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  1. Navani. I just feel she is the worst written next to Sadeas.
  2. Not really sure with the Cosmere. Probably someone quite like Steris. Also no to the chest. That's a dreadful deal. A bit. I have an Irish exemption so I didn't have to do it at school. I've learned a bit of it outside school though.
  3. The secret us that there is no real Irish accent. Each region sounds distinct in Ireland. It's best you try and emulate one of the regions of Ireland rather than Ireland as a whole. Namely the West though. That's what most people think of when they here "Irish" accents.
  4. Hey. Irish dude here from the republic of Ireland. In the Irish equivalent of the last year or high school. Ask me Anything.
  5. If I soulcast air into boulders just as the Illusion makes an impact...
  6. Every school student would have to be searched for copper before an exam.
  7. All three are pretty good answers. To offer one alternative possiblity for the old magic, her costs could proof useful if used against the enemy.
  8. What's your favorite non Sanderson book?
  9. I am now an object.


  10. Ultimately I don't think that's going to be confirmed for a while yet. My personal baseless theory though is that they came after the desolations and originate from Nalthis. Also yes I love OSP. It's amazing. For some reason I found making the guys mouths really small and eyes two dots to show how boring they are unbelievablly funny. So I made it my profile pic. No idea why I found it so funny but I did. Nice to meet another fan out in the wild!
  11. The Iriali was confirmed to be a separate group.
  12. In the annotations Sanderson told us which she was.
  13. autonomy

    Ah okay. Seems like I misremembered.
  14. Thank you both very much for the warm welcome. So far it seems very good. I'm gald I joined up
  15. Devotion: Dedication.