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  1. I agree with you Myth, I think that Mrall could be A kandra, but not the kandra that HArmony controls. Also, Calderis, We do know that the kandra don't have contracts becuase Harmony utterly controls them and they only went out on contracts by the command of the Lord Ruler. They are exclusively Harmony's servants. Also, how would Taravangian not know about him being the master of a kandra. He would have had to have purchased a contract with them to have control of them like that, and he doesn't have any memory of this, and it's not spoken of in the Diagram. I don't think Mrall could possibly be a kandra that serves him, and if he doesn't then there is no reason for him to obey like that. mrall could be a kind of construction using another magic system that we haven't seen yet, such as the other end-neutral magic system that Brandon has mentioned. And, now that I think about it, he said that we have seen it before in a published work, so there is a possibility that Mrall is a construct of that magic system.