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  1. It has been suggested. There is a mobile version of the website. An app would require large amounts of programming with very few benefits. It would allow push notifications, but emails can be sent without an app.
  2. Uhhhhhhh... No. Just no.
  3. When you see a book named "A Guide to Investing" and think Sanderson.
  4. What? *wins*
  5. My library has it digitally.
  6. Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will nurture those who do not have a heart to care for. I will fight for those who will never fight for themselves. I will make sure that no one is left behind. So that no one has to. I will do the impossible and the impossible will be done. Do you hear that voice? I will be with you when you need me. I will not leave you at the end of the trail alone. I will not become an absence of help when you need it most. Do you see the light in my eyes? A year. Twelve. Six. Less than I thought I could have given,
  7. When you get excited because it's misty! When you look for Dragonsteel, find it's missing, and are disappointed.
  8. Happy New Year in Utah!
  9. *noisemakers!*
  10. *puts candle for party into pie*
  11. ... no one can win. *wins*
  12. Wins by posting.
  13. Now it's not working.