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  1. A half sharpened candy cane
  2. Nah it's my mistake. Yeah it's 2.1 bil
  3. It's 2.1 tril. The earth only has ≈7 bil
  4. It'd take 2138830161 people 1 year to make the yarn. I'm down to join.
  5. Okay, so most lint has small amounts of thread from clothes, which we can extract. With it, we can further make felt, paper, yarn, clay, or fire starters. Let's go with yarn So yarn goes for about $5 a skein of 200 feet. Lint is say, about 90% actual clothes, after some math and research, the average amount of lint produced in a day is 1.9mg. cotton (assuming that that's all that is being worn) is 770 kg per cubic meter.(here I converted to yds but I forgot to keep track of the original decimal I got for meters soz) That equals ≈.000000002698526323272091017 of a cubic meter of lint each day. Dividing by 200 (for the avg length of a skein of medium yarn) you get 741145262417 days of belly lint needed to make one skein of yarn, or about 27073799.5 lifetimes. Moving on, that means that a days worth of belly lint is worth $.0000000000067463158 or .00000000067463158¢. -Your friendly neighborhood Slytherin Sunagakure shinobi
  6. First, we need to see what the lint can be made into. Somewhere, I learned that you can turn lint into clay, but dryer lint probably has a slightly different composition than the belly button kind. It's a start though.
  7. Idk why but I ship Obliteration and David someone help.
  8. Just a smol room to talk about the non canon ships that you have in the reckoners series