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  1. Here me out. Moash has done it to himself, what more can we do to him? All I'm saying as a Moash sympathizer
  2. I like it! Are the ears an adage of artistic freedom?
  3. Hey congratulations man! That's big news
  4. Only to discover that the usurper was his disappointed father!
  5. He secretly wanted to be a dancer, but his father always pushed him to become a doctor.
  6. I'm new to the Sanderson community and am reading The Rithmatist to connect with my best friend about the books he loves. He says it is not cosmere because it takes place on an Earth-like world. Can someone please explain how The Rithmatist has "magic" but is not a part of the cosmere universe?
  7. Keir-peach-ni-ya Cten-ya
  8. Apparently Rithmatist isn't cosmere. I just thought a Sanderson book is a Sanderson book (this is my first BS book if you coudn't tell)

  9. yo im literally the guy in the pic
  10. ага, спасибо мой новый други!
  11. Я не знаю я где