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  1. Not confirmed explicitly, but as close as we can get right now:
  2. I don't think that the association between Shards and colors is perfect or consistent. Let's look at Scadrial for example: Preservation and Ruin's symbolic colors are white and black, and it's reflected in their mists but not godmetals. Rayse has it the other way around: Raysium had gold-white color, but his Light is "hyperviolet"
  3. Microkinesis allowed for, among other things, nuclear fission: We don't know the details, but nukes + bronze age level societies certainly looks like a bad combination
  4. theory

    Absolutely, but I think each Rhytm corresponds to some Intent, which, following the same rules as Investiture, would be some linear combination of 16 Shardic Intents
  5. Kite magic is from a minor Shardworld: It would work perfectly with Whimsy though
  6. theory

    Anti-Light is built from Investiture (like everything in Cosmere) and all Investiture got assigned to Shards at the Shattering, so I would assume that anti-Lights and their Intent must be some combination of Shards
  7. I had this idea today. We know that Brandon initially intended the special number for Scadrial to be four: What if the four Dawnshard Commands were hidden in plain sight somewhere in Scadrian magic - namely in Feruchemical Spiritual attributes? They are exactly the basic building blocks of Cosmere, which would make the four basic Commands used to create the world to be: Let there be Investiture Let there be Connection Let there be Identity Let there be Fortune Investiture Investiture Command would cover Shards that give away their Investiture to create sentient life or beings. Definitely Preservation and Endowment, other possible candidates include Invention and Valor (the latter might be under Connection, we don't have enough information) Connection Shards that share the Unity theme - Honor, Devotion, Dominion, possibly Valor Identity Shards that embody living up to your Spiritual Ideal and/or helping others do the same. Cultivation, Ambition, Autonomy and (semi-confirmed) Wisdom. Rysn is this Dawnshard and interprets it as Change / Improvement Fortune Shards covering luck and the ultimate fate of things. Ruin, Odium, Mercy (complements the divine wrath represented by Odium) and Whimsy (as in capricious fate). The common theme is Passion. Futuresight provided by these Shards is described as dangerous (WoB). If Mercy is the Anguish Shard, then these four Shards would be most prone to be being warped by the lack of context from other Shards
  8. theory

    They kind of are gaseous, but the type of gas seems to be different on every planet (unlike solid state always being metal and liquid being Shardpools). I would assume that Preservation Investing on Roshar would result in Preservationlight, and Honor would produce Honormists on Scadrial, for example
  9. theory

    There are two major differences though: mists seem to be pure gas, while Lights are some gas/liquid state mists have colors, but they don't produce regular light (or suck it from the surrounding space)
  10. My guess would be that he wanted to control people and take their pain - promoting apathy rather than hatred or passion. What happened to the Fused is an excellent example - they're just tired or broken rather than eager for war
  11. theory

    I'm not sure about this, as we have 16 Shards and just 7 colors of the rainbow... Plus, Shardic colors are complicated. Voidlight is hyperviolet, the corresponding rainbow color is violet (with an extremely broad band) and the color of Rayseium, also used by Odium in his visions, is gold and white. Also, we haven't seen Ruin's or Preservation's Lights, just their godmetals (solid state), Shardpools (liquid) and mists (gas), while Lights seem to be something between liquid and gas
  12. We have four confirmed new Shards: Invention, Mercy, Whimsy and Valor. Wisdom (or something similar) seems to be confirmed as well: which leaves us with just one, 16th unknown Shard. We also have some information about previously unknown Shards: I would also add: 5. The one that would be used for Dark One, if it was part of Cosmere 6. The "Anguish Shard" 7. Odium's ally that isn't Autonomy 8. The Shard that will be used for Aether magic, as it will be probably changed not to be pre-Shattering Here are my propositions: 1. Wisdom, probably, although they don't want to hide anymore. Seems like a good Shard to be associated with Silverlight, if there is a Shard there (currently RAFO) 2. Probably Mercy, although Wisdom would count in the past 3. Whimsy, maybe? I'd like to hear your opinions on this one 4. The Initiation that seems both random and affected by mechanical devices makes me think Invention and Whimsy. Both also work quite well for magic that combines exact geometric blueprints with chalkling unicorns We'll get more information in Book 2 5. The original idea was based on works of Tesla, which heavily implies Invention. If the Narrative existed in that version, it could have been of Whimsy, making it the same potential combination as the Rithmatist 6 & 7 My guess would be Mercy 8. Could be any Shard(s), really, so I'll go with Valor and the 16th unknown Shard
  13. I believe that the behavior of different Lights, their combinations and anti-Lights can be easily described using simple physics analogies. Shardic Intents are pure states, that, like quantum states, can be added together in any proportions, creating custom Intents / Rhythms. The easiest examples are Investitures of two different Shards mixed in 50%-50% proportions e.g. Harmony (ettmetal) = Ruin + Preservation, War (Warlight) = Honor + Odium, Science (Towerlight) = Honor + Cultivation Rosharan spren are different mixes of X% Honor + Y% Cultivation, where X and Y add up to 100. This would, fortunately, make creating custom anti-Lights rather difficult. Anti-Lights are Investitures of opposing Intents, for example Ruin and Preservation. As Odium seems to lack a directly opposing Shard, anti-Voidlight is some combination of other Intents that doesn't occur naturally. I would assume some mix of Honor, Devotion and maybe Dominion (since they share the Unity theme) and maybe others, mixed in the exact proportions that create the Rhythm exactly opposing that of Odium. With this assumption, two planets of Cosmere (Scadrial and Roshar) correspond nicely to the behavior of two types of hadron particles: mesons and baryons. Mesons are built from a quark and an anti-quark and are inherently unstable. Ruin and Preservation's Investitures being their own anti-Investitures explains a lot: the explosion of power that kills Vin and Ati, Ati being unable to splinter Preservation to Khriss' confusion, mists avoiding hemalurgic spikes. Ettmetal exists only because both powers are held by one individual, and, as mesons, is extremely unstable. Baryons are made of three quarks, so neither can each other's anti-quark. They are bound together in a way that makes them confined together: pulling one quark would require more and more power the further you take it from the particle. It is exactly the same behavior that seems to bind Odium to Braize and H&C to Roshar, the latter described exactly by Mraize in his talk with Shallan
  14. There is an error in OB text, Bondsmiths have Tension and Adhesion. Their application can have some effects similar to Stonehshaping, but it seems to be mostly Cohesion which Bondsmiths lack: Which seems to align with how Brandon has previously described Cohesion in the past, as opposed to Tension. I assume this Surge is what Dalinar used to repair the temple of Talenel in Chapter 59, but that's not actually essential to the point. Peter Ahlstrom I think this has to be an error in the text. Pagerunner Sorry, which do you think is the error? The order of Surges in the Ars Arcanum? Or the Stormfather's statement to Dalinar? Peter Ahlstrom The Stormfather's statement. Peter Ahlstrom I have verified with Brandon that what the Stormfather said here is wrong and will be corrected in the future. General Reddit 2017 (Dec. 14, 2017)