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  1. That would be awesome. Imagine if we systematically refused to kill anyone and made everyone kandra instead of fighting? Talk about subverting expectations.
  2. No is the real villain here. No Lynch was my friend in childhood, but he grew bitter and jealous, and betrayed me. He stole my precious Trumpet of Eternity, and ripped my Investiture from my bleeding body as I lay in the road. I have spent my life chasing him down, and now he is within my grasp. Die now, No! Die and feel the wrath of my longsuffering years!
  3. 99 point 9 repeating is still 100.
  4. And by a member of my own house, no less. Shame on you and your devious schemious.
  5. Quick question: When you say Do you mean Elkanah, Elandera, or Elbereth?
  6. Mundic bowed to Dera. "Greetings! How goes the night?"
  7. Mundric strode confidently through the doors of the Tekiel ballroom. He wore a heavy azure cloak, trimmed with gold. The host stood nobly to welcome him and the other attendees. He greeted her with a courtly bow, and began to walk among the crowd. Some of them, he noticed, wore hats from his personal establishment. He swallowed a flash of pride, and sought out the fashonistically inclined among them, approaching one who seemed wise. "Greetings, good sir/lady! How goes the night?"
  8. Attack people's ancestry? While they're going to a ball, of all things? Keeping moderate amounts of trust was one of the Seven Fundamental Tenets of the Hatsman! Mundric was shocked that it was even an option. -- I vote for no lynch - No needs to be taught a lesson.
  9. Mundric nervously donned his ball cloak. He checked all the hooks were in place, with the release mechanism just inside his collar. He wondered what would come of the ball tonight. Straightening his signature triple-tier top hat, his personal invention made just three days ago, he started jogging towards the residence of House Tekiel. Not the traditional method of conveyance, to be sure, but it wasn't far from his residence and athleticism, as everyone knew, was one of the Seven Fundamental Tenets of the Hatsman. Far be it from him to eschew established tradition. He hoped to find some publicity for his new book: Above the Spikes: An Inquisitor's Guide to Hatwear at the ball, but considering the fashion sense of most attendees, he doubted it. The fashions of this time were uninteresting in his opinion. He just hoped his descendants would fare well, get a good education at a prestigious school, maybe even be Allomancers, or try to.
  10. Ahhh... GG everyone! Sorry if my inexperience made it difficult. Lots of fun though! Glad I could at least come up with a creative term. Mundric hurried out into the rain, the water beating down on his precious hat, crumpled beyond repair. His business was in ruins, his life more so. He wished for a simpler time. A time long ago, when his ancestor, Mundric, had been the chief hat merchant of House Hasting. He remembered that time, and the way it had ended, in a story passed down through generations...
  11. Mundric hung his head. What use were principles in a den of liars and cheaters who’d do anything to take what was not theirs? They hadn’t even bought a hat. The great torment filled him. It wrapped his mind like a shroud of nettles, piercing him with the deepest fear a man could feel - the torment of uncertainty. He stepped out from his improvised shop, and drew a small aluminum top hat from his case. The edges were sharp. He was going to find the one who’d orchestrated this, and make them pay. Not the soulless thugs, no. Whatever demented schoolmaster that could lie to so many, about the purpose of the very school and set them at each other’s throats... He was the one to go after. —— Right from the get-go, the lack of resistance to a vote on Lemonelon is worrying. My suspicions are all over the place. Every suspicion seems to be wrong, but I’m more worried about Coda than Lemon. It’s all so unclear.
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This game is stressful. I think Coda is a more likely target, after rereading the evidence. DA didn't vote cycle 1, and I think that clinches it for me.
  13. Darkness. It's the best read I have. Not confident, but I'll do as best I can.
  14. I have a few feelings, after rereading the previous several days. I'm feeling wary of Darkness Ascendant. Scanned as guilty by Lumgol, and immediately Lumgol was killed, before they could 'calibrate' their readings (as we believed it to work last cycle.) They were the only one not to vote for the same target last cycle, which just feels off. What's odd is their lack of a vote Cycle 1, when they could have saved or helped to save Striker. I'm also somewhat suspicious of Coda. They were the only one other than myself who voted for Lemonelon C1 and is still living. As for who's least suspicious, I can't really tell. Everyone still here has something against them.
  15. Don't forget that elims could lie about their results to throw suspicion.