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  1. HAI Queen wheee *appears for a bit* *vanishes again*
  2. Shallan walked up to them a few minutes later, staring quizzically.
  3. I believe the link from the previous year has been updated for this year.
  4. Did I just find you on explain xkcd? 
    (granted I don't know how you'd know so I guess I'm saying oh look I found someone called Szeth Pancakes on explain xkcd and wondered if it was you)

    1. Szeth_Pancakes


      Yes you did!

      I didn’t expect anyone on the Shard to be there, but now that I think about it, the xkcd and Sanderson fandoms do have a lot of overlap. 

  5. Happy birtday!

    1. Trutharchivist



      I celebrate my birthday in the Jewish calendar's date, which was three weeks ago, but thank you nonetheless.

  6. A&B

    oops, I just didn't remember that. That is my bad. Sorry.
  7. Welcome! I like your profile pic!
  8. This thing is short, and more than a week late, but hey, it exists. Kinda.

    Let's see short list this year, even if you're not mentioned you're still cool.

    ENE! You are totally epic and I love working and talking with you. @AonEne

    @Ed Venture You are totally awesome and amazing. Keep being you. Thank you for listening.

    @Serce Forts you are such an amazing friend. sorry I don't remember to talk to you. I don't really remember for anyone :P

    @FriarFritz You're cool. Also, wow. just thinking back on the last year. You're cool.

    @LewsTherinTelescope punny! It's been awesome to get to know you better (also sorry if that's more me lurking than interacting (drat I'm being self conscious AnYwAyS)) and you're pretty cool. Thanks for helping out.


    Life updates: I have a white build your own lightsaber, three part time jobs (don't worry I only work one consistently), a fancy gold pin award... Let's see. I'm decorating Boop my aloe vera for Christmas and I now have another plant, Anna the amaryllis. We'll see if I manage to not kill that one. Haven't killed my aloe yet not for lack of forgetting to water though. It's basically a cactus, it's fine, riiight. Divorce happened :/

    Inktober exists, I'll probably finish it. eventually.

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    2. LewsTherinTelescope


      Happy Shardiversary! Been fun talking to you too!

    3. AonEne


      NO YOU 



    4. Serce Forts

      Serce Forts

      *Loud kazoo noises, confetti, and streamers*

      I'm honored to be in your Shardiversary post. Best 17th-shard-user-birthday wishes from me!

  9. Hey, thanks for the follow!

  10. Let's see I'm a bit behind. Energetic: (amorphous windspren)
  11. A&B

  12. Soft: *images shrink as month continues* hehehe oops