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  1. I've just found this WoB: and it's heavily suggested that the abbreviation for Book 5 title would be KoW. I was wondering about it, but I only came up with "Knights/Kings/Kingdom of West" (given it's Szeth's book). What do you think?
  2. The more I think about this, the more I'm leaning towards these opinions as well. First of all, after seeing the Fused Surges and what unchained Ishar can do, Renarin's futuresight looks more and more like fully unrestricted (and barely controlled) Illumination. If that is the case, Voidbinding might simply give users access to unrestricted Surges, while terms like "Voidbindings" or "ten levels" might relate to how the power is obtained (corresponding to Oaths or Nahel Bond, maybe?). Anyway, here is my proposition for the timeline: Odium arrives on Ashyn and people start bonding some Voidspren (the bond is probably temporary and depends on the emotional state) or maybe even Unmade (if they exists at this point). The combination of Odium's Surges and Dawnshards leads to unrestricted Surges, which destroy the planet. Still, people learn about Surges and create the Voidbinding chart, which explains this WoB: Later, Surges (of both KR and the Fused) are generally restricted, at least until the False Desolation happens. Something weird is going on with the Unmade (at least with BAM and Sja-Anat), Odium's tone becomes a pure tone of Roshar and both sides gain access to futuresight (Nightforms and corrupted Truthwatchers). Hopefully we'll get some answers in Book 5, because there are so many potential reasons / factors here (Honor being close to death? act of Cultivation? broken Oathpact? Ishar's unchained Honorblade? Dawnshards?) that figuring out the exact reason of the change seems impossible at this time. Releasing BAM (and Honorblades possibly leaving Shinovar) should lead to even easier access to unrestricted Surges, which I expect to be a major (or even main) topic of Arc 2
  3. This is something that occurred to me completely randomly yesterday: Ba-Ado-Mishram's powers during the False Desolation are, in many ways, analogous to the effects of duralumin in the Metallic Arts. Somehow I didn't make the connection (pun unintended) before, but the parallels are quite interesting: Allomantic duralumin could be used to create superpowered bursts of Surgebinding: Duralumin Compounding allows for accumulating huge amounts of Connection, which could be used to control Hemalurgic constructs even without emotional Allomancy: Hemalurgic Duralumin steals Connection and Identity, which happens to be exactly what was ripped from the Singers when BAM was imprisoned I'm fairly sure BAM wasn't suing duralumin and/or Scadrian magic, but the underlying mechanisms between these two might be very similar
  4. This is a side effect of being a Dawnshard and/or holding certain levels of Investiture:
  5. Spoiler tag just because of the image size: The diamond consists of four arches as well, so maybe there are some other four fundamental things besides the Dawnshards? We have some names like Unity or Passion that appear on different worlds and seem to apply to some Shards only, but we don't have any explicit confirmation that they must be Dawnshards
  6. During my re-read of Dawnshards I realized something I missed the first time: just before becoming a Dawnshard, Rysn was holding a spear. Nothing special on its own, but it gets so much weirder when compared with other evidence. As discussed in this great post: the Sovereign's Temple in Bands of Mourning did have a mural that bears strange similarity to the one in Akinah (indicating that Kelsier might actually be another Dawnshard) and a statue holding a long spear. Then we have this Death Rattle: It obviously refers to Dalinar, but only the tower (Urithiru) and the crown (king of Urithiru, Bondsmith and leader of the KR) make sense. Why the spear? Unless the spear refers somehow to Dalinar becoming a Dawnshard of Unity as the next step of his fight against Odium... Using a spear as a symbol of a weapon that killed a God can be a reference to the Spear of Destiny from the Bible. And, as an additional extra-crazy bonus, other names of the Spear are Holy Lance or Lance of Longinus and (Perfect State spoilers) I really hope that's not a true connection
  7. While I agree with the rest of your post, I'm not sure about this particular point. Topaz is dead, but it's entirely possible that it was just a kind of Vessel (for the lack of a better word). Maybe the mural that used to contain/be the Change Dawnshard might be considered dead is a similar manner? We know that the Sleepless wanted to kill Rysn to get the Dawnshard back, so the death of the Vessel doesn't really affect it
  8. Just a month ago I would have argued with this, but we have some new WoBs that I believe indicate you have a point. First, a question whether or not Honor can be reformed will be answered in Book 5: Second, Brandon recently described the mechanism of visions / voices Dalinar experiences and it seems that these are Investiture constructs / AIs: It seems that Dalinar is pretty much ready to Ascend to Honor, he just doesn't have enough Investiture yet. He's tapping the power unconsciously though. I still believe the Unity Dawnshard could be a thing (based on the term being used on Sel and Poem of Ista), but for now Dalinar is just using the name provided to him by Honor's remnants
  9. I wonder if that might be the role of the Stormstriders, maybe? We know that the Tai-na bond some mysterious spren (referred to as their "soul" by the Reshi) besides the regular mandras
  10. We'll get a definite answer in Book 5, apparently:
  11. There's also this one from Kin Valam that I find particularly interesting:
  12. Wow, I've never noticed that I wonder if that's just foreshadowing for the Diagram and Dustbringers siding with Odium or something more
  13. tl;dr version: In this post I will try to convince you that Voidbinding is a nascent magic system of both Odium(“void”) and Honor (“binding”), and present a theory on how it was created Voidbinding doesn't make sense as Odium's magic system The name: we now know from multiple sources that Adhesion, the Surge of binding things together, is the one closest to Honor. The Fused don't even recognize it as a Surge; they talk about Surges, but don't seem to use the word Surgebinding. They are called Voidbringers (I'm sorry, Singers ). Why would Odium's magic have 'binding' in its name? It's pointless: why would Odium grant anybody the power of futuresight if it interferes with his own and ultimately leads to his downfall? 10-centric: Voidbinding has ten levels. Yes, there are nine Unmade and they lack the Bondsith one, but that's just happenstance – we know from the Sibling that the tenth Unmade can be created. Why would Voidbinding be based on the number associated most closely with Honor? Why is the Voidbinding chart so similar to Surgebinding and so unlike the Fused abilities? Lore: the first mentions of mortals using Voidbinding abilities we know seem to be from around the time of the False Desolation: Listener songs mention the Nightform (and BAM as a source of Forms of Power) and we see potential information about corrupted Truthwatcher spren in Urithiru Gem Archive. Besides that we only have the general idea that futuresight is of Odium, but that could have come from the Unmade alone (per Taravangian's word, they all can grant it). There's rich lore about the Unmade, but none about Voidish Surges besides Illumination. The Fused are surprised that Voidspren can bond with humans and they don't see anything weird with the fact that there are no Nightforms around during the Final Desolation. Previously I believed that Voidbinding might have originated on Ashyn, but BAM's deep ties to Roshar seem to disprove that Unexplained phenomena: what's the source of BAM's massive Connection ability? Why did her imprisonment caused so much damage to Roshar if she was just Odium's splinter? Why did the Sibling stop hearing Honor's Rhythm? How could BAM and Sja-anat rebel against Odium's will? Why was Warlight never discovered before? Surgebinding vs fabrials Before we move further, one more thing needs to be discussed: why are there two magic systems of Honor and Cultivation? The Rhythm of War finally gave me some idea about the difference. The fabrials are like feruchemy – they are a perfect balance between the powers of two Shards, as indicated by the nature of the Sibling and the Towerlight. Surgebinding is also of both Shards, but it's biased towards Honor. It uses more of his Investiture: it's powered by Stormlight, Honorblades are Honor's splinters, the most powerful and mystical Order is based around uniting, not growth. What happened with the surplus of Cultivation's Investiture then? It's simple: it became the basis for the Old Magic, a magical “appendage” originating from a single Shard Ba-Ado-Mishram is the source of Voidbinding I believe that's what Odium wanted: a simple set of magical powerful abilities to be used by the Unmade to do his bidding. That's why the Voidbinding was called the cousin of the Old Magic. It was always meant to be used by the Unmade only, not become a full magic system. I believe, however, that at some point something extremely important happened – BAM was infused with Honor's Investiture and completely transformed. I'm not sure how or who did it; we have several plausible suspects: Ishar, Honor, Cultivation and (Dawnshard spoilers) Whoever that was, as a result of their action BAM became deeply Connected to Roshar and turned into something similar to the Sibling. She was suddenly able to produce Warlight and use it to control the Singers, just like the Sibling controls fabrials. She was able to grant Forms of Power from a completely new magic system: full, 10-centric Voidbinding, whose relation to the original Unmade abilities is just like the relation between the Old Magic and Surgebinding. Her abilities (and newfound autonomy) extended, to some extent, to other Unmade, especially Sja-anat, allowing her to corrupt True Spren. The one thing she couldn't do in the days before her imprisonment, however, was to create spren that would grant full Voidbinding – there wasn't simply enough Odium Investiture on the planet. Now, however, the situation has changed: the Everstorm circulates Roshar and clashes with the Highstorm, providing the exact conditions that she needs, once she's released (most likely in Book 5). This will lead to unleashing the full power of Voidbinding, which will become a major plot point (and a weapon against Odium) in Arc 2
  14. I've read the first two books in Polish. Here's my old post about Order names: Generally speaking, the obvious translation problem are Nounverbers, while Nounnouners are simpler to translate: spren names are relatively easy, for example windspren becomes 'wiatrospren' and voidspren becomes 'pustkospren' some names are not translated consistently: Surgebinder becomes 'Mocowiązca' (literally 'Powerbinder' for the lack of a single word that would mean Surge in this context), but Surgebinding is 'Wiązanie Mocy' ('Binding of Power') some Orders are translated into two words, which seems to sound quite good e.g. Bondsmith gets translated as 'Smith of Bonds' ('Kowal Więzi') other names are shortened, which sounds worse: Voidbringers become 'Voiders' ('Pustkowcy'), Soulcasters become 'Soulers' ('Duszniki'), Windrunners become 'Winders' ('Wiatrowi') etc. finally some names are just weird: Skybreakers are translated as 'Niebiańscy' (literally 'the Heavenly Ones', which is going to cause problems with the clashing Fused name) and Elsecallers become 'Przenosiciele' (literally 'Transmitters') words like crem, chull or parshmen are not translated at all
  15. The first we see Ash in the books is when she's breaking stuff, so I would go with option A
  16. There's a WoB about it: If I remember correctly, Kaladin was using Reverse Lashings subconsciously at first (the same applies to Renarin and his visions), but his first fully aware use of Surgebinding was trying to glue things to the walls of the chasms. Venli was using Transportation to peek into Shadesmar long before she was experimenting with Cohesion
  17. We know that even though Patji is an Avatar of Autonomy located on First of the Sun, he hasn't Invested on the planet and doesn't influence local magic (second and third paragraph of Brandon's first response): The reason I have so much trouble answering these questions (and you'll see me struggling to get an answer in the 10-15 seconds I have when someone asks me in a signing line) is because this isn't an either or. Is this computer I'm using matter associated with Earth, the Big Bang, or such-and-such star that went supernova long ago? Well, it's probably all three. When people ask, "What Shard is this Investiture associated with" it gets very complicated. Shards influence and tweak certain Investiture, giving it a kind of spin or magnetism, but all Investiture ever predates the Shattering--and in the cosmere matter, energy, and Investiture are one thing. I always imagine Investiture having certain states, certain magnetisms if you will, associated with certain aspects of Adonalsium. So it's all "assigned" to a Shard--because it's always been associated with that Shard. To Investiture, Adonalsium's Shattering meant everything and nothing at the same time. We generally mean the term "Invested" to mean a Shard has taken permanent residence in a location, a kind of base of operations--but at the same time, this is meaningless, since distance has no meaning on the Spiritual Realm, where most Shards are. So imprisonment of a Shard like Ruin or Odium is a crude expression--but the best we have. Autonomy never "Invested" on First of the Sun. But even answering (as someone else asked) if they created an avatar without visiting is a difficult thing to explain--because even explaining how a Shard travels (when motion is irrelevant) is difficult to manage. It's a subject that I intend to be up for debate, discussion, and argument by in-world philosophers and arcanists. You can see why I have such troubles explaining these things at signings--and why I fail when I try to, considering the time limitations and (often) fatigue limitations placed upon me. These are concepts I intend to spend entire, lengthy epic volumes explaining and exploring. Let's say you were Autonomy, and you have--through expanding and exploring your understanding--found a gathering of Investiture that has always been there, you always knew about, but still didn't actually recognize until the moment you considered and explored it. (Because even though your power is infinite, accessing and using that infinity is beyond your reach.) Were you "Invested" there? No, no more than you're Invested on Roshar, where parts of what were Adonalsium still exist that are associated with you (in the very fabric of mater and existence.) But suddenly, you have a chance to tweak, influence, and do things that were always possible, but which you never could do because you knew, but didn't know, at the same time. And...I'm already into WAY more than I want to be typing this out right now. If it's confusing, it's because it's practically impossible for me to explain these things in a short span of time. I'm going to leave it here, understanding that no, I haven't fully explained your question. (I didn't even get into what avatars are, what Patji was, and what happened to Patji the being--and how that relates to Patji the island.) But hopefully this kind of starts to point the right direction, though I probably should have just left this question alone because I bet this post is going to raise more questions than it answers... Overlord Jebus You've confused things so much now. We thought we had a pretty good grasp of this whole Patji situation (Autonomy visited the planet at some point, got themselves all Invested and created an avatar which is called Patji by the locals). Now you're saying no Shard has ever visited there? And that the pool would have existed if no Shard had ever interfered? But that Patji still exists and is a Shard? Does that mean Autonomy edited First of the Sun from afar without actually going there? And that the pool would have already existed without any intervention? Does this mean it was associated with Autonomy from the beginning? I'm really confused now. Brandon Sanderson I don't believe I said no Shard had visited. I said no Shard was there during the events of the story. Investiture on First of the Sun predates any Shards fiddling with it. Shards have fiddled with it by the time of the story. I think fandom might be going down too far a rabbit hole on this one. Chaos Are you saying here that Patji is an avatar of Autonomy, or is it a separate Shard and not an avatar of Autonomy? Brandon Sanderson When I said Patji was a Shard, I was meaning Automony--but it is not quite that simple. Take this post to mean "no, you should not be looking toward another Shard for Patji's origins. Autonomy is the one relevant." But Autonomy's relationships with entities like this (not sure entity is the right word, even) is complex. I'm not trying to confuse the issue, though. General Reddit 2018 (March 18, 2018)
  18. Yeah, but they had Bondsmiths and Oathgates, apparently, and the destruction of the planet seems like superpowered Division (based on Raboniel's tale). Even with Odium's Investiture, these seem like regular Surges They don't, but they can refuse to Invest on a planet and restrict / modify the effects (Honor restricting the Bondsmith powers, Harmony modifying Snapping etc.). It seems that Odium doesn't have that kind of power over Voidbinding, currently Yeah, I totally missed that on my first read. The fact that they have zero plot relevance so far makes me think that futuresight is specific to BAM or Odium restricts that power, as described above She definitely seems to be a Bondsmith spren during the False Desolation, but her powers were not understood by the KR back then and could have be something new. My current theory is that she could be using Ishar's Honorblade to do that Regular fabrials are on the level of minor Shardworld magic, I agree, but Surge Fabrials, like Soulasters, are part of the 30 magic systems of Roshar, with Surgebinding and Voidbinding Yeah, that's possible
  19. theory

    @Honorless To be honest, after reading Dawnshard and RoW I have more doubts than I had before That would be really awesome really, but my one problem would be that I I were writing this today, I would probably use Ishar's Honorblade instead of a Dawnshard
  20. We now know that Bondsmiths existed on Ashyn before the Nahel Bond was discovered and they were able to bind Surges somehow (Surge fabrials, probably) and use Connection to achieve spectacular results. Comparing this description with what the Dawnshards were supposed to do, it seems quite likely that they were simply using them. If so, is it possible that Ba-Ado-Mishram was able to get one somehow and use it to cause the False Desolation? Each Unmade can be mapped (with some fuzziness, of course) to a KR order, with the exception of Bondsmiths. BAM's abilities during the False Desolation, however, seem like a supercharged, Roshar-wide, version of what Bondsmiths can do (providing Connection and Investiture). It was also the first time she showed these powers: the KR weren't sure how she did it ("Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow Connected with the parsh people") and we know that historically they feared Sja-Anat more. I think it is in the realm of possibility that her original powers were completely unrelated to this, but, against all odds, she was able to obtain a Dawnshard. Maybe it was stolen from Aimia? In such case, the Scouring might have been an attempt to repeat the False Desolation by Dai-Gonarthis
  21. Tension is the modification of object's stiffness, so yes, it should include making things flexible: I don't think we've seen pure Tension so far, but Dalinar uses Tension+Adhesion to fix inanimate objects in Thaylen City in Oathbringer. Something weird is actually happening here, as the KR are supposed to learn their primary Surge first (Windrunners and Adhesion, Skybreakers and Gravitation etc.) and we've seen Dalinar using mostly Adhesion so far
  22. Also, there's Shinar from the Bible
  23. I believe that the behavior of different Lights, their combinations and anti-Lights can be easily described using simple physics analogies. Shardic Intents are pure states, that, like quantum states, can be added together in any proportions, creating custom Intents / Rhythms. The easiest examples are Investitures of two different Shards mixed in 50%-50% proportions e.g. Harmony (ettmetal) = Ruin + Preservation, War (Warlight) = Honor + Odium, Science (Towerlight) = Honor + Cultivation Rosharan spren are different mixes of X% Honor + Y% Cultivation, where X and Y add up to 100. This would, fortunately, make creating custom anti-Lights rather difficult. Anti-Lights are Investitures of opposing Intents, for example Ruin and Preservation. As Odium seems to lack a directly opposing Shard, anti-Voidlight is some combination of other Intents that doesn't occur naturally. I would assume some mix of Honor, Devotion and maybe Dominion (since they share the Unity theme) and maybe others, mixed in the exact proportions that create the Rhythm exactly opposing that of Odium. With this assumption, two planets of Cosmere (Scadrial and Roshar) correspond nicely to the behavior of two types of hadron particles: mesons and baryons. Mesons are built from a quark and an anti-quark and are inherently unstable. Ruin and Preservation's Investitures being their own anti-Investitures explains a lot: the explosion of power that kills Vin and Ati, Ati being unable to splinter Preservation to Khriss' confusion, mists avoiding hemalurgic spikes. Ettmetal exists only because both powers are held by one individual, and, as mesons, is extremely unstable. Baryons are made of three quarks, so neither can each other's anti-quark. They are bound together in a way that makes them confined together: pulling one quark would require more and more power the further you take it from the particle. It is exactly the same behavior that seems to bind Odium to Braize and H&C to Roshar, the latter described exactly by Mraize in his talk with Shallan
  24. We know that Taravangian found some loophole that possibly allows him to win with Dalinar somehow, probably based on something that Rayse couldn't have predicted and/or simply would never do. Here I'd like to propose my guess: Taravangian plans to kill the Stormfather. It's actually scarily easy to pull off in just three steps: A. Manipulate Ishar into stealing Dalinar's bond with the SF B. Manipulate Szeth into killing Ishar, killing or wounding the SF in the process C. If necessary, finish the SF off with anti-Stormlight This would probably destroy the Highstorms, creating something like a never ending Weeping (the Night of Sorrows?), described in multiple Death Rattles: Honor's Perpendicularity would probably settle on a permanent location at the Origin, explaining the line from Puuli's interlude (describing Skybreakers maybe?): Without easy access to Stormlight for Team Radiant, Odium should be able to crush them easily, conquer all of Roshar and take Honor's Investiture for himself, which would free him from Braize. A possible Arc 1 ending resolution I see would be something like this: The Everstorm gets taken over by the recently freed Ba-Ado-Mishram, thwarting Odium's plans. Dalinar Ascends to Honor using the unchained powers of Ishar's Honorblade and possibly (Dawnshard spoilers). Kaladin dies, but his Cognitive Shadow replaces the Stormfather in the newly re-created Highstorm, changing its nature to be far less destructive. Dalinar changes the nature of Stormlight and bonds, allowing Radiants to travel across Cosmere. Shallan becomes a worldhopper. Moash bonds with Dai-gonarthis and becomes Odium's avatar: He continues Odium's work on Roshar and searches for a way to free him, eventually starting the plot of Arc 2
  25. theory

    Come to think about it, there's an even simpler way to hurt the Radiants - Ishar's Honorblade should be enough to imprison the Stormfather in a perfect gemstone. This should be even worse than what happened to BAM - Radiant spren would all be affected somehow. It's also way easier to fix once either side wins