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  1. I was wondering if there is any continuity or plot holes within the cosmere. I’m fairly sure there isnt any major ones, but maybe there’s some minor ones. I know there’s quite a few metal using hiccups within the mistborn series, but I’m fairly sure they’re not major. I don’t know about the rest of the canonical cosmere though. Its so big that there’s bound to be a few, but Brandon also has things so darned planned out that I also wouldn’t be suprised if there is none.
  2. Oh my lawd. You are a legend. You seem like you were born to answer this question. Wow. I commend thee.
  3. If you had a tardis within the cosmere (tardis being a time and space machine that automatically translates other languages into one you can understand), what would be your bucket list? I think mine would be to find out what the heck Hoid is up to, hang out with nightblood, and talk with elend about books.
  4. firefight
  5. Might be a bit late, but is still needed. Brandon: says that stick is normal the entirety of his fanbase:
  6. So does this mean the plot for a potential movie is getting made without other steps being finished, or has there been a director chosen and so on.
  7. It was a twelve sided die, but I never rolled higher than a four. That is why I am curious.
  8. I have lost my Steelheart die and do not know if it was an ordinary twelve sided die or not. What should I replace it with?
  9. I have the same problem. I am driven nuts by the secrets of feruchemical nicrosil. 90 percent of the time I am told “we really don’t know” but from what I have gathered, it does this; It stores your personal spiderweb basically. Every person within the cosmere has a spiritual spiderweb , which is what allows you to tap into a shard’s power to use your ability. Nicrosil is essentially giving a bit of that ability to whomever taps it, allowing them to use the metal that the medallion is melded with. You are basically giving a bit of your magical* capabilities to others. I assume you need to have an unkeyed nicrosilmind to make it work, but that’s the basic gist of it. (Like what the pal above me just mentioned) I was lead off trail by the coppermind and the allomancy chart, where one said it stored investiture and the other said it stored your ability to use your abilities. Now there are some unexpected things, like what the heck exisors are, but hopefully this will be explained in wax and Wayne 4, which is hopefully coming out in a year or two. Now nicrosilminds could be useful for other places within the cosmere, such as Warbreaker stuff (spoilers) Sel stuff (spoilersish) White sand (spoilersish) Hopes this helps you on your quest to find answers to the cosmere’s mysteries!
  10. I love the idea of a world where science and magic intertwine, and finding out how to make technology based on the magic is so cool! I just feel like exploiting the hypothetical in every possible way is awesome and should be done. That is what I love about adding new rules to a world: having it mix with the understood. I am personally happy with both techno and non techno fantasy worlds.
  11. There is a surprising amount of people that started with the mistborn trilogy. I find that very interesting. Maybe a poll could be done about that.
  12. I came into the cosmere with the mistborn trilogy, along with the stormlight archive too! I advise you look at the cosmere acronyms topic in the cosmere forum. Also, I advise you read oathbringer at some point this year, because the next book is going to come out in November! also, who is your favorite character in any of Brandon’s books so far?
  13. So I have just finished the Aether of Night and I loved it!!!! But one thing bothered me: what the heck are the forgotten? it was made clear these were created by the Dari to sate one twin’s wants, but the problem is that it was also made clear that these were ancestors. From what I understand, which might be very little, the Dari, with the help of one of the twins, made the ancestors get pulled from what I can only assume is the spiritual realm, into the physical realm with a bit of tainting. That would be really cool, because so far, there has been no evidence of any meddling with the spiritual realm. Another question is are these guys night Aethers or not? They rose from the night pool thing and they are pitch black, but they are created by the Dari, who are being controlled by the twin that is not the one in the Aether of Night (my understanding is that Makkal is the person that was “unimprisonned” by Raeth when the pool touched him, leading me to believe that that is his prison). Also, unrelated question, are the Aethers god metals, making the Aether pools large enough concentrations of them, making them perpendicularities, meaning there are four shards on this planet!?
  14. Not going to lie, I think TFE is the best, because it was just so well crafted. It had a great opening and closing to the book and I honestly think it is Brandon’s best work. One of my friends didn’t even continue with the rest of the series because he thought the first one couldn’t have a better sequel, because the book was so well made.