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  1. I think a neat combo would be Steel Compounding + Dustbringer. You can go very fast, ignore wind resistance, Steelpush, and generally break things. (Minor assumption that Dustbringers and Edgedancers use Abrasion similarly) The main problem with any Magic+Radiant combo is that, even if you manage to get your spren off-planet, it's really only useful on Roshar, at least until interstellar Stormlight trade becomes a thing. Where the Cosmere currently stands, a worldhopper would probably want one of the following: Gold Compounding, with Sand Mastery for offense. If you intend on getting yourself in trouble, you should be able to survive it. 5th Heightening (You'd want 7th Heightening, but 5th Heightening gives you a bunch of useful stuff and a good amount of Breaths to play with) and a Cryptic. (You wouldn't be able to Surgebind as much without Stormlight, but, if you were able to get them off of Roshar, Cryptics are great at decoding things, noticing patterns, general scholarship, etc.) A-Tin, F-Copper, Smoker Aviar. The quintessential worldhopper-spy combo. F-Iron, dead Shardblade, Larkin. This combo makes the assumption that Larkins can live off of the investiture from a metalmind, such as the Iron one you are probably constantly filling. Also assumes that Larkins can be trained well enough to act as defense against Invested assailants. Zinc Compounding, Elsecaller, Lift's powers. If you could get the Nightwatcher (or Cultivation, depending on if the Nightwatcher had the necessary power) to give you Lift's food-to-Surgebinding-usable-Investiture abilities, then Transportation would be incredibly useful, and Soulcasting is a very nice power to have. (You probably wouldn't be able to Soulcast food efficiently enough to produce more Investiture than it took, but the Old Magic is sketchy and doesn't care about the rules.) the F-Zinc Compounding would be very, very helpful for scholarship, with Zinc's Allomantic abilities pretty helpful as well. Getting Lift's abilities is highly improbable, but getting some similar ability that would allow you to use Surgebinding off-world would probably not be too far of a stretch.
  2. Thank you, @Honorless! Lost causes have never daunted me before, no matter how much experience I have gained telling me that they should! Nicrosil compounding? Perhaps, but it's been hinted (can't find the WoBs right now, but they're out there) that there's some sort of inverse-Compounding. It's never sounded like that would be Nicrosil, (given how reticent Brandon has been) but I could be wrong. They store determination. Yeah, but have you ever thought about how weird that is? On the Feruchemical table, Electrum is a "hybrid" metal, and the other three in that category are Gold, Cadmium, and Bendalloy, which store health, breath, and nutrition/calories respectively, none of which are anything like determination, and in fact are very physical. In the Cognitive section of the table, we find Copper, which, storing memories, rather nebulous things, is probably the most comparable to Electrum, but it's still wildly different. Copper stores definite memories, and memories have, at least in the sense of, well, sense itself, a coherent identity, they're a thing that exists. (Copper is really weird as a Feruchemical metal as well, seeing as how it stores actual pseudo-objects rather than qualities, but that's a different story) Determination, though? Is it an emotion? A neurochemical hormone? What, exactly does it mean to be less determined? The Arcanum descriptions make it sound a tiny bit like being controllably bipolar, but that isn't really what "determination" means. It's not a Spiritual attribute, which are the second most comparable, but everything we've heard makes F-Electrum sound a lot like the Feruchemy for dealing with Spiritual attributes. The non-Spiritual metals are rather definitive. Store wakefulness and you go to sleep. Store health and you get sick. Store breath and you start hyperventilating, etc. The Spiritual metals? Store Connection and you get... less... Connected. Your friends don't like you as much or something? Huh? (Is this why Jak is always so... mildly callous towards Handerwym? The "I am proud to count a savage as my friend" incident, was Handerwym storing then? Hmmmm...) Store Identity and you're... what? Who knows? Not you, because there isn't a you, kind of! Not really! Someone help! Store Fortune and you're... unlucky? How does that work? If you lie in bed and do nothing that could involve the vagaries of chance, but start storing as much Fortune as you can, are you going to have an aneurysm? Store Investiture, and you're... less invested. What the heck does that mean for a Nicrosil Ferring? Shouldn't storing Nicrosil Investiture make one less able to do that storing in the first place? The pattern continues with determination. When you store in an electrummind (okay, that word should never be used again), you're... less... determined. Is that just motivation? Do you not feel like doing things as much? How much can you store? Is it purely a mental thing, would the maximum storage be suicidal tendencies or something? Or is it something deeper? Could you store enough determination to make your subconscious just give up and stop running basic body functions? That'd be a bit dangerous. What if you were already storing just a little too much determination, became suicidal, and then just stored all the rest? That'd be a neat party trick. (Is this why we haven't seen any Pinnacles yet?) The same with tapping determination. You become.. MORE determined! Huzzah! You're... what? How does this work? Do you become motivated enough to do everything you think of doing? This sounds like it could be a bad thing. It also sounds like getting drunk. Is it really a lowering of inhibitions? Or are you just more motivated to get things done? Is it a good thing or a bad thing to tap determination? TL;DR? I think determination is either really really weird or a Spiritual attribute. Leaning towards the former, but that doesn't help much. I really hope we see a Pinnacle as a main character in some books soon. Ah, I hadn't seen that WoB. Everything I had seen seemed to specify that Zinc was only mental speed, but I guess I was wrong. On that note, can Zinc Compounders create the Diagram? Without becoming psychopaths?
  3. Hello! I am ProgrammerA10. Hopefully you haven't seen me on the Discord server, but if you have had that misfortune, then you probably know that I enjoy the Cosmere and have absolutely no opinions or theories worth listening to, but you're going to hear them anyway. The best character is Lightsong, Wax and Steris have the best romance, Wayne is overrated (only a little overrated, but still), Steel-Steel is the best Twinborn combination, and Scadrial is the best planet, followed closely by Threnody. Despite any rumors you may have heard, my attempts to read the future of the Cosmere via atium savantism are not the only reason that atium is the lost metal. The similarly-purposed experiments with trained monkeys, typewriters, and Fortune Compounding were not as unethical as you have been led to believe, nor were they successful. I have seen Hoid in concert three times, and am currently in possession of the Vax novel, the only success of the aforementioned monkey business. I have not read it, primarily because it has Mistborn 12 spoilers. My most closely held belief is that good evening is the best way to greet someone, regardless of time of day. My current all-consuming quest is discovering the secrets of speed bubble cooldown times, especially as they relate to full Mistborn, figuring out what the hinted way to boost Allomancy via Feruchemy is, learning what the difference between F-Zinc mental-speed and F-Steel mental-speed-to-match-your-physical-speed is, and finding out what the heck is going on with Pinnacle Ferrings.