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  1. *slides in holding a plate of samples like a cartoon character, complete with the skidding sound effect* ABSOLUTELY NOT
  2. I see all that happens on my thread... TPBM thinks glitter is amazing *belatedly parties* what? I'm only thirteen pages late The reason it's so awesome is because everyone kept it going, so thank you!
  3. Ahem, actually, if you look closely you will see I also nominated Tesh smh ene, learn to read
  4. *comes out of inactivity to nominate you and @Tesh back and I'm doing what Tesh did since I also knew you before you ascended to mod mwahahahaha*
  5. A short distance away, hidden among the branches of a tree, a figure watched the exchange with amusement.
  6. *pokes*

    *bounces away*

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    2. Tesh


      *joins in the aggressive bouncing towards Ene*

    3. AonEne


      Well that's not something I expected to read today. *bounces away* 

    4. Tesh


      Heh. Ene, it's us. You cannot be surprised about anything we say. :P 

      *bounces after*

  7. *pokes you over here so we don't start spamming the thread* :P

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    2. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      nfgrethfhghrhegfdgtrsdfgtrhyjtegttrhe how did i misspell giant 

      smh me

      my brain while typing that keyboard smash: oooh i stir the keyboard soup


    3. Tesh


      *also stirs the keyboard soup*


    4. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      *hands Tesh some ninja bread to go with the soup* :ph34r:

  8. chapter by chapter

    This was so much fun last time! I'm definitely joining again! @Tesh *pokes you*
  9. *throws rainbow confetti everywhere* Happy Pride Month everyone!
  10. If it's not very plot relevant, I'd probably just throw in a line or two about it somewhere, it doesn't necessarily have to be a big deal. Something like Veil's comments about liking girls could work. In my experience, a lot of people default to a character being straight unless there's explicit confirmation otherwise.
  11. *welcomes Fritz and Tesh onto the gay bus*
  12. Yes! I can't wait!
  13. I’m not an expert on gender identities but a quick search brings up agender or neutrois? They could be starting points, at least.
  14. I am always watching... *ominously melts back into the shadows* 999