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  1. Orpheus emerged from his household and went to the alleyway to meet with the crew. He had explained things to his mother there. She wasn't happy about him going and didn't understand why he was leaving. But Orpheus had a Contract to fulfill. He obeyed Zanidar. Overnight, he had made several copies of the mysterious prophecy that the Shadow had given, for anyone who needed one. Orpheus waited by the alleyway.
  2. But you see, I needed to lose, so that I could win.
  3. Other than the kickstarter for the Way of Kings one, you can't even order a leatherbound right now. Which is the point of my post. So I don't even know. They were on there for weeks, I think, just saying "Out of Stock." But now they've been removed from the store entirely, at least for now. You can't even see their pricing or product info or anything.
  4. Does anyone know why all of the leatherbounds have disappeared off of Brandon Sanderson's shop? https://store.brandonsanderson.com/collections/signed-leatherbound-books I was saving my money... I was here like a week or so ago and they were still up. What's going on?
  5. “That’s for me to know, Shadow,” he replied. He had given away too much. He continued his act of an excited student, but inside he was actually terrified. Oh, the things he did for demons. “Now, I call for, perhaps, a break? I do have to be arriving home soon, and I don’t want to rush some of us into hasty decisions.” He glanced at the elf. “Let’s all meet in the alleyway outside the academy tomorrow morning, after we’ve had some time to take this in. I’ll provide some transcriptions there.” Oh, how it hurt him to have to reign everyone into an adventure he didn’t even want to participate in. But his demon didn’t seem to object to any of these joining, so he figured it was fine. He was going to need all the help he could get. Now, if only he knew why Zanidar needed this of him.
  6. Orpheus looked up from what he had been doing. “I... guess I will be writing a transcription of the prophecy, to be passed around to those who wish to come with us.” He continued, “Now, like the scary man who I still don’t his name has said, you don’t have to come with us. No one really does. I know this is exciting, but the journey will be grueling. It’s a two-month journey, I hear.”
  7. “Well, this has been quite the turn of events...” Orpheus started, “Can we all start by introducing ourselves to one another, because I’m starting to lose track. I’m Orpheus.”
  8. From the album The Awful Collection of My Stormlight Art

    This is literally the extent of my art abilities. I'm putting this up here to show you all that I have tried. A career as an artist has been attempted. Perhaps I can find a job at Casually Explained, or Terrible Writing Advice.
  9. Probably has something to do with the way objects or people view themselves. I think something like this is stated in TES, but basically it’s all about cognitive perception. Like, when someone Lashes a door, what external force determines which molecules or planks of wood are part of the “door”? Well, it’s what exactly the door considers part of itself. Similarly I think the parts that humans generally consider themselves, like their hair, will be affected, because the Intention of the Lashing is to Lash themselves.
  10. Kelsier killing Dumbledore, what a twist. Lift as a professor and hoid as headmaster?
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1! *coughs* Excuse me. Also this should be moved to Social Groups/Clans/Guilds/Clubs, @Ookla the Knight.
  12. “Um, yes. You want to come with us or not? The fact you were here for the prophecy accounts for something, and the prophecy states your fate is likely at stake.”
  13. “Sure thing,” Orpheus said, then turned back to the man and the elf. “I’m Orpheus by the way. And we should best get going before the whole school wants to come.” And so Orpheus went off to a nearby empty training ground, others following behind. Or, at least, he had thought it was empty. A lone girl was practicing by herself in the cold. Much safer than the other area. Maybe it was a private area?
  14. I’m INTP-T, or Logician, as well as 75% introverted. An analyst striving for constant improvement. Pretty accurate. I’ve actually had the feeling more times than normal questioning why I seem like so much of an A.I. to myself, lol.