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  1. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite magic system?
  2. Baalhan looks around as he is transported into an unfurnished stark cell. With a sigh he turned his power in on himself. His form faded away and nothing remained. I cast the spell and kill the Holid. My whole world goes dark as my body is consumed by the spell. I vanish with out a trace.
  3. Kinda early. Actually, not early.
  4. *gets @Channelknight Fadran* Inserts surprise.
  5. Jumps out of bed. Good morning!
  6. I win now! It will change, as always.
  7. Honestly, I may start again, just not now.
  8. Almost same. Late birthday!
  9. I'd rather not use a mustache for any of those things.
  10. Great! We can all take turns. I think I'm done with poetry for now.
  11. I am! Randomness: cloaks are fun. I pinned a "safehand" sleeve with/in one.
  12. Fun, but tense. @bruh, it doesn't really matter what you post here. You can post an Introduce Yourself thread if you want too.
  13. Exceptionally out of place, I know.
  14. During that game. Wow. It was very swingy. Striker and I hammered. I survived the main lynch and the alternate lynch, both ties. It ended up 1-1-1, and I thought my team would lose, but then Pyro PMed me, and it was going to be a 3-way tie, but then he made a mistake (?) that meant my team would win for sure. Very tense.