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  1. Like a Unity Dawnshard? Maybe they killed the Unity dawnshard to shatter the big A... I like that idea.
  2. I think that it's more likely the case that the statement "I am Unity" is more in reference to the fact that Honor is all about Bonds and bringing things together. So rather than the statement meaning that Dalinar is somehow related to another, different shard; It's more likely that he is laying claim to Honor by claiming to be "Unity".
  3. Thank you and you're welcome
  4. As a Vorrin Man "reader" of the Kosmere, I pride myself on my spelling. Hoyd is my favorite character and how dare you suggest that I might misspell Yasnah or Cann Dra. See? I know what I'm talking about. I'm practically Shah-Lon with how much attention to detail I give to my proper Kosmere spelling etiquette. Say Zed would be pleased with me, I know that much.
  5. Except for the fact that in this context... copper/bronze seem pretty external, eh? You bring up some super interesting ideas here! Thanks for sharing.
  6. That was the quickest RAFO I've ever had the pleasure of reading and finding out! Welcome to the Shard!! I think you'll enjoy it here.
  7. I think Ruin AND Preservation had good futuresight, and essentially cancelled each others out in most ways. There are plenty of hints in this direction in Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History.
  8. Keilith is laughing with Vex or Bo, maybe?
  9. I'd assume the gemheart could be absorbed along with the carapace and other necessary "materials"...
  10. Sounds like Fascism. Honestly, I feel like it would only truly be megalomania once passion was added into the mix. To be obsessed with power I feel like one would need to be passionate about said power.
  11. I had another thought on this subject... Brandon enjoys political intrigue and the flawed machinations of rulers as jumping off points for storytelling... That's very hard to do in a system which lacks any sort of hierarchy and is, fundamentally... well... fair. Fairness doesn't often make a good story. I'm not saying there's no chance of this happening in the cosmere... but if it does I think it would be in the form of the conclusion of a story, or as an ancient past in a worlds history.
  12. Hoid is enough of a blank slate that it's hard to tell... the problem with Hoid is we know nothing of his goals for the Cosmere itself, while knowing a lot about his more personal goals and viewpoints. Extrapolating from how free a person wants to be for themselves is a little bit of a stretch from understanding how they would want to world to be governed. Because of our lack of knowledge about his goals for the universe he becomes a very easy person to ascribe any number of radical viewpoints to (because all we really know is that he'll let planets burn to reach whatever his goal might be) Many Non-revolutionary anarchists believe that Anarchism can only be achieved through progressive change that deconstructs unjust hierarchical power structures over time. Most people who subscribe to that philosophy tend to have a harm-reduction approach when it comes to most governments and leaders. It's obviously arguable based on some of his other viewpoints but I'd say Hoid is a good candidate for a more "Left-Libertarian" approach to Anarchism... that probably goes back to the fact that he's sort of a blank slate for this stuff though.
  13. Kaladin could put stormlight into Syl, it just wouldn't do anything to her in the physical realm. It would be like trying to lash another radiant I imagine.
  14. I don't know how I didn't see it before this makes a lot of sense... We're also waiting on the division fused... might they be the last to leave Braise, being the closest to Odium?
  15. I agree, both of these concepts could imply a type of freedom and it works nicely with how Venli discovered the "Rhythm of Freedom" It's also interesting to note that Honor might be the shard that allows for the least "freedom" of the three shards, being about bonds and laws, etc. So the absence of honors influence in this context is appropriate in an interesting way.