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  1. That was my second thought as well, but I don't know, something about the allusions to Earth slowly piling up in the nowhere makes me think that there's an intentional crumb trail towards Earth/Milky Way. I mean, they would have had no way of knowing they were orbiting another planet until they got whatever part of the platforms working that showed that analysis. Of course, you also think they would have maybe noticed the other planet while they were in space fighting, so I'm liking your idea also. I feel like Evershore is gonna have something juicy to add to the solving of this mystery.
  2. I think my favorite part of this boon was something I least expected. the lack of physical danger, the lack of the threat of immediate death. Because as others have said this have not just Spensa, but also M-bot the environment they needed to grow, and this especially gave Spensa the chance to unpack her entire life-worth of trauma, and constantly struggling to survive. I thought this book was going to be one of the first branderson books to not make me outright sob, but when she was struggling with her decision to stay or continue her quest and journey home, and she asked... no, begged, for guilt to force her to go back to her friends ...and all she got was permission, permission to choose, to be and to live and to be selfish for once in her life if she so chose.... that scudding broke me.
  3. I just finished the audiobook, and after taking a moment to gather my thoughts, and most importantly my emotions, I have this lingering thought, almost a theory. At first, when they all reached the final portal in the oath of elders, I started to think Detritus was Earth, but quickly discarded the idea. However, something in the epilogue made me go back to the spirit of that idea. Detritus was orbiting another planet. It's a moon. What are the odds that this whole time, they've been seeking their home planet and it's... right there? From reading defending Elysium, we know humanity had the resources early on to create huge platforms within our native solar system. Is Detritus a moon from the Milky Way, perhaps even the Earth's moon? thoughts?
  4. I think in context of that unimaginably huge tower, even a small house sized platform would look like a pinnacle. And I think you meant to say the leeward side ;]
  5. The roof is absolutely flat, Kaladin had his little face-off with the Fused and his dad up there.
  6. That's a good point. I can prepare my emotions as much as I want to jump off of a plane without a parachute, i'm still going to be pants-shittingly terrified, no matter how much i expect it to happen.
  7. Wild-light? I don't know if i read that in the book or someone else said it on here, but i remember reading that.
  8. Wild thought that keeps invading my mind: I've already entertained the possibility in another thread of using unsealed copperminds to store memories, but that had the issue of not being able to recall the memories unless you tapped the metalmind. However, this could actually explain the terror Wit felt. If we are going to chase this likely far-fetched dream that Hoid came out on top of this interaction, the terror he felt is the biggest red flag. Unless he had stored important memories, including his true plan for this interaction, in an unsealed metal mind. Perhaps, one of the coins he was playing with while hinting at the storyteller/audience deception monologue.
  9. it would be definitively a shallan move for sure
  10. and that's why he thinks something off with his perfect putch, he won't remember his trap till he taps the metalminds and WAIT edit: nevermind that would need feruchemy I haven't had my coffee
  11. I don't know if this has been mention d yet, but I had a thought last night. one of the biggest arguments I've seen against Is that Kalak calls Thaidakar, "old Thaidakar". 300 yrs vs 7000 years. have we considered that, like Hoid, Kelsier adopted someone else's name in the greater Cosmere?
  12. for fun

    The one thing I can think of clearly, is that when the first few chapters were released early, i was absolutely 100% certain when Kaladin said he would never swear the fourth ideal, that he would before the book had ended. I had no doubt, and i almost screamed when it finally happened.
  13. Mistborn Era 2 Spoiler:
  14. I wonder if, how the rhythm of honor + the rhythm of odium = the rhythm of war, if that would be the shar produced from such a union
  15. Interesting point. Best method we have to determine that for now is to try and plot out the timeline of Shallans past. I don't have physical books, but we'd have to see where in the timeline she broke her oath and see if it matches up with the time of the soulcaster breaking. IIRC, We know that the soulcaster was in use sometime after Shallan killed her mother, so it might be possible as she had apparently reached her third oath by that time..