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  1. Interestingly, in chapter 111 of RoW, Dalinar seems to recognize Ishar's blade, wondering if he's seen it already. That being said, I agree that it is the Stormfather that is talking to Gavilar. If Ishar wanted to replace Taln, he probably could have used Gavilar for that even without his consent. I expect some shenanigans with Ishar's blade to be a vital part of book 5 plot, though. On an unrelated note, chapter 15 of WoK has this fragment of (in-world) Way of Kings that seems relevant to Gavilar's and Taln's situation:
  2. The way I see it, both Odium and Thaidakar & Gavilar have been working on this - Chana's death threw a wrench into the works, starting it earlier than expected
  3. Good to know, I was just starting a new topic Not what I've expected, really. Gavilar seems to be dead, with no plans made of surviving as a Cognitive Shadow. This chapter humanizes him (and Sadeas) to some extent - his final reaction to the Stormfather's lies is still extremely satisfying, though. Apparently Gavilar has been working with Thaidakar on starting a Desolation - assuming the math done by @CROSSENuUP here is correct, it seems that Shallan managed to do it before them. The original goal of the visions seems to have been tricking someone into taking Taln's place. I still wonder - what words (or attitude, or actions) did the Stornfather expect from Gavilar? The First Ideal? What was the thing about Gavilar's demand being close about, then? We get Taravangian's origin story, kind of. I'm not sure if the new Death Rattle is a general warning against the Desolation, or something that will actually happen in the books. Gavilar's last words make much more sense now.
  4. On top of that: is Virtuosity the Shard that just wanted to survive? Also, is Virtuosity the Shard that would have been used for the Rithmatist if it was in the Cosmere?
  5. Come to think of it, Virtuosity is probably the part of Adonalsium responsible for designing the continent of Roshar
  6. Duality seems to be a major motif for both planets and magic systems: hion lines have two colors (teal & fuchsia), combining them can be used to generate heat and possibly power other things primal spirits are bicolor (blue & orange) and many fabrials made of them seem to be paired Painter's world is mostly uninhabitable because of the darkness/shroud, while for Yumi's world similar situation is caused by light/heat Also, there seem to be many parallels between the magic systems and the Order of Lightweavers on Roshar: both magic systems we see on the planets are pretty much based on art, which is a Lightweaver thing convincing a primal spirit to become a fabrial and transforming a nightmare bear some resemblance to Soulcasting primal spirits are attracted to the act of creation, much as creationspren are. The shroud acts very similar to Re-Shephir the Essence associated with Lightweavers is blood: the shroud is compared to it ('I watched it rain the blood of a dying god'), hion lines are explicitly compared to blood vessels ('they were the arteries and veins of Kilahito') and the reddish light of sun on Yumi's world makes everything look 'like the result of a bloody massacre'
  7. Yeah, I was wondering if Book #4 might be just that
  8. In addition to what @Windrunner2319 wrote, here's some info from the Kickstarter description: While regular hardcover and paperback editions with a traditional publisher are possible sometime in the future, after this campaign is fulfilled the premium version of this book might not be available again.
  9. Nothing is limited, no need to worry. Here's the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonsteel/surprise-four-secret-novels-by-brandon-sanderson/description
  10. theory

    Except (and yeah, my whole theory kind of depends on that), I haven't seen any convincing (at least for me) theory predicting why there are two H+C magic systems and how Khriss knows that there is one and only one additional set of esoteric powers. Three hybrid magic systems would require the third magic (fabrials) to be C+O, which contradicts Brandon's words that Odium's influence on Roshar in mostly Voidbinding: My arguments would be: A. Cultivation's pure Tone heard by Venli B. Stone is somehow special on Roshar: it has memory, it's sacred in Shin tradition, the Eila Stele considers it a Singer god. This might point to it being Invested, and Storms are already Invested by Honor, which leaves Cultivation as the most likely candidate C. Thunderclasts are clearly separate from the Fused, despite both being corrupted Singers. The latter use powers more associated with Honor, so again - Cultivation seems like a good candidate for the former
  11. theory

    Good to know, I didn't remember that
  12. theory

    As I've said in the initial post, I think that for some reason full magic systems are only possible with Honor's involvement. That's why we only get Old Magic and Stoneshaping for Lifelight. I don't know why that is the case, my approach was kind of inspired by how particle physics discoveries have been historically made: you list all the elements (in this case powers) and search for the simplest set of rules to explain their behavior. That makes it biased towards excluding new, unseen powers, obviously According to this Coppermind article (https://coppermind.net/wiki/Suppression_fabrial) they are resistant, but I would have to check in the book I pretty much agree, but I wonder about the implications for Voidbinding. Would the NW get other powers from the Sibling? Probably yes. If that is the case, which powers, if any, are Voidbindings? These issues are part of the reasons why I would consider separating Unamde powers, even futuresight, from ten Voidbindings an elegant solution Possibly, but I still like my analogy to Allomacy and atium better I would go with more general, Spiritual effects, but I mostly agree
  13. Thanks for the info, that's good to hear My thoughts exactly
  14. theory

    @Frustration and @mathiau: the discussion has gotten to the point where I don't have time to answer all your points (at least no on a weekday), so let me at least provide some clarification on what I meant: I think that the existence of a Light gives Shards and/or spren the ability to make some magic system or powers out of it. For example, both KR and fabrial spren are H+C but A. Modern, KR Surgebinding has started with the Honorblades and is powered by Stormlight - it has grown from Honor's pure Investiture, so to speak B. Oathgate spren were somehow created/altered by the Sibling (they call them parent), a process most likely powered by Towerlight. Probably as a result, they are resistant to Stormlight suppression - Oathgates were the only fabrials still functioning during Urithiru's occupation, despite being usually powered by Stormlight As for the Fused, after re-thinking this I need to admit that their Surges are likely the corruption of Honor's powers. I still believe, however, that they might have been corrupted before they got them. Singers have some inherent magical skills - Stoneshaping (tied to Cultivation's tone) and changing forms (tied to Honor's tone, which Eshonai hears when she adopts warform for the first time). I think that the thunderclasts' ability to inhabit stone and the Fused ability to inhabit Singer bodies are corruptions of these respective skills. When it comes to the Unmade and Voidbinding, I wonder about the questions we could ask Brandon during the next spoiler stream to clarify the issue. For now I have come up with these: If Raboniel successfully corrupted the Sibling, could Odium theoretically create an eleventh Unmade, for example out of the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher, or Cusicesh? The Voidbinding chart is very similar to the Surgebinding chart in its structure. Are all the powers shown on it purely from Odium? Seeing the future seems to have a very special place amongst Odium's magic - all the Unmade have some capacity for it, it's described as the heart of Voidbinding etc. Is it one of the ten abilities with Surge-like glyphs shown on the Voidbinding chart, or something more fundamental?
  15. theory

    Brandon has clearly stated that fabrials are a part of the third system. Don't get me wrong, I would love Cultivation to have full 10 powers, but as far as I cane tell from current evidence, these esoteric abilities will be fabrial related somehow. We've already seen a suppression fabrial related to some unknown sapient spren, for example Khriss is taking about Radiant Surges in Ars Arcanum, while the Urithiru Stone shows Venli something far earlier. It doesn't need to be Surgebinding, as it seems to be based on Rhythms rather than spren Possibly, yes. But we still haven't seen any example, historical or modern, of an Unmade granting (in whatever way) any powers whose structure is similar to KR Surgebinding, save for Sja-anat which creates H+O spren Infusion with Voidlight and using Transformation is how corruption can take place, as shown by Raboniel with the Sibling. Normal CS can't just take over bodies, you need some additional powers like (Cosmere spoilers): It seems possible that something was added to the Fused's souls in the process, making it a corruption in my opinion. Possessing a body with its own spiritweb, Cognitive aspects etc. can potentially be a corruption as well, who knows. If Honor's magic was corrupted, what was corrupted exactly?