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  2. Brandon Sanderson is the most prolific fantasy author of our time. He has published over 30 titles since 2005. Many of these books exist in a shared universe known as the Cosmere. In this guide to Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere we take an in-depth look at how the universe operates, and why it is integral to readers of Sanderson’s work. How Did Brandon Sanderson Get Here? Sanderson published his first novel Elantris in 2005, followed by his Mistborn trilogy (published from 2006-2008). But it was the Wheel of Time series that made him a household name among fans in the epic fantasy genre. Sanderson stepped in to complete the 14-book series after author Robert Jordan died in 2007. Working with Jordan’s editor (and widow) Harriet McDougal, Sanderson finished the series based off Jordan’s outlines, notes, and previously written text. The critical success of these final Wheel of Time novels (The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, and A Memory of Light) gave Sanderson both the clout and the experience to start his own epic fantasy. His planned 10-book series – The Stormlight Archive – might be the first place readers learn about the Cosmere. But what exactly is the Cosmere? And why is it important for Sanderson fans to understand? Let’s explore the mythology that the books have given us thus far in this guide to Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere A Guide to Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere The Cosmere is a shared universe where the majority of Sanderson’s novels take place. (This is not dissimilar to the work of Stephen King, who tied all of his novels into the universe of The Dark Tower.) But when I say universe, we aren’t simply talking about a shared setting or characters. Every series takes place on a different planet on various solar systems within the same galaxy. There are numerous planets and unique worlds in the Cosmere. But the 10 primary planets, known as Shardworlds where the major events play out. A cataclysmic event shaped the Shardworlds in the history of Sanderson’s universe. In the beginning, there was God called Adonalsium – a being of immense power. At some point, a group of mysterious individuals decided to get together to murder this god and claim its power for themselves. Adonalsium shattered into Shards that represent different aspects of its power. Among these aspects were traits like Honor, Cultivation, Ambition, Devotion, Dominion, Ruin, Preservation, Endowment, Autonomy, and others still unnamed. The individuals who shattered Adonalsium then absorbed these powers, and each of them became the Vessel of a Shard. These Shards eventually ended up on the planets of the Cosmere. The power of the Shards shaped the world around each them, investing each planet with specific magical properties. This process – called Investiture – explains why each Shardworld has its own unique magical system, despite the shared universe they exist within.
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