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  1. Perses was handed a backpack. From the sound of it, and with a bit of feeling, it seemed to be decently supplied. Certainly not a terrible thing to have. A few days, he said. He definitely had the bronze sense for that, if he used it sparingly and took some of his vials. Taste and touch vials were very situational, so they should be fine. The hearingminds were a problem, though. He would need to have an extended storing period at some point. including backup heaingminds, Perses had about 16 hours of quality hearing. With about twice as good hearing, he could stretch that to 24 hours. That’ll be an issue to bring up at another time. ”I’m ready when everyone else is,” Perses said.
  2. “Uuuh yeah.” Perses said. “Vivacia hasn’t used any abilities of any type, but seems to be capable, and the other fellow is weird. I don’t really know what their deal is. I would ask them, but given that they seem to only communicate through writing on a board, I wouldn’t be able to properly communicate with them.”
  3. Perses smiled to himself. “Generally, no. You have to use a lot of bronzesense and be very adept with it. Given that being blind can be quite boring for my senses, and I didn’t have much to do past stay alive during my time on Scadrial, I got really good at it. So yes, I can detect that you’re storing pewter.”
  4. I did not know about this! This is exactly what I was looking for! I wished there was more, though.
  5. This group seems to be an alright bunch, Perses decided. He seemed to be getting along well enough with Malsam, Vivacia, and that other willshaper. There was a person that had been hanging out on the edge of the room for quite some time, who hadn’t spoken past a muttered curse under their breath. Vivacia seemed to be getting along all right with them, though. Perses thought that that was likely enough, but something still seemed off about them. Their lifesense was all off, and they were constantly using some kind of magic, but Perses had no clue what. They were also always writing, and seemed to be showing it to others. If only Perses knew what they had written. And then there was this newcomer, which was constantly burning cadmium. And they were strong with it. Perses went over to them. “What about you?” He said. “You seem to be Scadrian. What can you do?”
  6. Hey all! I’m trying to create a Mistborn: The Final Empire MTG set, and art for Mistborn is a hair difficult to come across for just general non-character specific art. I own Mistborn: House War, which is just full of great art that I would love to use. The issue is that the cards themselves likely cut the full art a tad, as well as not crediting the artist that made the art. I’ve been looking about, but can’t seem to find a website that can give me all of the Mistborn: House War art with the credited artists that made them. Is there a place that has that? If not, having a place to look at and use (credited of course) art from Mistborn?
  7. Perses was glad someone was intrigued by his powers. He’s always found them quite cool, but everyone else either didn’t care, or had already heard of them. There are certainly advantages to Alleycity. “I admit that I am not great at Rosharan magic. I can sense your spren, even though their actual location is a bit vague. Past that, I can sort of tell when you do your surge-whatevers, but it’s really tough, and I have to be looking for it. At the moment, given that I think I’ll be needing it, I’ll save my bronze-sense for other things.” Trust seemed to be a tad higher that Perses had assumed, which made him happy. There were much too many situations where a crew of some form were not the friendliest to each other.
  8. Perses took all this in, and was slowly realizing that he was in way over his head. He could detect two entities through lifesense following various members in the room-he assumed they were likely spren. There was a slam of a door, which was unexpected, but it sounded off. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but it did not sound like a real door slam. It could be part of the house, but it could also have something to do with the people in this room. It was clear that everyone was hiding everything from each other, and trust was nonexistent. Perses had of course been in such situations, but they were not a situation that involved solving a mind-boggling mystery. If this group was going to get anything done, they would need to know what each of them were bringing to the table. Perses decided to try to get that started. “Alright, if we want to get anything done, we need to know what we’re working with. More importantly, we need to know what everyone is capable of. I guess I’ll start, since it would be weird to prompt that without actually revealing my powers. I can store senses, which is how I’m a blind guy without a cane. I also have bronze sense, which can detect any investiture being used. In addition to those things, both of which I was born with, I have enough breaths to reach the second heightening, which I’m pretty new with. That means I hear frequencies and sounds really well and I have a fairly strong sense of any person or entity that is around me. I can also awaken stuff, but I truly don’t have the hang of that yet. I’m not sure how any of my powers will be useful here, but I can say for certain that the house is oddly quiet for a house that grows and changes when people aren’t looking.”
  9. Perses took this in. A growing house that kills people, a valued artifact, and a help wanted poster. Perses hadn’t actually gotten the ‘help wanted’ poster; he had been led this way by someone when he inquired about job opportunities. After taking this information in, one question came to mind. “why a help wanted poster? This seems to be a very specific job, with quite a mysterious nature. I feel like hiring specialists, or some sort of magical detective agency would be needed. And judging by the manor, you could surely afford hiring someone.”
  10. You know what? That would be hilarious, of not a tad impractical. Definitely going to be my joke headcanon until proven otherwise.
  11. Perses was glad that these people were social. He was absolutely horrid at formal communication. He was bad at casual conversation, too, but that can be forgiven slightly more. "And it is nice to meet you too, cousin. What's your name?" Cousin? Was this some Elendel slang that he hadn’t been aware of? No matter. “I’m Perses. It is also a pleasure to meet you, my cousin.” Perses said, hoping that he was being polite. There was another figure that entered, who was also using some sort of magic. Perses unfortunately had no clue what. Perses was, unfortunately, growing quite impatient. Where was the host? He would never say that out loud of course. It would be rude, probably. Then again, this seemed to be a more casual group, at least the ones that were socializing. “Where is our host, anyway?” He decided to inquire.
  12. Perses was glad there was someone that had interest in casual conversation. He had worried it would be all business. The smaller woman seemed to have calmed down a bit, but was still a bit on edge. So was Perses, if he was being honest. “I do not know anyone else here.” Perses said, in response to her inquiry. “Everyone I properly knew getting over here vanished in the Forgery.” Just as he said this, Perses heard the wheeled approach of the woman that entered first. "Where is that in comparison to Elendel?" she asked. "I'm Malsam, by the way." From the sound of it, Malsam was a Scadrian too. He wondered if they were a metalborn… Perses reached out with this bronze-sensemind, not really trusting anyone else enough to let them know about the full extent of his powers. As he focused in on the room, he noticed there were a few powers at play, but barely any he recognized. In front of him, Malsam seemed to be using a metalmind. Was that…pewter? He supposed it would make sense, given that if someone had a wheelchair, they could easily store strength. ”Rashekin is northeast of Elendel. It’s quite nice there, if you look past all the crime,” he said. “Did you live in Elendel?” Perses nearly forgot to give pleasantries. “Oh yeah. It’s nice to meet you, Malsam.
  13. I believe he’s hanging out with the Terris during that time, so not actually present during the book. Have you read Mistborn: Secret History?