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  1. I use it when I'm ninja'd or for you didn't see that type of thing.
  2. "X, are you okay?" asked Sir Necromancer Mistborn.
  3. I'd guess Gavinor Kholin.
  4. I saw it but am not aware of all of his songs. That said: maybe The Saga Begins?
  5. I think you're a spambot, for some reason. 

    1. Lunamor


      Did you report the status update?

    2. Mist


      I reported one of their threads that was spam.

      Does reporting the status update work better? 

    3. Lunamor


      Either one should work, thanks for reporting the bot!

  6. Welcome! Glad to meet another Sanderfan! Who is your favorite character? Would you get along with them?
  7. Welcome, fellow Stoneward! Are you reading the Rhythm of War preview chapters? What's your favorite magic system? How would you use it?
  8. Welcome, fellow mist person! Would you choose to bring Hemalurgy to our world? What type of Misting and Ferring would you want to be?
  9. Welcome! Is there a story to your Display Name and profile picture? Do you know what order of Knight Radiant you are?
  10. The eye button in the toolbar. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite series? Do you have a favorite spren and if so, why?
  11. Welcome! Honestly, I'd say it's typical not to post an intro thread for a while. Honestly, I never actually did. Who's your profile picture? Thanks for following me! Why would your callsign be Sunny?
  12. the fellowship of the thing

    As they come around the corner of the block, T and Ember are laughing in the crisp fall air. It's beginning to get dark, and their breath puffs in front of them.
  13. "I haven't found her." I hate lying, but . Are you sure about that? Ember panics. He mentally shoves against her presence in his mind, and it's enough. Barely. "What can I do?" he says aloud, exasperated, and begins pacing. "I shouldn't go back to camp, but where else could I go? And T--no, Tara--will come after me, but she can't." "It's been a long day, but I can still train. Where are your training grounds?" asks T.