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  1. Rath! Farewell, old friend. *tips bowler hat* Farewell.
  2. I think, hesitantly, that Alvron is village. Rath seems suspicious to me. Rath was the one who almost got me killed, so many days ago. That's the prime basis for my suspicion, but his more recent interactions have seemed just a pinch off as well.
  3. The members of the research subset were the ones targeted by elims. Knowing that, it makes sense that the last member of the research subset is likely an elim. Hesitantly, I think that everyone just sharing what subset they're a part of (no need to tell us what it does) and their team members will likely help us identify who the last member of the research subset (and thus the elim) is. I can start. I am a member of a subset with Alvron and Xino.
  4. I understand. Elkanah is next in line for death, but your fall will reveal a lot of information. Sometimes sacrifices must be made.
  5. As far as I can tell, suspicion of Elandera is derived largely from Young Bard's testimony and supported by their vote on me last round. Suspicion of Elkanah seems to come a little more out of the blue. Elandera is more suspicious to me. But if Elandera doesn't turn out to be an elim, then there are two possibilities. Either the Sparkles subset did block Elandera, and the elims didn't send in a kill that night at all, or at least a portion of the Sprinkles subset is traitorous and misleading us. If you are a member of the Sprinkles subset, can you confirm what Bard said? A final theory just occured to me, but I will wait to share it before hearing more from people.
  6. Mind sharing exactly what the roleblock of the Kidnapping Subset does? Is it just abilities, or does it extend to subset and/or lynch votes?
  7. So there are two possibilities. One, an elim submitting the kill was roleblocked. Two, there was no kill submitted. I think everyone was active at least once this cycle, but the elims may have postponed the decision till the end of the cycle and then been unable to get on in time. Slight amounts of suspicion towards those inactive during the night cycle. Does anyone want to come forward with who else was roleblocked last night? So either Young Bard or someone in their subset roleblocked Elandera, if that is indeed the case. Interesting.
  8. Original post: VINDICATED! YESSSS! HAAATS FOREEEEVERR! Aside from that, hello? I need to get off now, but Mundric is distributing vellum-lined party hats with long tassels of shining blue fabric flying from them in honor of his survival. Enjoy!
  9. @Elandera I think you misunderstand me, or I misspoke. I thought we did need a C1 lynch, but that Experience was the wrong target. It pains my inner being to vote on someone with no reason, so I seized on Experience as something, anything to target. Kidpen was a good alternative in my book, since retaliation isn't entirely unfounded. In more general announcements, what do we think about putting more information out there? Perhaps not individual allomantic roles, but there are likely elims in many of the sets so it might help to share that information. As for who to vote on... I cannot come up with any good suspicions right now, but have a vote, Venture.
  10. I am also not a gold ferring. This isn't the School of Tinlies all over again
  11. For anyone wondering about my codes, they were mostly a series of links buried in my posts to images of a script used in a video game and a cipher for understanding said script. In the future, I'll probably use a lot of white text.
  12. It's pretty clear that there are EBI in the Set - unless there are villagers not in subsets, the converted villagers would likely remain in their set docs, and the first writeup indicates that there are elims there from the start.
  13. I feel like both sides got extremely lucky this game. The village with Xino's scans and leaving all their role-having players till the end, and the elims with getting roles on all three members. That was a close one. Good game!
  14. Precisely. And if everyone's guilty, the only thing to do is lynch them one by one. ,,,,,,,,,