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  1. It would make sense that someone with a lot of practice (cough cough Hoid) would be able to do this.
  2. Can perpendicularities work as portals? If they pierce all three realms then they should be able to transfer to the spiritual as well as cognitive. And since all places are one in the spiritual could you go into one perpendiculaity and pop out another?
  3. That makes sense. I might be wrong but isn’t this confirmed already? Kaladin can’t heal his scars because he still sees them as a part of him. They have become a part of his cognitive ideal.
  4. I highly doubt I’m the first to propose this, but in the Prologue and in several flashbacks depicting Desolations, there are references to large piles of burning Kremlings. We know that the Aimians are not very common on Roshar, and so it would stand to reason that few would know much about them. So it would be easy to mistake a pile of Hoardlings as Kremlings, especially when they’re burning. Do we know if the Aimians fought in the Desolations? And if so then were they fighting alongside or against the humans?
  5. It works perfectly, I was just curious more than anything. Thanks for making all this possible
  6. Any chance that an app is going to be made?
  7. That makes a lot of sense
  8. Oh the only one I knew about for sure was Roshar.
  9. I love everything about that
  10. Is it confirmed that he actually created the Cosmere? Like from nothing made the star cluster?
  11. I was just reading one of your posts with a similar theory. Do we have anything that could point to “cousins” of Adonalsium or anything to disprove that?
  12. I love this theory. I think it’s quite possible. Is there any actual evidence for it though?