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  1. horror

    Thanks all! Feeling welcome, maybe too welcome I would say I saw this coming, but predicting the future is of the Voidbringers, so... As for what Misting/Ferring I would be, probably copper as a Misting and electrum as a Ferring just because storing determination sounds really cool, even if we don't really know how it works. My Twinborn combo would probably be Copper compounding, just because that sounds pretty rad.
  2. horror

    Totally @Invocation got mad respect for the guy. Joined the skaa rebellion, rebelled against the skaa rebellion when they rebelled against the orders of Kelsier. Yeah, I've basically read everything except Elantris, the one book me or my library doesn't have. I would like to read it, but I just haven't been able to slip it in.
  3. great to meet you too!