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  1. But I wanna rule it by myself
  2. Well hello then
  3. I have found my true kingdom
  4. My favorite magic system is probably the Scadrial 3 Metallic Arts, especially with the combinations of them hinted at in the Wax in Wayne books I've read all the Cosmere books except for Warbreaker
  5. I'd like to point out that this means that spren of the higgs-boson don't exist; it doesn't necessarily mean that the higgs-boson itself doesn't exist. There's still hope Anyway hi
  6. Hello, I am TheMathemagician, a Feruchemist currently living on Roshar, as well as a bunch of other slightly generic and slightly cheesy book references and stuffs! I may or may not also be a Potato Person, a being from a reality of five-dimensional space that is trying to take over the world. I'm probably not. Just go with that.