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  1. Remember perfectly, except better. Actually though, people have theorized that it could make a second copy of a coppermind, but Brandon has been pretty tight lipped about it so who knows.
  2. Thanks all! Feeling welcome, maybe too welcome I would say I saw this coming, but predicting the future is of the Voidbringers, so... As for what Misting/Ferring I would be, probably copper as a Misting and electrum as a Ferring just because storing determination sounds really cool, even if we don't really know how it works. My Twinborn combo would probably be Copper compounding, just because that sounds pretty rad.
  3. Sounds good! They all sort of run together in my head, but my favorite one I've read recently was the idea that
  4. I haven't actually ever looked over there, @Invocation, I mostly stalked theories and stuff, but I might check it out.
  5. Totally @Invocation got mad respect for the guy. Joined the skaa rebellion, rebelled against the skaa rebellion when they rebelled against the orders of Kelsier. Yeah, I've basically read everything except Elantris, the one book me or my library doesn't have. I would like to read it, but I just haven't been able to slip it in.
  6. That's the weirdest thing though @Honorless, it marked by post as spam for a new user until I removed the tags. Totally Stoneward, mostly because I'm super stubborn haha. @Invocation yeah I totally thought it would be taken, but no, the best Cosmere character was available haha.
  7. Hey Honorless! Shoot, all of them are great, but if I had to choose one I'd probably go for Oathbringer. It was a bit dry in the middle, but honestly, the ending definitely makes up for it. haha FictionSpren2019 I'd bet the opposite is more likely (I can't tag you guys lol, it won't let me because I'm new)
  8. great to meet you too!

  9. I finally enter the arena. I've stalked the Shard for a couple of months now and finally decided to join. Great to meet all of you guys!
  10. hi there.

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      Welcome to the shard