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  1. I suppose it's entirely possible. I don't see a reason that the Divine breath would be the only way that a returned could fulfil their purpose. We only really have Lightsong as a reference though so it's tough to say one way or another..
  2. Ahhh. Yeah... that was my 4am brain talking my apologies for even suggesting it. I see! That makes a lot of sense!! It's a very cool project and I can't wait to see where you go with it Thank you for sharing!!
  3. This is really good work and the implementation of lore into this is great!! Totally unsolicited suggestions: Maybe Vin and Elend could be the Emporer/Empress? I feel like the lord ruler fits The Devil as a card far better than the Emporer. On the note of the lord ruler-- The Tower could be replaced with Kredik Shaw! Keep doing your thing though, don't listen to me!! This is a fantastic idea and I bet if you digitize the art and find a way to get them printed when you have a complete deck people would buy them! (I know I would)
  4. Do you have any examples of this or WoBs? It's been a long time since I've read Warbreaker.
  5. I'm guessing it will be an era 4 thing... or that he will play a big role in SA's back 5. I also feel as if "the purpose" involves a specific use of their divine breath, so perhaps he will save someone's life or sacrifice himself to make some big change with his Divine Breath. Before that moment though, I've always considered each action he takes to be part of his 'purpose' I think Endowment is wayyyy more involved than they let on!
  6. Best theory. You win the theory game. Trogdor is Honor confirmed. Trogdor becomes Adonalsium and Burninates everything. Cosmere Complete. The End.<3
  7. I'm disappointed that the 17th shard is ignoring me so thoroughly in this polling process -- I assure you that Team Hoid will win and be the best for everyone in the Cosmere. You can trust me, I wouldn't hurt a fly; maybe some cognitive shadows... but never a fly. -Your dearest friend who's been with you since the very beginning. Tell Frost I said hi, our last correspondence didn't go over so well.
  8. Good point. Perhaps that means he is likely to refrain from investing anymore than the bare minimum...
  9. I couldn't find it on Arcanum but I swear I've heard that mentioned somewhere as well --- maybe its just a theory from here though. ummmm... he's recently invested into Roshar... that was basically the undertext of all of RoW. The Sibling basically said as much, and he's now got a "true tone" and everything. It may only be to solidify his control while he is stuck there... and he might 'divest' (if that's a thing), but for now he seems to have set himself up as a god on Roshar...
  10. I think you'll find that most cultures and/or ethnic groups that no longer exist today were simply absorbed into other cultures or outright transformed into something else. Genocide attempts might be common in history and have devastating impacts on cultures and peoples, but they rarely, if ever, actually wipe those people out completely. This bit of history repeats itself constantly and there is allegory for it in SA, the singers who have awoken are singers with human cultures ingrained in them from birth. Their enslavement is a perfect allegory for what usually happens when one group tries to genocide another. (And what usually happens is: It doesn't actually work.)
  11. "UNITE THEM" suddenly has deeper meaning.
  12. I've tried to but I can't. It makes sense from a narrative perspective... I'm not sure I like it, I don't know why that is because it actually seems like a fulfilling and interesting arc for him. (I'm not liking what it might mean for Syl though tbh)
  13. investiture

    Welcome to the shard!! This post contains Cosmere spoilers so you should mark it as such, and it would probably do better on a cosmere spoiler-allowed board. This board is specifically meant for introducing yourself! In regards to what you are suggesting, I'm not sure that the breaths themselves would be multiplied, it would just make better use of the investiture. I'm pretty certain Nicrosil makes Investiture use more efficient, rather than actually creating more investiture... I could be wrong though?
  14. I think there is more to it than we know. You're right it's odd that they would do that, It's unreasonable. There is something else going on that we aren't aware of. I'm sure of it.
  15. No worries!! In my opinion this is philosophy, not something worth fighting over; just something worth discussing and thinking about! I just feel that you are making an assumption when it comes to who should take responsibility for the actions of an organization, and when they should... Perhaps it's a matter of semantics, or worldview... and that's great, you can believe with conviction that a leader like Thaidokar is responsible for all actions of an organization like the Ghostbloods. It's a 100% valid interpretation of what "responsibility" entails... but it's not the only one. It's an opinion, it's not a proven fact (and never could be). "Responsibility" and the dynamics of running a large organization are not so simple of things to boil down to "This is just how it works". If your A or B are based on assumptions like this than your C is inherently an assumption as well. Simply making a claim like "The leader of an organization is responsible for the actions of that organization in every case." doesn't prove that statement to be true. So, while I believe Thaidokar isn't responsible for Mraize's actions, and you believe he is, neither of us can in fact prove each other wrong... We just don't have enough context or information to do so.