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  1. Drums could be done one-handed Also I have spoken to a friend who plays trumpet and they say that the trumpet could be played one-handed, as the other hand is just for support.
  2. I would not like to read about Moash breathing either. Rather, I would prefer that the breathing be implied in all the time I hope to be reading about Moash
  3. @Honorless I sincerely apologize for my lack of a response regarding your first order... I have been ever quite busy, with the business being low on staff. As for the convincing of the relinquishing of the said artifact from a mutual acquaintance of ours, as you call it, I will do as you have asked and have already begun the hunt. I believe I have the situation under control and will be able to provide the item. My salesmen are very good at persuasion, graduating with masters degrees in persuasion, but even if they shall fail I have other methods, though hopefully I will not have to use them. Payment will be discussed afterwards. Knight of IronCEO of the Cosmere Mercantile Business Industries Association
  4. poll

    Just finished Elantris recently, I don't care much if Raoden was still mostly the same, I like him a lot the way he is. Next I have to say is of course Hrathen though I did find his evilness and ignorance mildly annoying. Stuff like calling Raoden "obviously an imposter, etc." But I like him. And then I don't like Sarene much.
  5. Same thing happened to me and The Way of the Kings.
  6. This is awesome! I actually started Wheel of Time just yesterday for the same reasons you did. And jeez that's a lot of characters.
  7. Hey all. When I am bored I sometimes get around to programming things. I'm not cool like that, and I don't know any of those languages. But I DO use Scratch. For those, who don't know, Scratch makes coding really basic with "blocks" of coding. Anyways, hopefully one day I'll get around to the real thing. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I made a kind of inaccurate Skyward game--ah, let's say game inspired by Skyward. You are flying M-Bot who is for some reason letting you access only his destructors and nothing else, and you are a pilot who urgently wants to destroy all the asteroids in some asteroid belt until your shield goes down. Get to work. This is it. I do plan to make more interesting Sanderson-based games in the future. Currently I'm trying to work out the mechanics of Surgebinding, though that's proving very hard. It's a good thing I like a good challenge.
  8. Nice thoughts. I just finished Starsight, by the way. I think the working faster near the portal wasn't anything new, at least not yet. He was trapped in that drone thing, which probably didn't allow his cytonic thinking which made him AI. So he was mostly restored to normal, I think, in the nowhere. But that is very interesting to think how he would grow there... maybe he'll finally be able to rewrite his Click. Clickclickclickclick.
  9. Dear everyone, including but not limited to @The traveller, @Honorless , and @FictionSpren It turns out I may need assistance battling off a competitor of mine, yet only because he is no longer a mere competitor but has grown to be a threat to the safety of the cosmere. This salesman, who goes by the name of Taikuutta-torjuva-paha-liikemies-piilee-ihmisiin-varastaakseen-voimansa-ja-myymällä-heidät, sells powers and abilities from across the cosmere to them through one of the only means I do not take a part of: Hemalurgy. He sells (according to this worldhopping newspaper): - Allomantic spikes - Feruchemical spikes - Divine Breath spikes - Surgebinding spikes - Boon without curse spikes - Singer forms spikes - Gemheart-growing spikes - Elantrian spikes - And more coming soon! It is my belief that this man must be stopped, though any spikes we seize in the process ought not to be wasted. I have spent the last recent months tracking him down, and I believe he may have made his way to the planet First of the Sun. Perhaps he is trying to see if he can steal the abilities of Aviar? I urge your help in this matter. Anyone's help. Please. Knight of Iron
  10. Well at least it did for me. I'm pretty sure it's the humans of the First Desolation, after they beat the Voidbringers the first time. Their homes become our dens. Their lands are now our farms. I should've seen it. But there are way more hints toward it in the second book epigraphs, inside the old Parshendi songs found at under Listener Songs They're always just subtle hints but I feel like I should be getting them. A good example comes from WoR chapter 30 (consider it is from a Parshendi viewpoint):
  11. I sure hope it's a TV show. If they do movies, I won't accept it unless they split each book into three movies each. Then we could have a 30 movie series. So, basically, I want a TV show. I think if they do a movie, the first thing they could cut out would be the interludes. What else would they do with them? Have them be end-credit scenes, maybe, or compile them all together and make move 31: The Forgotten Interludes. We need to get Axies and Rysn on screen guys. And for what I would want in it... um, I can't really think of anything except a Brandon Sanderson cameo! He could cameo in every movie or episode and canonize himself as a worldhopper. Plus, think of the memes! With an actual movie adaptation, the fanbase would likely increase (gaining a number of fans who will probably never end up reading the books ) and therefore the memes.
  12. Granted! Your entire country is flooded with a miles worth of snow and everybody is buried alive. The temperature drops to -50 degrees Fahrenheit / -45 degrees Celsius. Everyone still somehow has internet (fueled by Cultivation's Investiture, of course) and they communicate the news nationwide that winter break has begun and will end when they figure out how to get rid of all the snow. Your bane is that you are now allergic to snow. I wish to join the Ghostbloods.
  13. I've got another one. I present a case against Jasnah Kholin. 1) She kept the Voidbringer secret a secret for just long enough that when it finally got out, it was mostly too late She claims no one would've believed her, sure, but really? The whole world of scholars look up to her, and she expects us to believe that nobody would believe that one of the most highly-renowned scholars, a heretic, believed the Parshendi were Voidbringers. Yeah, right. A heretic worried about the threat of Voidbringers? That only gives it more credibility. She must've withheld it for some time so that the Alethi could push the Parshendi to the heightening of their desperation. She wanted the Voidbringers to come back all along. Why? Maybe she's evil. Or maybe she just wanted to study them while they destroyed the world. 2) She was gone during all the events preceding the Everstorm After practically guaranteeing nobody would be safe from the parsh when the Voidbringers returned, she left the Physical Realm. Sure, sure, she was investigating but not learning much. Doubt it. I mean, it's Jasnah we're talking about here. She knew all along, she saw the signs, and so she abandoned everyone. When her plans didn't work as well as she expected them too, she came back right when all the immediate danger was over. Awfully suspicious. 3) She has a tendency to try and kill people for not very good reasons First off, I'll bring up her past in that she hired an assassin to, eventually, kill off Aesudan. Why? Probably not for good reasons, that's why! Probably just because she was annoying. What a dumb reason to kill someone. Then there's the issue of Renarin. Sure, he was acting all suspiciously with his corrupted spren and Voidish seeing the future, but he's still her cousin. She didn't even give him a chance to explain himself. The only reason she didn't was because she remembered that she had evil purposes, so therefore Renarin became a very useful tool in her evil plans. All this, not to mention the time she Soulcasted those dudes (they hadn't even done anything yet!), purposely leading them to her. To satisfy her bloodthirst, clearly. Conclusion: Jasnah Kholin is an outright liar, a deceiver, and a cool, calm, and calculated murderer who seeks to bring in the end of the world as quickly as possible, endangering the lives of those she pretends to love while saving her own skin. All for what is likely scholarly purposes. Side note: Imagine if we get some of this stuff right, that we are actually picking up on legit foreshadowing and exposing his plot twists, lol.
  14. Yes, just the other day I was looking at Way of Kings and saw Dalinar's chapter title as Unity... . Plus, upon reading the epigraphs, I am so frustrated with myself I was never able to get what seem to be otherwise obvious things. This epigraph, for example, really got me: After finishing the book, I figured it was talking about the Voidbringers. Never realized what I held contained quite obviously the secret that destroyed the Knights Radiant. Ever since then, I have found lots of foreshadowing done in the epigraphs, and because of it, I have an entire document on my computer listing nearly every one and my thoughts on each, what they could even mean. And to think when I first started the Way of Kings (my first Brandon Sanderson book) I just started skipping the epigraphs. Also: I actually got this one! I didn't get the first one, but I did get a suspicion he would let himself die. I was proud of myself, for, like, a second before I realized that he was GONNA DIE.
  15. Don't know if we will have references to them, exactly, but I mean, Mistborn Era 4 is all space opera-y. I think if there are any planets left that Brandon wants to showcase, that might be where it would happen. I think Brandon has way too much on his plate cosmere-related to write new stories for some of these other planets/Shards, so I think it is likely that they'll just end up being a part of what he already has on his plate.