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  1. That is the best way I have seen to point out a typo. You are applaud.
  2. I start with a setting that I really like. For example, when I was first writing one of my short stories, I really liked the woods, and I really liked foxes. Therefore, my story took place in the woods, and was about foxes. Then I expand on the world. I'm writing what will hopefully become a novel in the future, and it takes place in the same world, and the fox of my short story will probably get a cameo. I'm also 'writing' a bunch of other stories that take place in the future of this world. Sometimes I add some magic, cuz I like magic. But most of my ideas come from when I'm tired and my brain's just like "hey, this is gonna sound stupid, but hear me out. What if..." And then I choose the ones I like and fight to make them work. Like, I can't just suddenly give my character heat resistance when she burnt herself in the second chapter!
  3. I saw this and HAD to click on it. I was not disappointed. I was LITERALLY belting this out at the top of my lungs for most of this. My siblings were probably very concerned. Never trust a sleep-deprived Cahira to not do stupid stuff like this..
  4. A couple of questions: are people with multiple personality disorder just people who are closer to the mindscape and switch between themselves and a couple of egos/figments? Is your imagination a minor doorway to the mindscape? And if an author writes something, does that become/is it a world in the mindscape? I love the setting, and I think it has a lot of potential! Good luck!
  5. I love the idea. It is built so in depth, and you've thought of most everything. I had an idea, that when the burnt come out, they start going by a different name, because they are, essentially, someone new. For names, maybe you could incorporate ceniza, the Spanish word for ash, maybe as a character name or lava dome name, or maybe a different type of the burnt could be 'the molten.' Maybe for transforming different types of material have different names, like '___ priming.' Maybe 'fracture priming' or something like that for ceramics? Wow, I just realized how dumb that sounded. Sorry! For a different name for the eruption, maybe the 'first burning?' Just an idea, but I thought it sounded kinda cool.
  6. This looks fantastic! Dalinar looks so cool! I love how you have the Stormfather in the background. Can you do one with Lift and Gawx? Maybe Lift and Kaladin?
  7. I hope so. Adolin, in doing so, will have a bond just as strange as his brother's. Also, I really wanna see Lift making fun of Adolin for less than proficiency with the surge of Abrasion. Also him pulling a rockstar move and sliding on his knees, but extra far cuz yeah. All jokes aside, Adolin would make a great Edgedancer. He sincerely cares about people, and the oaths we've seen Lift say I can see Adolin saying. Also, it would be cool for almost all the Kholins to have spren. Except Navani (so far...). And Gavinor, but he's too young yet.
  8. I came up with a second oath for shipwards: I will respect all ships, even if I personally do not like them.
  9. You wear a glove on your hand, and just your left hand, solely for the reference that no one, I repeat, no one, is going to get.
  10. Cahira walked into the room and mumbled "Books before friends, 17th shard before reality, release dates before birthdays." She walked over to a corner, tripped over her own feet, and then said, "Fine. I will bind others together with fictional narratives. Can I read now?" She picked up a copy of Elantris, and proceeded to ignore any voice in her head, cuz what if it was from a bad shard? Only evil ones force you away from books to social interaction needlessly .
  11. Sounds about right. I mean, math is awful.
  12. Well, I'd like to see: A stoneward. We have all the other orders of radiants, assuming Venli is going to be a Willshaper, I want to see all the orders refounded. Even beyond that, I would like to see more action from a Dustbringer that's hopefully on the good guy's side, and more of Renarin's truthwatcher-ness. Are his visions a 'just him cause his spren's weird' thing, or is it something all truthwatchers could do? Mayalaran to be revived. I really hope this happens. It would mean that all the Kholins have weird bonds, which would be great, but it would also mean that Adolin would become an edgedancer, and I want to see Lift making fun of him for being so incompetent with the surge of abrasion. Kaladin being a protective older brother type character to Lift. We all know how Kaladin still wants to protect young kids and Lift is what? 13? I want to see him take Lift under his wing, or at the very least thinking how much she'd get along with Tien. Lift and Gawx friendship or romance. Those two are so cute, and I really can see them becoming a couple. Maybe. I just want some childlike interaction between the two at the least. After all, they're kids being thrust into an adult's world, and I can see them helping each other vent. More Shadolin. I love their relationship dynamic. And I can see them being all mushy-gushy and Kaladin, while completely straight-faced, saying 'get a room.'
  13. Hi guys. I'm CahiraCelosial, and I really like reading and writing fantasy and sci-fi books because you break the rules of reality, given that you break them the same way, and you break them every time. I'm also a book nerd, and I have two or three close irl friends who really like the Sanderson books too.
  14. Amoeba 1. It sounds cool. 2. I tend to change what my hair is like every five minutes. 3. I vary in personality a bit. It's normal, but I embraced it. I even have different 'people' living in my head! So, yeah. And if that was taken, I'd choose Ceniza, which is the Spanish word for ash.