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  1. He was the fastest sprinter, faster than even those of old.
  2. 1. I'm not sure how to start a conversation like this. We probably want to have it in this topic. I guess just start it. 2. I'm barely aware of it, but would love to learn more. 3. Yes. Some issues exist and should be discussed. As seen in the AG, group action can prove a point. Playstyle pressure: I know I've felt pressured to do analysis. Is that just me, is that meta, is that the way the game often works? What if you go more by gut reads? If your playstyle is chaotic, are you more likely to get exed? What happens when you try to change your playstyle? Do you get sus-ed? I know I have been at fault for some of these, and I need to do better. I have also felt less serious at times, but that can't really go in thread because I'm usually serious and that's sus. What is not okay to do to win? How do we prioritize fun over pressure? What do we do about backstabbing? How can we practice thinking from others' perspectives? If we're imposing on other people, breaking the game, or harming them/not letting them have fun, I think that's a problem. (It's a little tricky sometimes because competition, voting literally is pressure, etc.) I think the last is largely a matter of just starting and trying to continue.
  3. Kaia opened her mouth to reply, but shut it quickly as her guide yelled into the tent. When a guard inside responded, Kaia had to force herself not to move. She took deep, shuddering breaths, trying to calm her nerves as her guide stepped away from the tent. She flinched as he yelled, calling for... someone. Finally, Kaia felt as though she could answer the question. "Yes, I can manipulate darkness," she finally said. Her words were weak and quiet in comparison to the previous shout. Taking a deep breath, Kaia tried to speak a little louder. "Shadows. When I control them... I start to become one of them... But then it fades. Afterwards, that is. Um... I haven't really tested their strength, but... I use them to hide. They're good at letting me hide..." "That sounds like it could be helpful sometimes, although also a little dangerous, oh, for you, that is." He cringed, worried that she would take offense or leave if he implied she was dangerous. A few minutes later, Rarashe came around the corner. "What is it?" She wore an apron with deep pockets, weighed down with supplies. "I think her ankle is broken. It'd be nice to have confirmation, and I don't feel like I can treat that on my own." She looked closer. "You're correct. Would you grab the supplies we need?" A look passed between the two. T sat, staring at her lap, barely listening, thinking about Ember. She has calmed down slightly and is now wondering why.
  4. I'll do an Ambassador exchange. (Sorry)
  5. "Hello. Anyone here?" T called out. A young man stepped around a corner. "Yes, I'm here. Could you keep it down, there's some people being treated for serious burns." "Burns? What happened?" T's concern leaped, then she stifled it. "They say there's a silver fox. Some of your party went to fight it, actually. Anyways, why are you here?" He shifted feet. "I tripped over something while running through the woods. I hurt my ankle." "Why were you running-- whatever. Come sit down." She stepped gingerly towards the seat then sat and lifted her foot as he directed. He carefully pulled the shoe off of her foot and examined it. "This... looks like it's broken. Hey Rarashe, when you get a minute, would you come take a look?" "So, you do stuff with shadows?" Ember said, trying to make conversation, as they arrived at the tent. "Hello? Anyone in here?" A soldier inside responded. "If you're looking for Fadran, he left the tent with Queen. I'm not sure where they'd be." "All right. Guess we'd better check around the camp. Fadran! Queen! Guys!" Ember called out as he stepped away from the tent. @Channelknight Fadran @DramaQueen
  6. ~Timeskip~ After a short walk between the interspersed tents and trees, they arrived at the healers' tent. "Thank you, Andante," said T, then entered. She was nervous to meet new people and determined to stay just as long as she had to, not more or less. "I think we'd better go find him. I guess we'll start with the command tent." Ember turned and took a few steps, momentarily forgetting his worry.
  7. "That's an understatement," he said with a slight chuckle. He observed her shadows curiously, having not seen anything like it before, not even on his home planet. "Would you like to meet our de facto leader, Fadran?" "Show me." She paused. "Please." As she turns to look at Andante, her movements were rapid and imprecise. Fuming under her breath, she starts to realize her impolite behavior towards Andante and Ayia, but stubbornness and pain drive her towards the healing tents.
  8. Elend bends down and picks up the package, unwrapping it carefully, pulling each corner off. Inside is a firestarter. He sighs slightly, realizing that won't be super useful on this barren island, then realizes his manners. "Thank you," he calls quietly to the sky. Then, he starts skirting the edge of the island, trying to stay out of sight. He plans to follow the stream next.
  9. T attempts to rise from the ground. When did I fall? Her right leg buckles a few times. Annoyed at her weakness and stubborn enough to not accept help, she finally focuses and a staff pops into existence. She pushes against it hard enough to leave bruises, then finally is up, wavering slightly. "Do you know where the healers are?" "Oh... okay. Can I help you?" This girl was cloaked in shadow, and as it grew deeper, he grew curious, despite his worry. He didn't know who she was, but she didn't seem to be threatening.
  10. "He...he... he's working for someone chasing me. She ... just...no." T recognizes the pain in her ankle and adjusts, wincing. When did I sit down? Ember dejectedly says, "It's hard to explain. At least, it'll take a while." He turns and starts walking to the edges of the camp again, retracing their steps. How did it change so quickly? ... No, I changed, at least in her eyes. As he approaches the last row of tents, Ember, his head hung, sees a girl, wrapped in shadow. "Hello? Who are you? Are you one of Herate's soldiers?"
  11. When Queen and Fadran head into the tent, and then the forest, Ember pauses. It makes sense that they'd do that. They are... a thing, I guess. But there goes my diversionary tactic. After a moment, he turns around. "Let's get you to a healers' tent." I'm not sure where we're going next. Where I'm going? Either way, if Tawny's coming, you'll... I'll... we'll need to be ready. Ember rushes towards Queen and Fadran, T watches him, then loses herself in her thoughts. What just happened? I was chasing Ember... what I assumed was a person into the woods. This is my own fault, isn't it. Except how did Ember find me? Was it him? She stood still, staring into space, thoughts whirling. She shifts onto her right foot, then winces. How did I forget that? ... He found me. He helped, well, Hiiri helped me back. He's done things like that before. He spoke. "Wa-wa-wait oh. That would be wise. Do you know where it is? I'm not sure I should walk on this ankle anymore." E: He walks towards her as she flusters, noticing a strand of hair that has fallen out of her braid. "Oh, I think I know where it is." T: "Wait, you saw that? You saw that. Was it you?" It was him? E: "Yes. That was me you were chasing." I should ask first. "May I--?" He arrives at her side and goes to reach under her arm. T: She pulled away as he reached under her shoulder. What? What!?! "Why were you running away from me?" E: Guess not. "Can I tell you on the way?" I really don't want to talk about this... T: No. "I guess." She swings around, then realizes she still doesn't know where the healers are. Should I trust you? Can you be trusted? E: He exhales briefly, almost a laugh. "It's this way, I think. Will you let me help you there? Please? You've been limping pretty badly." And it's my fault. T: "No, I want you to focus on talking." I'm not sure what to even think. I trust...ed you. I want to hear your reasons now. Ember started walking towards the center of camp. He remained silent for a moment, thinking. She needs to know. T followed him, wincing with each step. "Well?" E: "There's two ways I heard your name. The second was when the blue holed said it." T: She shivers slightly at the memory of the holed, the mental domination, and lastly, the start of it. Tawny. Unknowingly, she stops. E: "And the first--." He pauses when he notices that she fell behind. "Coming?" T: Shaking herself out of the memories, she jumps forward a few times to catch up to him. "Yes. And the first?" E: "My master, no, teacher, told me to find Tara. ... I think she means you ill." T: She glances forward at him, drawing her attention from the ground, wearing his typical clothes without armor, and sees the cloth hanging under his arms, just as was on her gray clothing. "Your... teacher." She feels as though a stone were sitting in her stomach. "What is her name?" She dreads and anticipates the answer. Ember turns, looking her in the eye, and sees her head drop slightly. "Tawny." When it drops further, he steps towards her, then hits the field she puts up. T: "No. No! What?! You're here for her?! I...I..." She catches a glimpse of his movement and throws a field in front of him, then sinks to her knees, heedless of the pain in her ankle. She...she...he... No. How. Ember feels her "No," inadvertently broadcast to anyone within hearing. At that moment, Ayia waves. "Get. Him. Away. From. Me." Ember sinks. "Wait. There's one more thing you need to know." She needs to know how close Tawny is. She could be here any minute. Barring that, I need to leave. "Fine. I'll go."
  12. Let's do Windrunner.