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  1. Created by some rats.
  2. Coconuts
  3. Salad belatedly started partying in celebration of 1000 pages. Woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Number two didn’t like him back.
  5. The comet wasn’t very happy about that.
  6. You haven’t watched The Matrix??
  7. Since InspiroBot memes are the only thing I’m good at, have this. Odium’s advice:
  8. 10/10, because it exudes an intimidating aura and I feel like I have to or else.
  9. For that time he broke into the kitchen and ate all of the bacon.
  10. I got these two right after each other and I don’t know how to feel.
  11. I don’t really know what this means, but this quote was generated and I took it as a sign.
  12. This is kind of late, but I think you can adjust the size of images by double clicking on them once you’ve inserted them into your post.
  14. Or being lazy and not practicing scales