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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. It's a tree. You can see the leaves coming off the branches. We've seen Jasnah before in the UK style for Oathbringer. The two faces do not match up so it can't be her.
  3. So some general observations about this design: To deal with the obvious first we are sticking with the red motif for Stormlight. This seems to show Elantris switching colours was an isolated incident presumbly because of the fact Arcanum Unbounded took up green as well. This cover is however adopting the redisgn from Elantris of making Brandon Sanderson the dominant title and the book title the smaller. It also interestingly combines the colour scheme of the first two Stormlight books with Oathbringer. I do white like the resulting contrast myself. It's also Shallan I suspect. It would suit the wuirk of UK covers never representing the books viewpoint character in them. Also we know it can't be Jasnah as the design does not match hers from the Oathbringer cover. That leaves us with Navini, Venli or Eshoni (yes she has appeared before but at s distance so I don't think it counts in this case.) Neither of them seem to fit either though so it appears we have Shallan be the last remaining canditate. Also to address some theories I've seen elsewhere, I highly doubt That's all I noticed myself. Overall I'm delighted with it.
  4. From that Won itself sound like they are going to fix it
  5. horror

    I would just like to point out that in real life their are groups who are happy to love with disabilities and such that others see as wrong in some sense. People like that do exist. As such it may be possible some people are happy as Koloss. From what we've seen in era 2 some willingly become them. So I don't think it's a stretch to think certain people would be happy to stay as a Koloss. Doesn't explain why every single last one stated like that (presuming that's even what happened. I don't think we ever got word on if all of them stayed like that) but it does answer why they still exist.
  6. How I'd see it: Lawful good: Dalinar Neutral good: Lift Chaotic good: Adolin Lawful Neutral: Szeth True Neutral: Taravangian Chaotic Neutral: Wit Lawful Evil: Nale Neutral Evil: Odium Chaotic Evil: Amram I don't think any radiant could be put as chaotic as lawful is about following the laws of your respective society and culture. Since they are oath bound everything they do would bring them closer to being lawful than chaotic. By following an oath they are naturally more lawful bent than others.
  7. The Lone Radiant The Last revelation The lost regret Stormlight Archive alternative names book one to three.
  8. Wob that may support this theory
  9. On the topic of an opposite to Adonlasium Brandon himself has stated before it's not something to give much focus on. So I find it unlikely that even if the God Beyond was some confirmed deity they would be an Adonlasium opposite.
  10. Give different mistings the same amount of mass of their respective metal. Instruct then without interruption to burn it. Measure how long it takes to burn it. See if metals burn faster than others. Give different ferrings the same amount if mass if their respective metal. Instruct them to without interruption fill it at half the total of the attributed they are storing. Tine how ling it takes. See if storing differs based on metal type. Repeat above except for tapping it. Then repeat all this again for twinborn and see if their are any differences.
  11. Ah don't worry. I have seen it as a last name but it seems more common to the west and south of Ireland in my experience. Most people I've met with it are from those parts.
  12. Apoligises for some reason I wasn't alerted to these messages. It is a name but I wouldn't say that common. I've only met one or two people with that as a name. Some people are named that though. Yeah that's basically them all. That sums about them all up. Molly Alive Alive oh and all.
  13. horror

    So while rereading Warbreaker I discovered something I missed in my first read through. I think it's a pun that can only be caught if one has some knowledge of how the Nalthis magic system works. On page 79 chapter 7 of Warbreaker UK edition the following conversation takes place: Now perhaps I am missing something here but from my reading of the scene Lightsongs pun makes very little sense. It doesn't really make any sense as his usage of infested lacks another word that makes the pun works in a way. During my reread however I realised that the pun does actually work in another way. I think Lightsong is talking about investure in the scene and commenting on how he as a returned is invested. Vasher explains as much on pg 508 Chapter 46 Warbreaker UK edition. He explains how Returned are the only kind of naturally occuring Biochromatic entities and that they come into existence invested like humans. WoBs also mention how they are full on investure such as here, here, here and here amounst others. So we do know this pun would work like that except is it reasonable to presume Lightsong would be aware of this? As explained above here Nalthis does have a pretty good idea about all this. As a result and considering how Lightsong has access to these scholars it may explain how Lightsong would at least have an awareness of this. Or perhaps I just missed the original pun and somehow made up a pile of nonsense about an alternative pun. Who knows?