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  1. theory

    People have wondered about the Adonalsium anagram long before my theory. I started from it and searched for more potential anagrams, until I finally came up with Vax + Ire This is a highly speculative assumption, yes. It's clearly stated as assumption. Is there a rule against it? I didn't do any comprehensive survey, but I don't think all theories on this forum are based on examples we've seen before
  2. theory

    It comes down to several factors: A. The Ire have been around for a very long time, possibly millenia B. I would assume they have agents on most Shardworlds C. Only about half of the Shards are still alive at this point All of the above increase the chances of Ire eventually getting a Shard Not once did I use the word 'prove'. This is a theory and I specifically said: Then I presented my line of reasoning, including some both facts and my assumptions
  3. theory

    I never said it happened, only that I believe it could happen: We know that the Ire might be somehow present in Elantris sequels: and that these sequels need to be written before Mistborn Era 3 and, by extension, Stormlight Arc 2. I wouldn't be surprised if some new Cosmere mechanics appeared there
  4. theory

    To quote Coppermind, Initiation is If you can draw Investiture and Spiritual attributes using technology without a formal magic system, that's something I would count as Initiation
  5. theory

    That's why I wrote "seems to provide some clues" If they can access enough Connection to Ascend, they probably have enough Fortune to find a Shard To be precise, I wrote "comes directly from Spritual Realm" - by which I meant without Investing on a planet
  6. theory

    I think that Vax is somehow connected to the Ire and is possibly a Shard Vessel. Here is my reasoning: Vax is only mentioned in Elantris and Mistborn Secret History. Both feature Elantrians extensively Vax's name alone doesn't provide much information by itself, but we know that Brandon seems to provide some clues using anagrams (Adonalsium = "a mind, a soul"). What's the anagram of “Vax Ire”? Xavier Now, the name Xavier is an interesting one. I didn't exist before the 16th century and originated with Francis Xavier, who was a missionary in Japan and China. Brandon was an LDS missionary in Korea and Far East cultures were one of the inspirations for Selish magic systems The name Xavier also comes from Basque language and means either “castle” or “new house”. The Ire have a fortress in the Cognitive Realm, which serves as their new home after they left Sel Vax is heavily suggested to be a place, but it's not confirmed (WoB) and I don't think it makes much sense. The Ire probably have fortresses all over Cognitive Realm and that hardly deserves a separate name I believe Vax could be the name of an Ire Shard Vessel. According to this WoB, the Ire expected their orb to work and it was not a test. It is possible then that they have already tried that before and on of the Ire Ascended. We know that there is a Shard not held by original Vessel that isn't Harmony (WoB) and a Shard that's not on a planet that isn't Ambition (WoB). I think they're one and the same and that this Shard is Vax Vax as a Shard also explains Ati's reaction. The first person he sees after he dies is Kelsier and he's a Sliver who Ascended using Ire technology. If we assume he can sense that, it's not a surprise he mistakes Kelsier for Vax Since Vax didn't Invest on any planet, I assume the Ire can somehow tap his powers directly from the Spiritual Realm using their technology. We've seen them accessing Connection and Fortune, so why not Investiture? This mechanism explains why Vax ad Taldain are mentioned alongside each other in Elantris Ars Arcanum. On Taldain, the Investiture comes from the Sun. Vax's Investiture comes directly from Spritual Realm which I believe is the Sun over Cognitive Realm (a more detailed discussion here) Vax could also be the Shard originally meant for the Rithmatist (spoilers): One of the planets in the Selish system is Kii (Aon of Justice) which could be related to Vax's Intent
  7. OK, I can agree with that. We know that Roshar was specifically designed by Adonalsium for a purpose. That purpose could be to give access to an universal magic system, capable of doing almost anything. If Unity Shard is formed there, their magic would be extremely powerful and grow with every added Shard. Eventually you get quasi-Adonalsium that can pretty much recapitulate original Yolen magic (including manipulation of sub-atomic particles and, obviously, Lightweaving)
  8. The problem is, nuclear fission is not just radiation. Some of the mass of uranium/plutonium is transformed into energy (E=mc^2) that is released as radiation. So it's mass -> energy. This could be approximated by Transformation and Illumination, but (A) Transformation conserves mass and (B) Illumination is powered by Stormlight. I don't see a way to convert mass to energy via Surges. Even Lift can't eat plutonium, so you can't go mass -> Stormlight -> energy If we assume we need Odium to cover all fundamental mechanisms of Cosmere, why just him? Maybe every Shard would add something and we need all 16?
  9. I would add Mystery to the list (for Adonalsium works in mysterious ways...). Given that there may be still a Shard on Yolen: Mystery could be responsible for hiding the planet. Also, Jeskeri Mysteries could have been somehow inspired by the memory of this Shard (the Ire were worldhopping for a very long time and might have heard stories), just like Thaylen Passions were inspired by Odium
  10. "Rosharan fundamental forces" is an oxymoron, really. Fundamental forces are, by definition, fundamental - they should be the same for all Cosmere. I would consider basic laws of physics (relativity, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism etc.) and Brandon's additions (Investiture, Connections, Identity etc.) to be truly fundamental. I think Surges are, like spren, a natural outgrowth of human's perception of natural forces: There are very fundamental processes, like nuclear fission, that are not included in ten Surges: Not all Spiritual properties are covered: Connection is, but Fortune (unless you count Voidbinding) and Identity don't seems to be. One Surge can include very different processes: Adhesion, for example, has both physical and spiritual ones. Also, spanreed are infused rubies which are split in half after the spren was already captured. Their behavior seems to be based on real life quantum entanglement, so I wouldn't count their actions as Surges, but the consequences of quasi-quantum nature of spren themselves. For the record, I still think that in 99% of cases, fabrials can be explained in Surge terms. But it doesn't mean that Surges are actually fundamental - I think they come down to the mix of human perception and Adonalsium's design (10-centric, just as most of the Rosharan system). These perceptions were probably set in stone the moment Cultivation and Honor Invested on Roshar, so they're now can be considered more objective than just a subjective, cultural thing. Still, it makes me wonder - what if Rosharans discover nuclear force? It won't affect Surgebinding, but can human perception create new spren (nuclearspren?) that can be used in modern fabrials? I would guess not, at least without any additional splintering of Cultivation, but I'm not 100% sure
  11. theory

    There is also a possibility that the Sleepless as a whole (or maybe some large portion of the species) were somehow changed by Cultivation. We already have a precedence with (Mistborn spoilers) I don't know if I would go that far and call them spren, but I agree that they probably exist closer to the Cognitive Realm than humans. Song of Spren already says this about Singers, and the Sleepless seem to have this to an even higher degree. Given Lift's situation, that might be a common theme for Cultivation
  12. theory

    More like Ashyn
  13. Yeah, that sounds right. It would be interesting to know if tapping near-infinite Fortune affects Lightweaving though...
  14. It definitely gives you some knowledge: Also, per this WoB, atium foreshadows Fortune