless, I'm very excited for this novella, as Jorgen is one of my favorite Skyward characters! Edit 2: just released a spoiler free review of Cytonic, which I'll link here. I'm very interested in the potential implications about the Skyward world building and M-Bot.
  9. When you're scrolling through Insta and take the opportunity to plug the Cosmere:
  10. What is your favorite number(s)?
  11. How did you choose your username for the 17th Shard?
  12. What song(s) makes you nostalgic?
  13. YKYAS when you name your new Kindle Evi
  14. In your esteemed opinion, what is the best waffle topping? Edit: Just realized I double posted...
  15. Welcome to the Shard! What's your second favorite song?