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  1. Dragon Steel and Aluminum could be one in the same. A before the shattering and after the shattering kind of thing... It would explain why it's so rare.
  2. I think it's about time someone asked Brandon "Is Adonalsium a name for a metal?" or something along those lines.
  3. Scars and injuries that you think are part of who you are don't seem to be healed by stormlight. Feruchemists might be too used to the act of storing for stormlight to "heal" the effects of them storing an attribute.
  4. That has some wonky implications.... Aluminum definitely has an identity, right? Everyone who ever says the word "Aluminum" is identifying it.
  5. I don't know who they will be... but there is deffinitly a flute that is a key element in the stories. The "dark wood" flute given to Kaladin by Hoid.'s_flute
  6. I like the worldhopper idea better...I can't think of any mechanics that have been put forward in Roshar that would make it easy for her to staple herself to reality the way Thaidakar did... I guess maybe a bondsmith could do it for her? She would make a GREAT mafia boss... imagine all her personailities taking on different roles in the organization without people realizing it's their leader they are with.
  7. You could probably do anything a shard could do... with the limitation being that you basically need to write code each time in order to do it. That's a pretty big limitation... but it is powerful at a slow pace.
  8. If I had to guess what it was going to be, I'd guess that the sytem would be ever-changing... maybe not a soft magic system in a technical sense, but soft in that it never works the way its user would expect... like... it may be a system that is the least connected to "intent". I dont think the Cosmere will go soft with an entire worlds "magic system" but Whimsey is likely the closest we'll get to that, whatever it ends up being.
  9. It's definitly a series that is worth rereading. I've read some series more times than others but I've read every book except Elantris at least twice Well worth it, every time!!
  10. And on top of all that, it seems like bondsmiths can literally just alter a whole host of magical related things, including another persons connection to whatever makes them magical in the first place.
  11. theory

    The first idea sounds like a very very cool ability for the protagonist of a story to have.
  12. That makes sense. We know it's a mechanic that shards are capable of (Ruin can send messages and Preservation can listen. Odium can form a sort of mental VR world to hold direct conversations in peoples minds)... we've even seen Dalinar speak in Kaladin's mind during a highstorm. I don't see why some magic system wouldn't allow for a form of telepathy.
  13. We (kind of) have 3 examples of Shards without Vessels right now... Honor on Roshar, and Devotion/Dominion on Sel.
  14. Welcome Alex!! I think you'll enjoy it a lot here I know I do.
  15. I don't think it's any more OP or insane than a giant lightweight sword that insta-kills your enemies.