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  1. OK, one thing still bothers me after finishing listening to this today - how did Christina know Zoran's (the Ember Wizard's) name? She explicitly refers to him as Zoran (clearly, Zoran Tanasin) at one point, despite both of them stating at different times that he didn't share his name with her. Was it Mirandus magic or did I miss something obvious?
  2. LOL, I actually pre-ordered the digital version on their website (after seeing that ebooks weren't included in the physical tiers of the Indiegogo campaign), but they didn't even send any notifications that it was ready to download. Thanks for the information!
  3. My main complaint would be that Wayne was capable of gold compounding at the end - I know it probably wouldn't save him (not enough gold or time, explosion was just too big to survive etc.), but the fact it was never even brought up is just weird
  4. I would assume one would need a Mistborn or a full Feruchemist, as well as some spikes, to create the Bands. Given that Hemalurgy no longer allows Compounding, the person and/or spikes would need to be pre-Catacendre - which leaves Spook as the most viable option
  5. The only reasonable option I see is that it was Autonomy's decision - people of Scadrial showed that they can counter her plots, and attacking them anyway would be acting against her Intent
  6. A lot of these have probably been known from Words of Brandon first, but here's the list of sources in the actual book texts: Mistborn: Secret History, mostly. Being warped by the Intent was already covered by Hero of Ages Hero of Ages epigraphs, Ars Arcana, the essays in Arcanum Unbounded
  7. Also, some of the interior art (one piece per book) has been officially released - you can find it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/yw8xxr/for_the_ones_who_couldnt_be_there_new_secret/
  8. Yeah, I think Shai is the best guess here. Brandon has mentioned that the Lost Metal will be the "most cross-over that we’ve seen" (link to the interview). And then there's this exchange with @LewsTherinTelescope on Reddit about a non-Scadrian spoiler character from Arcanum Unbounded appearing in the story (link)
  9. Yet another Brandon interview - this time for Cosmere.es: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T93aSqqnhsY
  10. OK, we have the official concept art. It looks very much like a Dustbringer. Odium's new champion?
  11. My first thought was that he seems like a pretty good choice to co-author The Night Brigade. Beyond that, we'll see, but I'm generally rather excited I'm wondering if that trend of co-authoring selected Cosmere books (first with Isaac, and now with Dan) will be even further expanded in the future. Brandon definitely has some big franchise ambitions, and he did mention in the last State of Sanderson that we'll need to have some talk about the future of Cosmere after SA 5. Could that be it?
  12. It seems that Brandon has a TikTok account now: https://www.tiktok.com/@authorbrandonsanderson I don't think it was advertised anywhere, I just found out through Reddit. The first three clips don't contain any new information, really, but the newest one has some interesting details about spanreed mechanics and relativity (which I'm not sure were canonized before). Also, Grimdark Magazine had an interview with Brandon yesterday - here's the video and text version Edit: For those of you who don't watch (or listen to) Intentionally Blank: Dan Wells has joined the Dragonsteel team as VP of Narrative, with the goal of eventually co-writing Cosmere books with Brandon. You can see the news here, starting around minute 42:00 There's always another piece of news: Brandon has responded to Daniel Greene's question about Cosmere books being released after his retirement. You can find it here, at 3:50
  13. Based on the appearance, I would say it might be a Fused of same brand as El. Probably not El though, as the carapace seems intact
  14. No idea, but the former would be awesome
  15. I wouldn't say confirm, but the case for Autonomy is pretty strong, particularly given that Trellium (Stormlight Archive spoiler): Also, does Harmony want Wax to spike himself with Trellium (so he can talk to Trell, I guess)? I can't think of another option for the "proper metal"