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  1. game

    Well since I am already afraid of heights I'll take being a Windrunner. Flying sounds cool, and I can stick stuff to walls! I don't want to be sliding all over the place as an Edgedancer. Would you rather have a unicorn-dolphin hybrid or a tiger-eagle hybrid? (Don't ask how I came up with that question, I don't know).
  2. Let me first say that I love TFE, but I’m going to play devil’s avocado here. I understand where the author of that review is coming from. TFE is not a perfect book, and not everyone’s going to enjoy it. They have the right to express that opinion, and while some of their problems are resolved in later books, they are under no obligation to continue reading the series, especially if they didn’t like the first book. There are flaws in every book. Loving a book isn’t about it having no flaws, it’s about being able to enjoy the good things about it while accepting the flaws (for me, anyway). The author of that review probably just found the flaws too grievous for them to overlook. Saying that someone’s point of view is wrong because they didn’t “get” the novel or because they didn’t read the book “right” isn’t very constructive to a good discussion. People are free to interpret books in their own way, and come to different conclusions because of their interpretation. The tone of the review was harsh, yes, but that goes for most negative reviews. Expressing frustration at a novel is valid (though I do admit that they crossed the line when they started to insult Brandon and Robert Jordan. I think criticism of books is fine, criticism of authors as people is not). Also I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but leaving angry comments on reviews doesn’t lead to anything constructive, and usually reflects badly on the whole community. I understand the frustration when reading a harsh review of a book I love. Storms, when I first read a bad review of Mistborn, I was livid. It felt like it was insulting me because I loved Mistborn. But reading negative reviews of books I love (or positive reviews of books I hate) has allowed me to see things from a new perspective, and has actually helped me to identify why I love the books that I do so much. I’m sorry if this came out sounding harsh. That wasn’t my intention at all, I just wanted to provide another point of view.
  3. So this isn’t really a meme and I take no credit at all but I just think people need to appreciate this (and I had no idea where else to post it). https://onlycosmere.tumblr.com/post/189502539647/source
  4. Granted, but you are turned into a light saber. I wish for a pet rock that won't run away, cannot gain sentience or move any part of itself on its own, that is small enough to fit in my hand and light enough for me to carry. It also cannot be destroyed unless I genuinely wish it to be.
  5. No it's fine! Hearing someone speak so passionately a game or book they love is probably the easiest way to convince me to try it. All right, say no more, one day or another, I will play these games. Honestly, you could've just replied with a bunch of links to the ost and I would've been sold. As soon as I read that I started checking out some of the themes posted above and they are glorious.
  6. It truly is a wonderful place. *wins*
  7. *wins because of the power of ghostliness*
  8. They're just... too cute... Cannot handle... cuteness overload... ... *dies of cuteness* *comes back to haunt this thread* *wins*
  9. There's this one moment in TFE where Kelsier and Sazed are talking about religion and Kelsier's like "I should start one of those". The first time I read it I thought nothing of it, but in every re-read I think "I see that foreshadowing, you can't fool me Brandon". There was also moment where Kelsier asks Sazed how religions had so much power even after their leader died, and Sazed tells him that the leader's death actually caused a rise in strength (is that the right word?) for many religions, and I don't know how I didn't pick up on that the first time. Brandon's foreshadowing is seriously so good.
  10. Guys stop I'm dying of cuteness over here. They're all so cute and I just want to cuddle all of them
  11. @Ookla the Evil Penguin thanks so much for your help! Honestly the scope sounds pretty exciting. I love when books/movies/games are interconnected (Exhibit A: the Cosmere) so this sounds like something I'd be into. Older graphics and gameplay don't really bother me too much in an rpg if the story makes up for it. From what game footage I've seen I think I'd enjoy it, so I'll probably check it out once I'm finished playing everything else I'm playing at the moment.
  12. *forces Ookla the Fangirl to look at the cats*