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  1. I always feel guilty when I do this, so I try to limit myself to three-four threads max (it doesn’t always work though). YKYASFW you see someone in the bookstore and you have the urge to ask if they’re on the Shard.
  2. Stick was outraged at the donutification of the world.
  3. Trees
  4. Unthinkable
  5. *Wons*
  6. Now, the name Bridge Five suggests that it was a bridge squad, like Bridge Four. But no, Bridge Five was an actual bridge.
  7. This was all well and good, except for one thing.
  8. Lift jammed the lollipop into her mouth.
  9. And it wanted something...
  10. Dangerous
  11. Right before Sticknah’s eyes, the stickapus transformed into a donutapus.
  12. I think the safehand sleeve basically rules out most instruments that require two hands. I’d say piano and other keyboard instruments are off the table. It would be too restrictive trying to play big chords or make large jumps. And it would most definitely get in the way of scale runs or arpeggios. A glove might work, depending on how flexible it is. I’ve tried playing piano with gloves on before, just to see if I could, and it was manageable. However, as people have said above, I don’t know if the use of the left hand would even be socially acceptable in Vorin culture. As for strings, if played left-handed it might work with a glove, but the bowing hand needs to be very flexible as well, so again, the gloves would have to be non-restrictive. Maybe there are some in-world instruments we don’t know about too?
  13. The stickapus was hungry, and required food. However, the only thing it wanted to eat was donuts, and the nearest donut joint was currently undergoing renovations to become a sushi restaurant.
  14. Dalinar was busy munching on some cupcakes.
  15. Unfortunate