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  1. Presenting cosmere characters as yearbook quotes! Featuring my terrible drawings! Spoilered for size, because I got carried away and made heaps.
  2. It’s actually a Halloween salad, if you zoom in closely enough 10/10 for Link and Dark Link
  3. Straight forward Straight girl
  4. Yeah, that was my fault for phrasing it badly. I meant to say that we might not know if Shallan’s oath regression pre-WoK had any other effects. I’ve heard that memory suppression can lead to amnesia. I’m not a medical expert, though.
  5. *pats A.C.’s shoulder comfortingly* It’s no problem at all! And thank you for your kind words! Thanks Bearer!
  6. 9/10, appropriately creepy and less disturbing than Stare-Into-Your-Soup Shinovar
  7. Do you have a moustache? (Sorry, I’m just curious)
  8. La la la la la la la la love Is something you don’t even know Ugh, that’s the worst. I’d personally say it’s worth it, because regardless of the plot the characters are all so good, but it’s up to you.
  9. Hello and welcome! Though it seems like you’ve already acquainted yourself pretty well with the Shard Hope to see you around, and feel free to join in with the community side of things!
  10. Welcome! Aside from book discussions, we also have a pretty lively community. Feel free to come join us in the forum games!
  11. To answer your first point, yes. Kaladin is confirmed to have depression, and Brandon has stated that Shallan experiences something similar to DID. Many other characters like Dalinar and Jasnah also suffer from mental illness, but I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed what, and I don’t want to haphazardly apply a label to them. I’m not an expert on Realmatics, but I believe healing with Investiture has to do with how the person perceives themselves. Similarly to how Kaladin’s slave brands are a part of him, his depression is as well. There’s also the issue of the thematic implications if stormlight was able to magically heal mental illnesses. Obviously that’s not how it works in real life, and it invalidates the struggle faced by many. I’ve bolded some parts of the WoBs below that phrase it really well. And to answer your second question, also yes. Shallan does have amnesia, and it’s been confirmed that she has regressed in her oaths. I can’t find a WoB on that right now, but it’s likely we will see the effects of her regression as the series continues.
  12. You should! Definitely not biased here. Though I understand randomly stopping a series, I’ve done that before.
  13. This is absolutely stunning! I love it!
  14. A pretty girl walks by my window My heart gives a flutter but I don’t dare utter a word CAUSE THAT WOULD BE ABSURD
  15. I have returned bearing more alignment charts. I’m not too happy with these ones, but I hope they’re all right.