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  1. theory

    If I remember correctly, the Everstorm used to be a part of the barrier storm of Braize, so I'm not sure if any additional splintering was necessary in the first place. Anyway, my point was mostly about @Lightspine's theory that the Heralds and Unmade are somehow connected. Heralds breaking the Oathpact would, as a result, explain why the Unmade were not imprisoned on Braize before the True Desolation (Hessi, for example, seems to be convinced that BAM could be imprisoned in Damnation). In that is the case, Chemoarish was probably still bound to Braize - and smuggling her to Roshar might've helped start the current Return without Taln breaking
  2. Yeah, that's probably a main factor. Both because Honor no longer puts restrictions on Surges and Dalinar probably has enough Connection to Ascend if Honor hasn't been splintered. Who knows about the Ashynite Bondsmiths though, they could have used Dawnshards and it's hard to compare power levels with the limited informations we have
  3. theory

    Taln definitely did not break: Come to think of it, Chemoarish might have been brought to Roshar by the Everstorm, possibly foreshadowed by this Death Rattle: It could have been part of Odium's plan to find a loophole in the Oathpact. Anyway, whether or not there's a spren for the Everstorm is a RAFO for now:
  4. theory

    This theory started as yet another attempt to match the Unmade and KR Orders (using new information from RoW, the KR Quiz etc.), but after revising my last attempt I realized that I actually completely agree with the classification created by @Bzhydack in this post: This has lead me to some interesting theories about Chemoarish and Yelig-Nar (which I believe match Stonewards and Skybreakers, respectively). In this post I'll focus just on Chemoarish. We don't really have much information on her: she's apparently often conflated with the Nightwatcher (probably implying some connection to Cultivation) and she's called a Dustmother. The latter might be a link to Dustbringers, but Nergaoul seems to match them quite well (direct inversion of their Ideal, captured in a ruby etc.). I believe, however, that Chemoarish makes sense if we treat her as an Unmade of Stone, which, as we know from Venli's chapters in RoW, also seems to be connected to Cultivation somehow. This leads me to this fragment we find in Dalinar's last vision in TWoK (chapter 75): I think what is described here might actually be Chemoarish
  5. I've always interpreted the "Bondsmiths bound other Surges" as the way people formed bonds with spren on Ashyn: they clearly didn't have anything like a naturally occurring Nahel bond (that was only discovered on Roshar), so the Bondsmith (possibly the person holding the Dawnshard that binds) Connecting individuals and spren and therefore granting Surges was the only possibility. Also, Edgli is totally a dragon
  6. Taln not breaking has just been confirmed!
  7. Odium: Metallica - Sad but True
  8. That's Simonetti's art for the Name of the Wind on the Worldbuilders ad: https://art.marcsimonetti.com/various-cover-arts
  9. Lack of an exoskeleton combined with flexibility of movement (e.g skyeel catching a rat here or lurgs being able to jump). I'm not an expert on biomechanics, but it seems rather hard to achieve this without a well developed internal skeleton similar to the one found in vertebrates Fair point We don't really know how native lifeforms use Investiture, really. That's pure conjecture for now, but they could theoretically produce it from food, like Lift does
  10. I'm not sure what Brandon's plan for Moash exactly is, but I think he might be set up as a foil for El in book 5: El was stripped of the Rhythms, Moash is now blind El's title was given to Moash, and both are in the business of killing Cognitive Shadows El is fascinated by humans and wants them to achieve their final Passions. Moash, on the other hand, has given up on humanity and doesn't want to feel anything As for the unfortunate implications, they are there, but I feel Moash is just a symptom of a bigger issue here. We mostly see the events through the eyes of people bonded with spren, who have their own prejudices and seem to prefer bonding people already connected to other individuals with a Nahel bond. As a result, we have a weird system of magical segregation: You want to unite people as a Bondsmith? Too bad, the position is Kholin-only for now Darkeyed and want to join the fight? Please follow to the Windrunner recruitment center You want to free people from oppression? Join Willshapers! Oh, one thing: Singers only So you want to just help people without looking at the big politics? Do you prefer science or humanities? This will help us place you with either Truthwatchers or Edgedancers You're an outsider in Urithiru? Apply for your own corrupted Mistspren (limited edition)! Extra points for neurodiversity and non-heterosexual sexual orientation Fanatic and/or sociopathic maniac who would put even some Fused to shame? Don't you worry, Skybreakers and Dustbringers might still have some open positions So yeah, the KRs are currently kind o broken and the PoVs we get are limited to some established, restricted categories. However, things look a whole lot more interesting if we consider the flashback characters for Arc 2: Former street urchin with a traumatic past Corrupted Truthwatcher in a gay relationship with a Singer Atheist queen who tries to reform the social order Darkeyed Herald who kept the world safe for millenia Former Herald who will probably become a Dustbringer, an Order well familiar with righteous anger and the fact that you sometimes need to break something to create something new Seriously, what other proof do we need to believe that these issues will be handled in the future? Also, Dalinar being an honorable despot makes a lot of sense if he's going to Ascend to Honor – that way he would make a great contrast with both Taravangian's Odium and Sazed'd Harmony, all of whom will probably play important roles in Cosmere's future
  11. The way I see it, there are two major native animal phyla on Roshar: A. "Vertebrates" - fish and amphibians (lurgs). Because of the presence of Highstorms they probably never fully colonized the land B. "Crustaceans" - pretty much everything else, including axehounds, chulls and greatshells. Santhids are related: and have tendrils, so I would include the tentaculous group here as well. As for singers, I would place them in the latter group. Real-life crustaceans might have either haemocyanin or haemoglobin in their hemolymph, so blood color is hardly a deciding factor. Given that the whole ecosystem was designed by Adonalsium rather than left to evolve naturally, we might not see any proper evolutionary links between shelled animals and singers, but the presence of gemhearts might indicate a relationship (I don't think skyeels need gemhearts to bond luckspren, but I can be wrong)
  12. If I remember correctly, Brandon was supposed to be working on worldbuilding for some external franchise. My personal hope is The Elder Scrolls 6
  13. theory

    That is obviously possible, but Tumi seems to share his fondness for future tense, and Dreaming-though-Awake doesn't. The simplest explanation I can find is that the Enlightening affects their perception of the world somehow On the other hand, the protection from futuresight works on the same principle as electrum/atium: and if you're out of either metal your protection is gone. It's not a perfect analogy, though, since atium allows you to see only seconds into future. It's hard to tell how long-term visions interact with each other, but the best mechanism I can think of is (borrowing terminology from computer science) cache invalidation. Odium predicts the future, but each time Renarin has a vision, things change - but Odium can still make new predictions. That would prevent Odium from making truly long-term plans, but planning , let's say, a week ahead (I'm not sure how often the visions occur) would still be a possibility. Only a more or less constant access to futuresight offers true protection in this case
  14. theory

    First of all, I cannot take full credit for this theory, as the basic idea of “inverted Nahel Bond” comes from this post by @Seloun While re-reading Oathbringer I realized that it actually explains most, if not all, weird things and quotes about corrupted spren and Voidbinding, so I decided to write down all arguments in favor of it. The basic premise is that Voidbinding (at least the form shown in the Voidbinding chart) is an extension of Surgebinding and the Nahel Bond, caused by adding Odium's Investiture to the Radiant spren. As a result, a person gets two Surges from the bond, and the spren gets two matching Voidbindings, explaining the similarity between the two charts. This would make Voidbinding a magic system of all Rosharan Shards, with its name probably being a portmanteau of Odium/Void + Surgebinding Here are all the hints I was able to find: The Surgebinding chart shares the color theme with the map of Roshar, as beings from the Physical Realm get the powers; the Voidbinding chart using the colors of the Shadesmar map hints at spren being the ones to get powers Odium's Tone is now a pure Tone of Roshar, and Eshonai's last chapter in RoW implies that all Tones and Rhytms form a wonderful harmony. Spren getting powers and, by extension, a more equal footing with people, seems to be compatible with that way more than if Voidbinding was a separate thing purely of Odium. Also, spren now essentially share mortality with people, so getting powers would be a natural next step Voidbinding being the cousin of Old Magic makes a lot of sense now: people get Old Magic powers by being changed by the Nighwatcher, spren get powers by being changed by Sja-anat Corrupted Truthwatchers cannot control their visions, but their spren seem to have at least some level of control. Glys can record the visions to show to other people (possibly similar to how Lightweavers can capture Memories), and Tumi knows exactly what is going on during Rlain's first vision, even though Rlain is clearly surprised by the whole thing Glys having access to futuresight beyond what he shows Renarin would explain him talking in future tense and providing constant protection against Odium's futuresight Glys also wants to give his sorrow to Renarin, hinting at the reversal of typical roles in Voidbinding Tumi thanks Sja-anat for his eyes in her interlude in RoW, presumably referring to the futuresight We know about corrupted Truthwatchers and futuresight, which is most probably the Voidbinding of Illumination, but what about Progression? I believe that there might be some hints in Oathbringer about that. The quotes below were sometimes interpreted as Renarin having a gemheart: There's no way Renarin naturally has a gemheart, but what if Glys used his Voidish Progression to grow one in his body to have some place to hide? It wouldn't need to be big, as a cremling gemheart was enough for Tumi in RoW, and it would explain a lot, in my opinion
  15. theory

    Yeah, thinking about this made me reconsider a lot of things about Selish Shards. Come to think of it, we know very little about them. Almost all of which assume comes from the nature of seons/skaze (hardly reliable, it would be like trying to infer the nature of Honor from honorspren or highspren) or religions - and it is entirely possible that the concept of unity was influenced by something akin to the Iriali religion, and only later modified to fit the nature of the Shards. The only thing we can attribute purely to Devotion seems to be the voice in the Shardpool (presumably Aona's CS?), and she wants to take Raoden's pain, which makes me want to include Devotion in the red category The other white Shards seen to represent concepts that are rather impersonal, though I've been thinking about this, and I wonder if some common themes in Cosmere might correspond to compatible pairs of Dawnshards. Unity would be white/red (even Odium wants some form of unity after all, being the sole ruler of Cosmere) and Passion would be black/red Depends of a definition of Whimsy, I guess - I can see Whimsy as anything except for white, really. I decided on black as Whimsy might be arbitrary, irresponsible an selfish, which stand in opposition to the values of the white Shards. Also, I was searching for pairs that would have problems with inaction due to opposing forces - and Dominion/Autonomy and Honor/Whimsy sound almost as bad as Preservation/Ruin in tat regard Demanding things to be better relies on knowing what is better and that's where I think Wisdom might fit in. I admit that it relies on a broad definition of the Change theme, though