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  1. That was hilarious Here’s an updated version in Honor *cough* of the fanfic
  2. Whenever I post here I’m always worried that someone’s already made these memes, so I’m faced with the internal struggle of whether or not to post. But I made a bunch, so I may as well put them somewhere.
  3. “What’s a sky-scraper?” The girl asked. She blinked, then glanced around. A dull glow emanated from the horizon, and the strange buildings began to take form. Massive pillars, seeming to reach for the sky, still shrouded in shadow. She looked down at the vine-birds and shivered. They seemed even more out of place now. “Water,” the girl echoed. Her stomach rumbled. “And... something to eat.” @Emi @Truthless of Shinovar
  4. Sometimes I go down this rabbit hole of looking at old inactive accounts and I find myself feeling sad, which is weird, right? I’ve never spoken to these people before, never seen their posts, and they have no idea who I am. Still, looking at the piles of status updates, there’s this odd feeling of loss, and I can’t shake it. I wish I had the chance to know them, but I know that it probably won’t ever happen.

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    2. Honorless


      This happens to me. (It's why I always welcome people newcomers and post status updates on lurker profiles.) Worse, there's a lot of people who I hit it off with, but have gone inactive for a while now.

    3. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      *remembers Bit* 
      *is very sad*

    4. Emi


      I had the same feeling with BitBitio, Ink and Gancho Libre :(

  5. *happily dances around*
  6. “You’re welcome,” the girl said to Velles, looking down meekly. “For the bandage.” She averted her eyes as he tied the bandages around his wounds. The sight of blood filled her with revulsion. She wrinkled her nose. The dead birds didn’t help, either. As Emi introduced herself, a thought began to grow louder in the girl’s mind. What was that, before? A memory, perhaps? Maybe... maybe Emi was right. Maybe her memories would come back if she waited long enough. If that was indeed what that vision was. She tried to reach for it, but only a vague impression remained. Blood and screaming... what could it mean? “...know where are we?” Emi finished speaking. The girl looked to Velles, wondering if he had answers.
  7. Salad, hiding in the bushes, threw some peanuts at the ostrich.
  8. @Emi did you want to participate?
  9. I can’t believe I haven’t asked you this yet but *dramatically slams hands on table* what is your favourite type of cake?
  10. No
  11. My notifications are turning into “The First Post commented on The Last Post Wins!!!!!” Truly a confusing time.
  12. With the advent of the “X post wins” threads:
  13. So what happens at even numbers? ninja’d