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  1. So the pairings are definitely arbitrary and part of that has to do with story purposes and things that are going on in-world at the time the magic system is being used in the novels. There is a reason for it... but it's not a natural one. Thats about all I'm willing to say on the subject as it's not something I've fully explored myself in the outlining but I appreciate that you've pointed it out because now I need to include someone in my story being curious about this, both as a foreshadowing element and a way of pointing out to the reader that they arn't wrong in wondering why it is that way. (as for the metal-crystal connection, well... holy rust I hadn't even considered that... I'll need to work in a fix for that. Thanks!!) It's interesting you bring that up, as originally the Phasing property for metal and water were reversed in my system for that very reason. Originally, Friction was the property they were acting upon... but for storytelling reasons I created a new "physical property" in my universe known as phasing in order to switch the effects and make it easier for infusers to be involved in the creation of blades with increased phasing. Thanks for the input and I'm definitely considering putting more in world explanations and/or reasons for these inconsistencies into my novel, if not altering the mechanics of the magic system to fix any issues. Probably a little bit of both. These points are a huge help!! I'm not sure I would have caught on to certain things you've mentioned myself so thanks again!! Over time, yes. however it is a fairly slow process. The world does have a black market for items of that variety and most individuals who trade on that market are either very powerful, or are themselves an infuser or a shifter. Most of the items in trade are actually made in small illegal shops run by a shifter and infuser working together because it is extremely rare that a person is both (in fact in the time of the first book there are only 3 living people who have both powers, and 2 of them are the MC and the MC's mentor) ...on top of that, even shifters and 'fusers are very rare and are hunted by the government, who enslave them in order to have a constant supply of specially infused weaponry, a constant source of raw materials, and other special items. I haven't exactly worked this out yet... but it's basically spatially based, not based on density or mass in-particular. A 4-foot brick of air becomes a 4-foot brick of stone, or metal, or whatever.... so it doesn't displace anything. I know that's weird from a technical standpoint, but i plan on working out exactly why it is that way (honestly it might be based on the magic's origins, but I'll have an explanation for it once I dive deeper into the origins of the magic and why it exists, etc... It has to do with an off planet influence from a long time ago. Yes!! It's awesome you picked up on that. not many people do! Thanks!! I'll add you to the list!! (I've totally thought about how that might effect infusing in regards to stones having crystals imbedded within. I haven't decided 100% yet but I think it will either A-ignore the crystals as they aren't being infused intentionally, or B-make the crystals more visible as it makes the stone heavier. Intention is a really important piece of how the magic is used but I'm not sure how far it goes once the energy is actually being utilized so I've definitely got to consider it some more!!
  2. Thanks!! There's variance in both how much Lyfe someones body naturally has at equilibrium, and in how "efficient" they naturally are at using the energy. Skill also plays a role in efficiency so it can be learned. There is no hard limit on how much Lyfe you can store... however, taking in Lyfe has some psychological effects that can be very beneficial in small amounts but... overwhelming at higher amounts. I havn't fully developed this yet but essentially the energy really want's you to use it and changes your psychology in ways that make you more likely to use it.
  3. Odium says a lot of things, it doesn't make them true. I find the words of Frost to be more trustworthy in regards to determining his true nature... "He bears the weight of God’s own divine hatred, separated from the virtues that gave it context." What is God's Hatred useful for; other than to be utilized to enact justice? There's no other aspect I could see as more fitting for Odium to be a piece of. It's hard for me to view that as the opposite of justice. The opposite of justice isn't hatred. If any Shard were the opposite of Odium I would think it would be Devotion. (love is the opposite of hate, etc.etc.) That's really solid. I like the idea and it fits with a lot of cosmere things we already know. I doubt the terminology of push/pull will be used in regards to the shards as well but I think you're looking in the right direction. It would be great if someone asked Brandon a question at a signing about if the shards are correlated like this in some way
  4. Rocks fall. Everybody dies. @Lunu’anaki dies last, and therefore, wins.
  5. Awwww, thank you so much Salad. That's so kind!
  6. Speaking of...I keep feeling like something is going to happen to Harmony and we'll get a new Dystopian Scadrial for Era 3, this time a Capitalist nightmare situation instead of an authoritarian one. Okay so... you've convinced me. You've convinced me to the point that if this isn't what happens I'll be at least slightly disappointed
  7. Very cool! I like the abilities and the variety of possibilities presented by this system. I would be very cool to see how the combinations of powers can work out. I really like the idea of an Orange-Yellow-Cyan Luminar and a Purple-Red-Blue. Lots of interesting things could be done by someone with that combination of powers! Make sure you expand on the capabilities and limitations of each of these powers a bit if you are trying to keep this as a very hard magic system. It's very good though!! I'd love to hear your opinion on my magic system! The link is in my signature.
  8. Yes! You are absolutely correct and thanks for pointing that out!!
  9. How dare you talk about things like that here. What do you think we are?! Brandon Sanderson fans?! I think Stoneward oaths would probably be something along the lines of: "I promise to do whatever it takes to make sure Lunu'anaki wins the unwinnable thread." Actually though... I have a feeling they would be something about staying strong in the face of adversity. Like Taln.
  10. Props. Campaign one was incredible!! I cried at least 100 times watching it and i usually don't cry watching anything
  11. AI predicts the end of The Stormlight Archive:
  12. This is beautiful It knows cosmere stuff!!
  13. *Wins through the power of of 100% charged battery*
  14. Yes, but those are people with powered spikes, not the people who are having their power stolen in the first place.
  15. Now that's an interesting one!! Vasher definitely has a big part to play in SA since Warbreaker is technically considered a prequel to SA by Brandon...