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  1. I definitely agree that it looks very much like Transportation, and it seems to me that the difference between the KR and Fused version of the Surge is that between general relativity (miniature perpendicularity, essentially a wormhole) and quantum mechanics (quantum teleportation, transmitting the exact state of teleported object instead of actual matter)
  2. theory

    I don't think that what the Fused do is Voidbinding - they get one Surge instead of two and their Illumination creates illusions instead of seeing the future. Their abilities seem like a version of Surgebinding. Many Regals also wouldn't qualify (e.g. Stormform) based on the fact that we haven't seen Voidbinding before Oathbringer: The only confirmed Voidbinding ability is Renarin's futuresight (and quite possibly the Nightform), but that was obtained via indirect methods (e.g Glys' corruption)
  3. theory

    Given the new evidence from chapters 7/8 I wonder if the new Voidish fabrial might actually use Cohesion - affecting the space around it, like @Ixthos theorized, and weakening the bonds in the process
  4. I voted for Gavilar, but seriously, it made me think of this
  5. The only Elsecaller the KR seem to have for now is Jasnah and the Inkspren as a whole aren't exactly eager to increase their ranks. She's now a queen and, well, she's not exactly the most diplomatic person on the planet... Shallan, on the other hand, still officially pretends to be an Elsecaller
  6. theory

    They are, but the Voidbinding chart has pretty much the same structure, so I assume that the Voidbinding orders/levels would kind of correspond to the KR Orders, justifying the usage of terms like Bondsmiths, Truthwatchers etc. (though the names might turn out to be different in the end)
  7. theory

    Yeah, this is a very likely fate for Alethkar. I wonder if the same could apply to Urithiru - Odium seems very interested in it and there are some interesting facts about the Night of Sorrows
  8. This is essentially a continuation of my previous thread: tl;dr version of it: I believe that Near East mythology (Ugaritic Baal Cycle, specifically) predicts that Rayse and the Fused will be killed with Sja-anat's help by the end of Arc 1. Arc 2 will be about Odium reforming itself OK, we can start We know that the names of the Unmade come from Near East (mostly Canaanite) mythology (plus some Lovecraft). Imagine my surprise when I found out that the same applies to selected Heralds and the Sibling: Ishar – Ishara, originally a Canaanite love goddess, then turned into Hittite goddess of oaths, who punishes the oathbreakers. Quite a fitting connection, I would say Shalash – Shamash, Mesopotamian god of Sun and light. Once again quite a good match Jezrien – supreme god (depending on the culture: El, Anu, Amurru, Yahweh). His later name, Ahu, is (given the nature of the letter 'h') pretty much identical to Anu. I believe that the fact that his names typically start with Je-/Ya- is a link to Jehovah/Yahweh (plus he's also worshipped as the only god in Emul) The names of the other Heralds don't have mythological origin, as far as I can say, which makes sense in a way, as in the ancient Near East only royalty (Jezrien, Ash) and maybe high priests (Ishar) would use names associated with divinity. They all, however, share the suffix “'Elin” which seems to come from El, associated with Jezrien The Sibling – Ashur, who represents a deified form of the city of Assur – clearly the same concept as the Sibling and Urithiru Fun fact: staring from Ashur, we can find a nice chain of (probably Easter egg) connections scattered around the Stormlight books. Ashur appears in the name of one of the last Assyrian kins – Ashurbanipal (literally 'Ashur has given a son-heir') who happens to share some similarities with Dalinar: he was known as the king who could read and write (not a small feat, given the complexity of cuneiform and ancient Summerian and Akkadian) he lost his lands in the West, but gained new in the East his capital, Nineveh, had the largest library of ancient knowledge at the time (similar to Urithiru) and was prophesied in the Bible to be completely destroyed (similar to the fate of Kholinar in Almighty's visions) the prophecy from the previous point was made by the prophet Jonah, who was, according to Bible, swallowed by a giant fish at one point – something weirdly similar to what happens to Hoid and a greatshell, as described by Lift Given all that, I can see two interesting theories/implications: The Unmade are Odium's Heralds/Honorblades: I have assumed for a long time that the Unmade would be the Bondsmith godspren (or maybe Truthwatcher godspren) for Voidbinding, but in the light of the new evidence I believe they are the equivalent of the Heralds instead. It makes sense: they are superpowered beings using their Shard's power on a hostile Shard's territory, trying not to get captured. They are also not exactly efficient – Yelig-nar uses his hosts up rather quickly, as the Honorblades use Stormlight The new, evil Oathpact As I wrote above, I believe that Arc 2 will include reforming Odium. We know that: there is no Unmade corresponding to the Order of Bondsmiths Ishar is a crazy, egomaniac Bondsmith who possibly wants the death of all mankind Arc 2 will be about figuring out the Oathpact Based on that, a possible mechanism of Odium's return is a new, evil Oathpact on Roshar - one between Ishar and the Unmade. It could be enough for Ishar to Ascend and bring Voidbinding (10-based, Voidspren bond based magic system) to Roshar – essentially a twisted version of what Dalinar tries to achieve with Honor and the KR in Arc 1
  9. My bet would be on a natural (though extremely rare) mutation that became fixed in the population when a small group of people from Ashyn settled Thaylenah. And the fun part is that it can actually kind of happen in real life: Or maybe the ancestors of the Thaylen people did something to piss off the Nightwacher
  10. theory

    @Bzhydack After giving it some thought I think you might be right on this. Yesterday I came across some new interesting evidence when reading on the Near East mythology (I'll post a new theory within a few days) and I believe it implicates rather strongly (amongst other things) that the Unmade are Odium's equivalent of Heralds/Honorblades rather than Bondsmith or Trutwacther spren. If so, they are unlikely to be permanently bonded. As for the other part of this theory (that the Trutwatchers will be the special Voidbinding Order, rather than Bondsmith), I think it still stands - the Unmade simply need to replaced with some sapient (probably rare) Voidspren
  11. theory

    I agree, that works well on symbolical level and explains why we see so many Adhesion-related forms of power (definitely Envoyform, likely Stormform) We have historical evidence about Yelig-nat acting on his own (or at least any host isn't mentioned), like breaking into Nohadon's chancery and killing all the scribes or burning book That's debatable, I think. Sja-anat, for example, doesn't seem hostile and, per Dalinar's word, Nergaoul isn't intelligent enough to be malevolent. Consuming bonded individuals has always been attributed to Yelig-nar specifically Odium doesn't care, but he's economical. With Aesudan, he got chaos and riots in Kholinar which eventually helped him capture the city. With Amaram though? He didn't need him to win the battle, at this point Odium was still sure that Dalinar would be his champion. And if he simply wanted to feed Yelig-nar, any soldier would do
  12. theory

    Odium's magic is a hodge-podge of corrupted stuff he accumulated over the years, but the overall list looks like this: nine orders of the Fused, with one Surge missing - we've seen Gravitation, Illumination, Abrasion and, as @Lightspine pointed out, likely Progression nine Unmade, kind of corresponding to different KR Orders, save for Bondsmiths ten levels of Voidbinding, as described by Ars Arcanum and Voidbinding chart. The Unmade are also somehow connected to it I think that the Unmade might be the spren for one of the Voidbinding levels/"orders" - Truthwatchers, specifically, rather than Bodsmiths like in several other theories (e.g. possible Sja-anat Bondsmith is discussed here, here and here). This is rather speculative, but I think the story behind this was something like this: Voidbinding was created on Ashyn, hence the 10 levels (Roshar could be an option, but the Fused don't know much about Voidbinding) The Unmade were also some corrupted spren from Ashyn, except Odium didn't get the Bondsmith one, which became the Sibling on Roshar The Fused have nine orders because at this point Odium was forcibly bound to Braize
  13. theory

    I cannot be sure, but I have a theory
  14. theory

    We have a confirmation for the Unmade: As for the Fused, each of the nine orders get one Surge, so they would probably match two KR Orders
  15. wild speculation

    The Horneater peculiar physiology probably comes with some spiritweb weirdness and he's also a cook, both of which fit nicely with Nightwatcher's magic. Overall, I like the idea very much