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  1. I'm fairly sure he wouldn't. Besides the WoB you cited, we have this line from Frost's letter in WoR:
  2. We know she did Enlighten him, but if there was a probable danger of developing red eyes, she took a real risk here. And unless her power to corrupt true spren is something new, she kept it a secret for millenia That's even worse, I assume Fair point
  3. Yeah, but most of them are rather hard to come by, I assume, and therefore not very probable. The probability argument can be applied to Renarin as well. In order for him not to have red eyes you have to assume that: A. Glys was willing to undergo his transformation B. Renarin doesn't reject Glys spiritually, even though he's not very happy about his newly found Voidish powers C. Sja-anat took a huge risk of revealing her ability to corrupt true spen by Enlightening Glys Also, based on the gem archive in Urithiru, it seems that Sja-anat might have corrupted Trithwacther spren before. Once again, huge risk and no mention of red eyes whatsoever. Nothing I mentioned above is impossible, but I wouldn't call these circumstances very probable either
  4. We cannot be 100% sure, that's true, but the options are rather limited:
  5. Possibly, but we have seen another example of a cognitive shadow possessing a (likely dead) body (it's amazing how useful Mistborn is for this discussion):
  6. I like the analogy, but I don't know if it can be applied to the Fused. After the possession, the original Singer is dead, which would mean that the Fused are (spiritually or cognitively speaking) seeing themselves as something deeply unnatural and somehow reject their own nature. That might be true, but I'm not sure if we have any evidence for it Just to clarify my position - I think that the Voidspren are themselves corrupted because of two reasons: A. That seems to be Odium's modus operandi and that's how the Fused and the Unmade came to be B. It's easy to reclaim Investiture that way. Odium explicitly says to Turash that he can always take away his everlasting life, so after Roshar is destroyed, he can simply get his power back and get rid of his no longer necessary minions. I assume that typical splinters would be much harder to gather back, based on the example of (Mistborn spoilers again)
  7. OK, I can mostly agree with that, but there is still a question of I think this case might actually fall under mixing rather than corruption, based on the WoB you cited. That's why I have problems seeing bonding a Voidspren by Singers as full-on corruption, actually. Why isn't it mixing of different Shards' powers? It seems like a natural outgrowth of Singers' biology. If that's corruption, then bonding a seon in a gemheart, for example, should result in red eyes and that's something I find rather hard to imagine
  8. That's a valid point, but it doesn't seem to explain why Renarin doesn't have red eyes. Neither has Zahel, who uses Stormlight to power his immortality coming from another magic system... and I recall nothing red about Nightblood, even though he contains Ruin Investiture and feeds off pretty much anything. Also (Mistborn spoilers): Red eyes on Roshar (besides Regals) are definitely associated with the Unmade and the Fused, which were both something else before being completely taken over by Odium's Investiture
  9. We really don't know. My personal theory is that they (as well as the Unmade) used to be the spren from Ashyn
  10. There are different levels of corruption. What Sja-anat does to spren seems similar to the Old Magic - simply a spiritweb modification. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Unmade, literally unmade and rebuilt using Odium's Investiture. The Voidspren you mentioned seem closer to the latter
  11. I was pretty much 100% convinced that it was the case until today, but after a quick look at the Coppermind article it seems that (based on Azure's account in Oathbringer chapter 93) these two are not correlated. Maybe it has something to do with the Origin?
  12. As @Karger pointed out, we don't know the details, but we have some clues. As far as I can tell, the initial support for humans didn't come from H+C, but from the spren. While Honor is clearly benevolent, his splinters don't necessarily need to be (just look at Spark, Malata's vengeful Ashspren) and might have backed humans out of selfish (but still technically lawful) reasons, as described in the Song of Spren (9th stanza): Then the Fused were created and Honor and Cultivation didn't have much choice but get involved The Fused were specifically turned into cognitive shadows / spren by Odium, probably because of how easy they could possess the Singer bodies (as they have gemhearts)
  13. Not canonized yet, but yes, that's the current explanation:
  14. We actually have a confirmation that the pre-cataclysm Ashyn magic was based on Surges:
  15. There was a minor issue about Stoneward and Bondsmith Surges in Oathbringer: Which seems to align with how Brandon has previously described Cohesion in the past, as opposed to Tension. I assume this Surge is what Dalinar used to repair the temple of Talenel in Chapter 59, but that's not actually essential to the point. Peter Ahlstrom I think this has to be an error in the text. Pagerunner Sorry, which do you think is the error? The order of Surges in the Ars Arcanum? Or the Stormfather's statement to Dalinar? Peter Ahlstrom The Stormfather's statement. Peter Ahlstrom I have verified with Brandon that what the Stormfather said here is wrong and will be corrected in the future. General Reddit 2017 (Dec. 14, 2017)