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  1. I do feel Kaladin or Szeth will be the champion. Leaning more towards Szeth since it is his book after all and he has night blood. Just have Dalinar open the perpendicularity and let Szeth go to town. Odiums champion will also be something tricky most likely. I do like the idea of a chasm fiend.
  2. I loved it myself and found it resonated with me. Kaladin overall I just find an amazing character and I love him and his arc, I think it's a really good thing.
  3. theory

    Vengeance for the shard name? For like a pre planned act of hatred? Vengeance probably isn't perfect but it seems closeish to what such a shard would call itself. I could also see meditation ad in cultivating and managing your emotions but that seems too opposing to what Odium is for this combination.
  4. Renlain. Literally the only combination of their names that I have seen that can be pronounced.
  5. Yes it did. The same scene we learn Drehy is gay. It happens in chapter 55 of Oathbringer. Kaladin did consider courting a man as feminine.
  6. Whimsy seems the best one to me.
  7. So I recently got back to the forums and saw this thread that gave me an idea for a theory of possibly the darkest possible timeline the contest of Champions could go down. Using the death rattles as a basis for predicting the future we still have one available to us. To me this appears to be from Dalinar's perspective and that somehow Todium has managed to make Gavinor his champion. Dalinar is conflicted with this choice for obvious reasons. It is at this stage I belief a draw is made between the two until one of them dies. As such Todium is still given free reign on what he can do and the ability continue to interfere directly in war effort. Due to overwhleming numbers the fused are at the same moment of the draw being made ordered to attack a variety of central locations to the coalition. With most forces expecting an end to the conflict the coalition is caught off guard and struggle to fight back. This would also mean as a result that Alethkar itself is not coming back to Dalinar or the rest of the Alethi. (As well as that the deal doesn't prevent Odium from harming the land or its inhabitants before the day of the contest, this could also be showing him destroying the land beforehand.) Obviously as well most people would feel cheated by this and let down by the Knights Radiant for this failure. One in particular feels let down. Someone who generally feels themselves as broken in some way. Kaladin, I think this is from his perspective at the end of the contest when it seems a draw. Now I also think this is Kaladin's perspective still feeling hopeless. Note however an issue with the quote, "..." This appears to show a gap in the rattle, either the person telling it was surprised to see what comes next or Kaladin himself is surprised by something he realised. It is at this final moment when all seems lost where I think Kaladin will say the final ideal of the Windrunners. The idea that has been repeated very often to us, an issue he had for a good while. Can you kill to protect? I belief the fifth ideal will be something along those lines, a promise to kill in order to protect others. So when faced with the deaths and failure of possibly everyone he knows Kaladin swears the oath and goes to attack Gavinor. They have won the contest (as nobody said that the champion can only be killed by the other champion) but at what cost? Both these seem from the perspective of Gavinor while he dies. So I think this timeline is the darkest possible timeline of events and is hopefully highly unlikely to take place.
  8. I expected Zahel to play a bigger role, especially when the Radiants all went down. I thought Kaladin would actually have to not protect someone in order to reach the fourth ideal. As in like giving up on saving Lirin or someone else in order to achieve a more important goal.
  9. No. They don't deserve it and at this stage it just wouldn't be possible.
  10. I'd still say not that evil. There isn't a lot of evidence that they fully understand how Dahkor monks work or was even aware of what Dilaf was doing. Dilaf even ran off at some point all the way to Elantris and changed his physical appearance. Does Wyrn even know he's alive? Dakhor in general also seems needed. Fjorden is surrounded with countries with their own type of magic that they can use to defend themselves or to attack other people. What is Fjorden meant to do is Elantrians decide to attack the Duladel border for instance? Considering the fact we know the Elantrians did use their powers consistently for warfare in the past (hence the lack of an army at Arlene) it seems fair for Fjorden to also use their own type of magic to defend themselves. Sure Dakhor isn't great but there isn't a lot they can really do about it. It is what they are stuck with. To decry them as evil for it seems to just be blaming them due to where they happened to geographically live. Like if they just happened to have Elantrian magic instead then they'd no longer be evil? If that is the case then they really weren't evil in the first place. On turning a blind eye to some things (presuming Fjorden had an alternative option) that doesn't seem all that evil either. Or like as evil as we are being lead to belief. Arlene's and Teods leaders turn a blind eye to their issues as well and in real life just about every government ever has turned a blind eye to some atrocity that took place there. At that rate every country that has ever existed is evil. Sure in real life you'd have countries more evil than Fjorden then as the books seems to tell us all of the Dahkor monks and by extension their sacrifices are willing participants, not really something any real country can claim for the victims of its atrocity.
  11. Is Wyrn evil though? There doesn't seem to be anything that paints them that is actually evil beyond ruling the Fjorden empire and thus being opposed to the main characters. Their goals seem pretty aligned with Hrathen's, Dilaf seems the exceptional evil case. The only evil thing Wyrn seems to do is send an assassin after Hrathen due to something they saw via future sight. Considering Hrathen had just turned against Wyrn himself there that seems more self preservation than anything.
  12. So I've just finished the book and I don't really think Fjorden come across as the villian's as Brandon intended. If anything my reading of the book ended up making me root for Hrathen most of the novel. The most outwardly villainous trait we see the Fjorden display is their expansionism. Even then though that doesn't actually seem that bad, the only independent nations we see are Arlene and Teod. Arlene is basically defunct and doomed most of the novel with a failing economic and political system as well as essentially no military or any other essential services. As we are reminded again consistently Arlene as it currently stands is doomed to collapse again eventually. Teod doesn't seem much better from the glimpses we catch of it, it is lead by a King who unlawfully took his throne, a reactionary church that nobody seems to have actual confidence in and a king who has no idea on anything to do with trade relying on his clerks to help him. Both kingdoms are in trouble so much Dilaf essentially takes them both out with like 50 guys. The restoration of Elantris helps sure but as Raoden notes himself this isn't a permanent solution. Other lands and cultures are discovering their own type of magic meaning Elantris will no longer be supreme, as well as that the restoration of Elantris seems like it will just continue the same cycle for Arlene the next time it falls. From what we saw of Elantris in its prime it also doesn't actually seem as good as people remember it, the people literally can't farm. Meanwhile Fjorden seems to thrive. We know it has what people in Arlene describe as the centre of culture and science. It seems very stable and the glimpses we see of it actually isn't that bad. The people there are free enough to continue their own religions or mixture of their original religion and Shu-Dereth. Historically as well just because a nobility has a different religion does not mean local belief is wiped out. Fjorden seems a preferable situation for both nations. The only reason I can really think one could oppose Fjorden is due to Dilaf. If that is Brandons intention though I think it fails. Dilaf doesn't seem representative of Fjorden at all, in fact he seems like the opposite of what Fjorden wants. He even contradicts Wyrn's commands. (Yes I reread that letter he references and it does order Hrathen to preach and convert the masses, Hrathen did exactly as ordered and there are plenty of other reasons to realise he was doing so. Dilaf just seems fond of making stuff up?) Dilaf also just comes across as a complete idiot for most of the novel than any real threat to people. Perhaps one could make an argument that Fjorden is evil because people like Dilaf can rise up its ranks but then we'd have to remember that Arlene and Teod equally has pretty bad people in its ranks, sometimes right up to the king. Even than Fjorden seems the better optition. Is there something I missed? Is anyone else not really seeing Fjorden as evil?
  13. poll

    Hrathen was the best for me. He just seemed the most real and I found his chapters generally the most engaging and interesting. I wished we had gotten more of him.
  14. It does seem Thadikar isn't the only leader they have. I imagine he's instead in like a team of sorts, he just happens to be at the top of the food chain for Mraize's particular position.
  15. Did Mercy kill Ambition instead of Odium? We know from past wobs that Odium primarily attacked Shards the broke the agreement between the Shards. As well as that he only would attack if he felt he could win and worried Ambition would try and rival him. In Arcanum Khriss also does not list Ambition in the list of shards that Odium "doubtlessly killed." It seems likely to me that Ambition initially attacked Mercy thinking them an easy target. With this opportunity Odium arrived to help attack Ambition as well and Mercy managed to also fight back. Ultimately Mercy was the one who killed Ambition which would explain why they aren't included in the list of those Odium killed beyond a doubt and why Harmony was worried about Mercy upon talking to them.