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  1. Bendallow compounder all the way over here XD
  2. We're bringing The Children of Preservation back on development. Check it out! https://dnxgaming.itch.io/the-children-of-preservation
  3. I just finished my first read. I wanted to give it a second before commenting on most points. But I can't wait for this one XD. "the capacity to save humankind." https://coppermind.net/wiki/Taravangian The twist where "Stupid" Taravangian would play a fundamental role in Ryse's defeat was expected. Now, Taravangian taking Odium's power I didn't see coming at all (wondering if there were more references like him attacking a lot of spren when "stupid" in previous books). However, that opens up a #@*load of new possibilities. What's Cultivation's deal? I assumed it was a way to stop odium. Now, with the power of Odium as part of the plan... I'm starting to think something much worse than the final desolation is coming. When Teravangian asked for the capacity to save "humankind" I'm starting to think that Cultivation took that a little bit farther than Rosharan humans. Cultivation's game is becoming dangerous, having affected the powers of Honor and Odium directly. However, the more I think about it, the more I see Cultivation wanting of Roshar too. I've never been able to get the "we killed you" statement Odium made on Oathbringer. I'm starting to believe Cultivation want's to "Grow" past Roshar.
  4. Do wit has cooperminds? For sure. Still, you need to fill a coopermind for it to work. If wit had the coopermind on him Odivargo would have seen it too, not sure if he would have been able to corrupt it as Ruin could. But, definitively would not be surprised.
  5. I'm not sure Taravangian's deal would cover a "Willing Champion".
  6. Well sure, but I think Autonomy wouldn't be as open to Hoid's visit if he was hostile towards one of his Avatars.
  7. We do have clues in the SA epigraphs. The letter from autonomy to Hoid suggested they we're not close. But he does invite him to visit (if he passes the "tests").
  8. I didn't say Kelsier was aware of Hoid's intervention. Still, I'm not sure if we can count on pre-ascension Kelsier's grudges to assume that.
  9. I'm aware, but for all we know (It's just a theory) that agenda involved helping Kelsier out (Wouldn't be the first time) so they could overcome the fight with Trell.
  10. There aren't many people in the Cosmere who don't hate him XD, he still helps.
  11. Welcome to the Shard @drinkjesus
  12. I was actually referring to What Hoid (Wit in that setting) said at the end of the way of kings. What I meant is that someone publishing a story you thought about first might take admiration away from your story. But, it doesn't take skill away from you. Keep trying and next time hurry to publish XD
  13. Thanks! I haven't really made plans for the Kickstarter campaign. I don't want to get too excited before the right time. Thanks for the suggestion. I do realize this isn't the sub with the most exposure, but I'm new to the forum and I don't want to over step. Plus, it's true that this would be the best place for this stage. I'm really looking forward to your review, and please help me share it if it's not too much trouble.
  14. Hey guys, I've been working for a while now on the prototype for The Children of Preservation, a Mistborn themed 2D Platformer. It started as a fan tribute to Mistborn, I wanted to learn Unity with a cool project. But the first version had a good response from the community (I shared it mostly on Facebook groups). So I worked to make the prototype a bit more immersive, added more metals to burn, and other features like Hemalurgy. Before you try it out, I want to make sure you know a few things. 1 Everything needs to be polished. 2 I made custom artwork for the prototype so it was more immersive, but I'm no designer. The artwork would improve for a full version of the game. 3 I appreciate any feedback. Please don't hold back any notes. Those will be really helpful if there's a full version of the game. You can download the prototype for free here: https://dnxgaming.itch.io/the-children-of-preservation You can also take a look at the short teaser I made: Sadly, I don't have the resources to make a full version of the game on my own. I would need either a crowdfunding campaign or a publisher to get the right people and amount of time to develop it. In order to get that I would need a license. Which is not going to be easy. So, I'm asking for the support of the community to give the concept some momentum. If you want to see a full version of The Children of Preservation with awesome graphics and polished mechanics please drop a review at Itch.io or like the Facebook Page. Thanks!
  15. I can't really think of anything to disprove that. When Kriss talks about the Ryshadium bond she regards it as something separate. I think it's more likely that the Ryshadium bond is more like the Chasmfiend. Their relationship with the Radiants could be something simpler. Horses got to Roshar with men. They chose their raiders, and back then the most qualified partners where the radiance. It's a little odd that we don't see them on the vision of the Recreance. Any theories as to why?