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  1. Yeah, you're right. I was looking at the Truthwatcher/Bondsmith equivalents only In WoK Prime the powers only hurt users in a visible way if they use it too much. Renarin is also a Surgebinder, which might be a factor here - even if he is hurt by his futuresight somehow, he is eventually healed by Stormlight anyway
  2. theory

    My main analogy was Allomancy + atium (using a magic system to "burn" Shard's power, hurting them in the process), but hemalurgy works as well, to some extent. Although, as @LewsTherinTelescope pointed out, the analogy is not perfect, as hemalurgy can steal things other than powers The one thing that still bothers me is that Khriss refers to Voidbindings and some esoteric fabrial-related powers as "sets of abilities". They must be different from the Surges somehow, and Surges are already quite extensive in what they cover. I think that it might be possible that Voidbindings are an alternative set of fundamental forces, based on the fact that the Double Eye chart from WoK Prime seems to match the Voidbinding chart (I posted more details here)
  3. I feel like one of the Ten Fools for not seeing this before. WoK Prime has the Double Eye chart on the twelfth page, showing ten Essences and ten Forces: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/The-Way-of-Kings-Prime-by-Brandon-Sanderson_web.pdf I treated it as an early version of the Surgebinding chart, with Forces being an early attempt at Surges. However, after looking at it again for one of my new theories, I realized something: the topology of the chart is slightly off. The two Essences at the center are not connected to any Force. I doesn't look like a Surgebinding chart, but it's the same as the Voidbinding chart, just upside-down, with time manipulation / futuresight at the top. We know that Brandon cannibalizes a lot of elements from early books into later ones. Is it possible that the whole Magical Knight Magic (I don't remember the name, sorry) from WoK Prime became Voidbinding? That the Forces are the "set of abilities" Khriss calls Voidbindings? Something like a set of fundamental forces alternative to the Surges? There is actually one clue: in WoK Prime, using the Forces hurts the users somehow, which would indicate it might be an end-negative magic system. And we have this WoB from 2016, which possibly refers to Voidbinding:
  4. Maybe, but both are winning fights against multiple very powerful enemies without breaking a sweat due to their special connection to a dead Shard. Also, Vin is literally Ascending at the moment, which is as fundamental as it gets
  5. Unchained as a certain crazy Bondsmith
  6. A funny line I found in the original Mistborn trilogy, gaining a new level of meaning after reading RoW. When Marsh removes Vin's earring and she starts fighting the Inquisitors using her suddenly overpowered Allomancy, she describes it this way (Hero of Ages, chapter 73):
  7. theory

    I really like the idea, but also wonder if the KR Orders wouldn't be a better match than Surges. Stonewards for Hoid's Dawnshard, Bondsmiths for hypothesized Unity, and Lightweavers for the Change Dawnshard (as both Transformation and Illumination match it quite well)
  8. theory

    Yeah, I agree that is a decent counterargument Why? I see Intents as corresponding to quantum states here; some might be pure, some might be linear combinations of others I'm not aware of any fully stable mesons. As for baryons, my point was about confinement (which matches Roshar's situation quite well, in my opinion), not about stability
  9. After watching the last few Shardcasts, I decided to play with @Argent's idea that Voidbinding might be about accessing the power of Odium directly, not about accessing Surges. It actually led to some interesting conclusions, which I'll try to present below Voidbinding doesn't use Surges The basic premise, obviously. There are some reasonable arguments that support this idea: The Knight Radiant, the Fused and fabrials all use Surges. Surges were also what destroyed Ashyn. Despite their ubiquity, we have not a single description of Voidbinding that mentions them explicitly. We only know about the ten levels and the existence of “Voidbindings”, whatever they are. Khriss is also unsure how they fit into the whole Orders/Surges/Essences paradigm Voidbinding is a cousin of Old Magic, which isn't Surge-based Renarin's futuresight isn't necessarily a Surge. He does have access to a separate, distinct version of Illumination, while his visions match what Tanavast says about his own futuresight (also, Renarin seems to see things that are of interest to Odium, not random visions). It seems possible that Renarin is accessing the Shardic power directly, rather then filtered through Surges In this WoB, Brandon describes futuresight as “dangerous territory, and drawing upon a Shard” The futuresight is described as “the soul of Voidbinding”. It's the only Voidbinding power that is widely known. It stands to reason that it might not be available to a single Voidish “Order”, but to all Voidbinders, possibly forming the first level of the magic system Additionally, per Taravangian's word, all Unmade have some sort of access to futuresight, despite having other distinct powers and roughly matching the KR Orders. Given that, futuresight doesn't seem to be tied to any single Surge Comparison with the Metallic Arts Comparing Rosharan and Scadrian magic leads to some interesting analogies that might elucidate the nature of Voidbinding: Surgebinding corresponds to Allomancy/Feruchemy, with 10 Surges / Orders / KR Spren types fulfilling the same roles as 16 metals Fabrials correspond to ettmetal-based magitek Old Magic corresponds to lerasium, as both can be used by anyone to change their spiritweb Voidbinding, finally, has the same role as atium There are two important thing about atium that I believe are relevant here (besides the obvious fact of providing futuresight): Atium requires the power of another Shard to work. Without Allomancy, Feruchemy or some magical ability to steal via Hemalurgy, atium is useless Preservation tweaked Allomancy, so that atium could be used against Ruin I'm not sure if Voidbinding can exist as a fully standalone magic system; it might require some other power (typically Surgebinding) to work. Based on this WoB: I think that what is called Voidbinding might actually stem from Surgebinding hacked (e.g. via spren corruption) to give people non-Surge powers, to Odium's detriment. It would also explain the name “Voidbinding”, which doesn't sound like something Odium's followers would use The Voidbinding chart If that is the case, the Voidbinding chart isn't a Voidbinding chart per se; it's more like a Surebinding + Voidbinding chart. My current theory is that it might have originated on Ashyn, and its history might have been more or less like this: People were experimenting with Surges provided by Odium and his Voidspren, creating a chart that is extremely similar to the one for Rosharan Surgebinding, but with different Surges / Orders (e.g. “Voidish” Illumination would be Renarin's balls of light) Two “Orders”, Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers, turn out to be special though: both have access to the Surges with the most Spiritual aspects they kind of match Dawnshards quite well: one on them can bind people and spren, which seems very Bondsmith-like, and the Change Dawnshard is a “will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better”, which fits nicely with Renarin showing people their perfected selves Sja-Anat has a weird affinity for Truthwatchers and BAM started exhibiting Bondsmith-like powers during the False Desolation; both happen to provide Voidbinding abilities, to Signers and humans respectively I believe Bondsmiths and/or Truthwatchers might have been the ones to figure out that you can use the magic to tap Odium's power directly, likely with the help of the Dawnshards – which is why they are surrounded by a red gem on the chart and not connected to any Surges. Odium wasn't very happy about it, so he pushed them towards the planet's destruction. Voidbinding was left unused and partially forgotten, until some Unmade started experimenting with it again during the False Desolation, possibly given some knowledge by Cultivation or a Herald starting to go mad. BAM sudden unexplained powers might actually be our only hint at the higher levels of Voidbinding
  10. Thanks
  11. When it comes to Heralds' look, sure, but I think it would be pretty weird if they had the cousin spren wrong
  12. I'd like to discuss some doubts I have about this particular WoB: Unfortunately, Jasnah attracting particular type of cousin spren doesn't seem to be described in the books and we don't have Battar's portrait yet. We do have Pali's though, and she does seem to be surrounded by logicspren - their shape matches the description (tiny stormclouds) and logicspren arguably fit Truthwatchers as a whole even better than Elsecallers. Could this WoB be another example of the "Oathbringer is an Honorblade" situation?
  13. It will be answered in Book 5:
  14. Hints about Renarin come from Oathbringer (chapter 55) and WoBs; RoW, on the other hand, points to Rlain Actually, the whole thing was resolved just a few days ago: Brandon was part of the last Shardcast. At 1:31:00 he talks about Renarin and Rlain, and how he wanted a same sex relationship from two PoVs to avoid tokenism and have more variety in representation