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  1. @Pathfinder for the fourth time now you are trying to claim that I am saying stuff of which I'm not. I have requested you stop doing this three times before. By this stage I am forced merely to conclude you aren't capable of continuing this discussion in a respectful manner. I have politely requested you stop this behavior three times and you continue to do it. As such it does not seem to me that I can continue this discussion with you. I simply stated this: And somehow from those brief statements you have managed to pull out a whole barrel full of accusations of what I am trying to say. The logic of these statements you are making is never explained by you nor do they logically follow from what I said. The only thing I am forced to conclude is that your just trying to pretend I'm saying something I'm not, after my politely asking you to stop this behavior three times now. As for the rest of your post well I'll be honest, I'm just confused. I can't see the point your trying to make anymore nor can I decypher it. It just comes across as confused and disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing to me. I can't find any clear point being made here anymore. From what I can gather it's built up from the false conclusion that I am stating any of the stuff you accused me of attempting to do. Now I have also clearly explained with sources that Athiesm means as commonly accepted by experts in this field. @agrabes also has quite nicely written up a wonderful explaination about what I am saying and explaining the actual question being asked. If you still want to argue atheism is something else which experts disagree with you on then I have no interest in trying to continuing this discussion. For the fourth time now you've just decided to accuse me of stuff I never said or even implied. You have also been given a brilliant explaination of the question by agrabes. If you still do not understand the question being asked then I don't think it can be explained in any easier manner. My apologies but from all of the above I see no reason to be continuing this discussion with you. I do recommend reading more on this topic because you seem quite interested in it and I do think it is a topic you may enjoy from this discussion. I hope you have a good day and thank you for your time.
  2. That is not what Athiesm is defined as. What you have described is Agnosticism which is what Kaladin and I am. Not Atheism. Agnosticism is stating that God may or may not exist, atheism is stating god does not exist. Now an easy source of this would be the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philsophy which helps explain it here: Now however it may be useful to show this is the definition used by consulting the various experts and professors in the field who study this for a living. For example Kai Nielson a professor of philsophy and an Athiest themselves gives us a handy definition. Also they wrote the Encyclopedia Brittcania online edition article on the topic as well. Now William Leonard Rowe is also a professor in Philsophy and he also has given us a handy definition as to what atheism is. Van Harvey is also a professor if Religious studies and gives us two definitions of atheism here. Now when Sanderson told us Jasnah is an atheist we can conclude he meant the second definition because he also called Kaladin an Agnostic in relation to his fate. So by informing us that Kaladin is an Agnostic we then know he must be using the second definition. Because the first definition would lump him in with Atheists like Jasnah. So from all this I hope it's cleared up as to what an atheist is commonly defined as. By being an atheist Jasnah does not belief in gods existence. Her need to worship it is irrelevant on to whether or not it exists. Otherwise as I stated earlier you'd have just counted most Catholics as Atheists despite their belief in a God. Same with most non religous theists. Jasnah does not think the Almighty exists, or that God does not exist. So therefore in her mind a Shard is not a deity. So then what in her mind consitutes a god? Now you bring your an interesting situation with Christianity and Islam. The answer to that though is the question I've been asking all along, definition of God. For Islamic faith they have a definition of God that does not include Jesus. They worship Allah and don't have the holy Trinity. Meanwhile Catholics have the Holy Trinity and worship God of which Jesus is part. It is the definitions of God that allows us to take a figure like Jesus and acknowledge he exists but not say he is god. The same can be said of Juadaism in which Jesus is acknowledged to exist but since they don't define god with the holy Trinity don't see him as a part of God. This is my question of Jasnah. She has knowledge Honour exists who is the Vorin God. She acknowledges he existed but doesn't think he is god. Therefore what is a God to Jasnah? Much in the same vein that Islam has a god but still acknowledges Jesus existed how then does Jasnah acknowledge Honour but still reject the notion god exists? Your answer here is one that makes sense considering the dialogue. Jasnah may think that God is one that defines morality in which case as she cleverly demonstrates there God still does not exist despite Honours existence. Thank you for suggesting that as I think that could be the actual definition she is using here.
  3. Jasnah is an atheist. Atheism is generally accepted as the belief that no deity exists. I do sincerely hope that is not ground I need to cover. So if Jasnah is an atheist then therefore she would reject that a god exists. So therefore she'd reject the Vorin god. That the Almighty is not real. He does not exist according to Jasnah. She has since learnt that Honour is the Vorin god, the almighty. Such a being does exist. However Jasnah is still an atheist. Therefore the question that is being asked is that if she still rejects the notion god exists what does she think God is? Because otherwise by acknowledging the being God exists she wouldn't be an Athiest anymore. Her need to worship such a being doesn't matter in if shes an atheist or not. Plenty of Theists don't worship God, many Catholics don't anymore for instance go to church. Even Theists who don't follow a religion don't worship a god. So worship has no bearing on if Jasnah is an atheist or not. Atheism just means if she thinks a god exists or not. So what is Jasnah expecting?
  4. Where did I say she rejected Honour existed? I said she rejected calling Honour god. So then therefore what is God to Jasnah?
  5. Perhaps that could be it. I would still disagree with it though as even though say I wouldn't think fairies exist I'd still have a definition for them. If someone was trying to proof to me say they exist I'd have to have a definition so that they can actually attempt to proof it. If Jasnha lacks such a definition of God then I'd find that very out of character for her. To have a character who usually acts so logical to hold onto a foregone conclusion seems very off for her character to me. It's a possible explaination but I do find it an odd one I must say. Now @Pathfinder I have made it clear multiple times by this stage and have requested you stop insisting I am saying or asking for stuff which I am not. All I have done is ask what would Jasnah want for God. This would be the third time now where I am requesting you to do this and would be the third time now why I would have to explain again how if you don't want to discuss this topic because Brandon won't ever confirm it then you should stop being part of that discussion. Seeing as how you have now just ignored me three times I am sad to say I see no reason to continue this discussion if you insist upon still doing the above. I am writing this solely so you know I saw your post and this is why I won't respond. My apologies but I have no interest in continuing this discussion if you just want to continue doing both of the above. Thank you however for the discussion up to now and I hope you have a good day.
  6. I am attempting here to be friendly here. If in some way I am being rude I apologise as that's not my intention. I'm just trying to have a friendly discussion. Now again as I clearly said last time I'm not looking for a gotcha. I will say it clearly again, I don't want a gotcha moment. I don't care about that. I would appreciate if you stopped insisting that's what I want when I have twice now stated it's not. I don't care about a gotcha moment. All I have asked if what Jasnah would expect god to be if not a Shard. That's not a gotcha moment it's just a question. I don't care about gotcha moments so again I'd appreciate if you stopped insisting that's what I want. In just trying to discuss and understand what Jasnah would want a God to be. As to your edit I didn't see it. Dalinar seems to want an all powerful diety. As to what would take to disprove that for him I don't know. Maybe someone else do or it will be answered later, it's a good question. I don't know though. Okay I'll just reiterate what I said before: We can still discuss this. If you yourself don't want to that's fine, just say so or just stop responding. Let someone else who does respond, presuming that anyone does want to. You don't have to keep responding and trying to shutdown a conversation by just reiterating that same point. It's done you've said it. If you don't want to be still part of that discussion then that's fine, just stop being part of it. We can still discuss it though nevertheless. I have read the books. I don't recall any of this happening for all five members. When do they do it? When do they create stuff out of nothing? And how does that translate to planets? When do they teleport? And how does that translate to transcending time and space? Can you please just tell me when these moments happen as after having read the books I recall no such thing having happened. Again I would kindly ask you stop insisting I am saying stuff which I am not saying. Firstly it's entirely irrelevant to the quote you are responding to since I was just pointing out that your comparison or Radiants to the Celtic Pantheon was flawed as it over simplified what the Celtic Pantheon is. So apologies but I don't see how it relates to your response. Secondly as I already said, great she's an Athiest. I'm not disputing that at all or in denial about it. I dont have any issue with other people having different terms as to what God is, sure I study religioun I'm well used to it, all I've ever done and asked is what does Jasnah define a God as? Nothing is difficult with that concept, I've never said anything to imply it was. All I've asked is what is her definition of a God if not a Shard? Now I'm happy to continue discussing this if you want to. But you just can't keep trying to shut down a conversation by stating it will never be explained, you've said it and that's fine. If you don't want to continue the discussion either don't respond or just say so. Either is fine, just let people who want to still discuss the topic do so.
  7. On his Instagram story Brandon has posted videos of some of his answers to certain questions. I do not currently have the ability to screen record these at all. If someone can please do before they get automatically deleted. In the mean time here is a transcript of what he said to the questions he posted. Also apoligies for any misspellings as I haven't read the books myself. For people wishing to add this to arcanum one or two of the questioners appear to be children as well, I'm unsure if this complicates putting entries on the site for some legal reason and as such I'll mark clearly if they are a child or not. Questioner 1: (child) Okay so question number one. Why are the Libarians in Alcatraz evil? Brandon: Because they find it much more fun that way. Q1: Okay question number 2. [in audible] so big? Brandon: Because I just can't shut up. I just talk way to much and I really really like big books and so I just let myself go on and do whatever I feel like doing. Q1: Okay so question number 3. Why is Spensa's dad a coward and why does everyone make fun of him? Brandon: So he's not actually a coward, if you read the book you'll find out. Everyone makes fun of him because their society focuses to much on what is a false version of what is a hero. -------- Questioner 2: (child) What inspired you to write these books? Brandon: So these books in particular were inspired by me wanting to write a story of a kid who had a pet dragon but I thought to many kids with pet dragons stories have been written so I instead made it a girl and her spaceship. That is where this story started. ------------- Questioner 3: Okay so, what would happen to the listeners if Odium were to be splintered? Brandon: So Odium being splintered would not terribly effect the listeners. Now various other members of that faction like the singers and the fused might see effects but the listeners could deal with that very easily. Wouldn't even effect them. ------------- Questioner 4: Are there enough perfect gemstones on Roshar to capture all of the unmade? Brandon: Yes there are. Q4: Oooh, I got a real answer! Brandon: I just saw that. Did you make that? [indicating to teddy of slug like creature with yellow underbelly and dark blue back.] Q4: I did I did. [inaudible] pattern. So I tried it for a [inaudible] So my other question was the Shin invasion to cover up them gathering lots of [hard to hear, I think Shardblades?] and hiding them away? Brandon: Rafo. ------------- Questioner 5: (child) Out of all the worlds you've written about which one would you like to live in? Brandon: Ooh. I would probably choose to live on Scadrial the mistborn world because they are not undergoing any major disasters and in the current timeline they are the closest to instant noodles and the Internet. They are still pretty far away from both but that's where I would be. Questioner 6: (child) Oh cool. And then so out of all the powers you have created and written about which one would you want to have? Brandon: I think it would be really fun to bounce around with Allomancy so I would probably pick that unless I could have a Spren in which case I would pick that as having a Spren buddy would be awesome.