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  1. Thank you! I know if Three Houses ever gets an anime it’ll probably follow the game quite closely, but I kind of want it to be a slice of life anime where the students just get to be, well, the kids that they are. I want fun opera adventures, sleepovers, cooking shenanigans, THE BALL, just them going about their student lives and all that. With subtle hints of something darker going on behind the scenes, which slowly move to the forefront as the season progresses. Or even if they were just bonus episodes. I just want them to be happy! I wholeheartedly approve of this Oh how could I forget Hilda in the costume team? I think she’d love to design/make accessories for everyone if she could be bothered, and maybe they could all have matching pins/charms to show that they were part of the opera production. Sylvain seeing Bernie’s enthusiasm and deciding to help out for real is so wholesome. I’m all for a cooking crew/catering service/dinner for the opera (or completely seperate to the opera, if you want). Lorenz is skeptical when Dedue joins, because what would this guy from Duscur know about fine dining, but as soon as he tries Dedue’s cooking he’s on board. Ashe, Annette and Mercedes join, Ingrid hangs around and steals food, and when Sylvain teases her about it she claims it’s because she’s hungry after training, unlike a certain someone who spends all of his time chasing around girls. Lorenz might invite Ferdinand along, because he respects his opinion and wants to hear his thoughts, aaaaaand I’m on a tangent again.
  2. Okay, after years and years of being nagged to watch this by people online and offline, I’ve finally, finally started watching it. I finished episode 13 of season one a few days ago, and I’m enjoying it so far. Some of the episodes I’ve found are a bit formulaic, but for the most part, it’s been great. I’ve heard it really picks up in season two, so I can’t wait for that. And @Truthless of Shinovar you were right, Iroh is amazing. I can’t wait to see more of him.
  3. Jasnah is frequently depicted wearing purple therefore she is ace thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Kadolin is great and I support this
  4. I think if you’re referring to someone who experiences romantic attraction they’re alloro, and allo is for sexual attraction.
  5. I actually just finished a reread of it a few days ago. Hope you like it, it’s one of my favourites.
  6. Wait hold on you’ve read Vicious???
  7. It’s perfectly fine and 100% normal to be confused — I know I was when I was thirteen. Sometimes I still don’t understand my own emotions . Figuring yourself out is a long process, and it can take years, but we’re all here to talk and be supportive if you need us.
  8. Woooo 1000 pages!!!! Party time! *brings out five-tiered celebratory cake*
  9. Beedle (no autocorrect, his name isn’t Needle) is cool! I love how he has different dialogue when you meet him at a different stable for the first time. That guardian encounter sounds terrifying *shivers*. They still manage to sneak up on me sometimes and obliterate me, which is not fun. I can relate to the first games being difficult — I’m not very good at 2D Zelda and am very good at getting hit by those rocks the enemies shoot at you.
  10. You seriously have a talent for creating support chains that I never knew I wanted but am so grateful to read about. I really like the part about Edelgard realising she likes Sylvain because he treats her normally. It would really emphasise how distant she feels from her classmates. This would be such a cool twist on most of her supports, especially since Dedue is one of the more intimidating students. Singing Dimitri is something I now need in my life. I love this! A long ramble about an Officer’s Academy opera production:
  11. Same!! I usually stick to more linear, story-based games, but Breath of the Wild is just... magical. I love the freedom of being able to go wherever, do basically whatever, and just explore every part of the world — and the world itself is gorgeous. What’s your favourite area? Character? Memorable moments? Have you played any other Zelda games? (Sorry for all of the questions, I just get really excited when I hear someone’s played a game I like)
  12. Wait Luna you’ve played BoTW? *tries to hide excitement*
  13. I KNEW I MISSED SOMEONE I’M SORRY Thank you! *uno reverses everything you just said back to you* Same to you! You radiate so much fun energy from your posts, and I loved reading your posts in I’m Bored. Let’s Mess Around! As is getting to know you! I’ve just come to the realisation that I’ve never asked you about Zelda, despite seeing your profile picture multiple times and thinking “huh, Fadran likes Zelda”. So umm... consider yourself asked. the alternative was to spam you with a billion questions, which I will happily do if requested *is flustered by all of the compliments* I’m running out of creative ways to say thank you, so have a virtual hug instead! This thread is so wholesome I think I’m going to melt
  14. I am hereby changing my “I am gone from an indefinite period of time” status to “I don’t really know what’s going on, sorry for any confusion/if I was misleading, I’m around but with reduced activity” status. 

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