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  1. welcome to the shard
  2. Happy Birthday, @Knight of Iron!

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      Knight of Iron

      Thanks! I'm 18 now :D

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      Knight of Iron

      I know I haven't been as active much recently but I'm still reading the forums daily. I just don't have anything to say lol.

  3. Considering there is a section on the very same wiki called "This is poorly copied from the author Brandon Sanderson," it would be safe to assume this is a ripoff.
  4. The in-world Words of Radiance wasn't written by Nohadon. Words of Radiance was written centuries after his time. Perhaps it is one of the tomes spoken of in the Parshendi songs.
  5. Instantly when I saw what the new fabrial could do I thought "chromium" and instantly checked these forums to see if anyone had the same idea. And here you are.
  6. Just throwing it out there, the last livestream Brandon made it clear in the screenplay Dockson and Ham are now female. Thought that was relevant to movie casting.
  7. Kidnapping Old Women? Knocking on Wood? Killing Offensive Wizards? I got nothing.
  8. Mmmkay I'll get around to it soon one day possibly maybe. My library just opened up again so maybe I'll read it soon
  9. If you want stop supporting Brandon Sanderson because you are disappointed in his silence, feel free to do so. I'm not. I think his books already illustrate his stance.
  10. Firstly, I'm male, straight, Christian, all the things, and do not support the legality of same-sex marriage for very religious reasons I'd rather not get into here. That said, I do not consider myself homophobic. I do not hate LGBTQ+, and I hate the hate they get from other Christians. It is not Christian to hate, but I am very aware that it happens. Way too often. If you're reading this and one of those people, know that Jesus Christ himself didn't even hate on the prostitutes, the greedy tax collectors, etc. He loved them and hung out with them. Not exactly what I'm seeing in a good portion of the Christian community. The reason I bring myself up like this is because I want to let you all on here that you are loved, and I wish more Christians could love as well. As a deep theologian of the Christian faith, I would say that many Christians who actively hate on LGBTQ+ in such ways as they do are on their way to hell. In other words, I apologize for these people. I love you guys. I hope I didn't offend anyone in writing this. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ PS: Thought I haven't read much anything thus far, per the aforementioned lack of fantasy books, I believe I would quite enjoy a gay protagonist as much as I would enjoy any other character. Please don't kill me.
  11. I was just curious to know how y'all learned about the cosmere. For me, I had finished Skyward and was reading the Way of Kings next (I was going to read Mistborn but of all the books, I couldn't figure out which was the first). I thought the Stormlight Archive was a trilogy until I googled and learned there were to be ten more books... and those Mistborn books were in the same universe. And so upon not even reading one cosmere book, I was already hooked on the cosmere.
  12. Yes, I believe Tom Holland does play the role of the awkward teenager very well.
  13. Also have not read the Lord of the Rings. Didn't even finish the first movie.
  14. He seems very happy about something.
  15. I always saw him as kind of incompetent but never as an actual bad king, I mean Alethkar didn't self-destruct in the time he was king so you gotta give him points for that.