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  1. T froze. Guys! You okay? she sent to Hiiri and Davey, then felt something in the back of her head. What. Just. Happened. Guys! Is everyone okay!?
  2. *much hugses* *hugssssssssss*
  3. T looks at the two of them, then makes a split second decision. She bolts after Alex. Where are we going?
  4. T blasted wind outwards, then pushed the soldiers who were closer away with fields. Where do we go? She almost shouted mentally.
  5. The person who sent the message originally can edit the first message sent, the original, which lets you edit the text and the title.
  6. Yes. Now? She prepares to run.
  7. Davey's plan is to say he's forgotten the code, she transmitted to the others. What do the IDs look like? Would there be any way to replicate them? This seems bad, she thought.
  8. Yeah, I heard that, she sent to Alex. I can hear surface stuff but not everything, she relayed to the group. So, a plan? I can control the winds and make force fields.
  9. No, she says dryly. Yes, I can. I can and will stop if you want me to. I'm well aware of the discomfort of having people in your head.
  10. "Okay, I'm coming." She smiles widely, trying to mask her ignorance. If only there were a way to ... do I want these people in my head, no, to be in their heads? You know what, I...I guess I'm okay with it. She reaches out mentally. What do you guys need us to do, Alex, Davey? Do we need to be prepared to fight?
  11. As Ayia is drawing, Ember takes the pack off his back and sets it down. "Keep in mind that this is a revolution and we want to be mildly sneaky." As he says this, he looks up at Wyrn's castle above the tree line.
  12. He stutters for a moment. "Uh..uh..uh she's not. Honestly, I'm fairly sure she wants nothing to do with me right now."