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  1. So what if you combined stormlight, voidlight, and lifelight? I assume it could be done easily enough; just add voidlight to towerlight or lifelight to the rhythm of war. But once that does happen, so what? The nice thing is that that would be a type of wildcard light. It can be used in any instance. If that would be used in fabrials, for example, that would make it really hard to shut down the fabrial using light blocking mechanisms, like in Urithiru. It could also be a great market in the CR. I bet the Ire would love to get their hands on it. It would be pretty useful. Now, I’m wondering, what’s the downsides to just having this? Rosharlight could fulfill the need for stormlight r lifelight for radiants, like towerlight is, but could also be used in niche circumstances anc act as a corruption failsafe. Is there any reason this wouldn’t work out?
  2. Oh boy! Almost end of January! It’s been an interesting month, but it hasn’t been terrible. Hopefully there’ll be one more touch in the last 2ish weeks that’ll end the month on a high note.

    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      Eh, interesting is understating it massively. Btw, how are those commissions going?

  3. Hmmmm. That’s a possibility, but I dunno about taking breaths without consent. I think it would really break down the magic system and endowment’s control over her people if that were to happen. Since pure tone stuff is hard, but with the right recourses, not too complex, once that would be found out, Endowment’s whole specialness is thrown out the window. Not only do I think that Endowment wouldn’t want that, I also think it wouldn’t work literarily. But yeah, 16 shards, 16 tones.
  4. Wow! RoW boards sure do give a lot of rep!

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      Aspiring Writer

      Yep. I swear, some of the simplest posts get repped for some reason.

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      Yeah. I made like a half baked theory there and somehow it got like 5 or so rep, which is more than I get on an average post. It is silly. But basically: post and reply when you can! Rep galore!

  5. @I Just Shard Myself!, I share your enjoyment for debating. I think an argument or debate, if done kindly, can help everyone understand a bit more about the topic and person. Now, my goal is not to make a mascot out of a character, but to have a character that can correctly represent a group. for example, if you had a character that was homosexual and homoromantic, I would expect them to be an embodiment of gay culture, I would just want them to actually express that homosexuality and homoromanticness in a way that could educate those that do not know what homosexuality and homoromanticism is learn how those that are homosexuals or homoromantics work, to a certain degree. Now one issue is that everyone is different. No group will have a way of expressing their views or identity that will apply to 100% of that community. So it would be an impossible task to create one character to represent an entire community. But I don’t want to have a reader learn how a sexuality or gender works and get possibly harmful assumptions. So I don’t want someone to make the assumption that someone who is asexual would have sex for the enjoyment of their partner. That would not be a smart assumption to make. Now in this case, it was a very small sentence. It was small and out of the way. It is not something that someone will read and see that as a rule. BUT if that continues, in more detail and elaboration, it would be great. So it’s important to point it out. That’s what I’m saying.
  6. ...when you are using the coppermind. Unless you are using it 24/7, it isn’t like photographic memory.
  7. But while you aren’t using the coppermind, you haven’t memorized it. So if they wanted you to have it on your coppermind, they would have told you the unit in 30 minutes and be done. If they wanted you to retain it even without the coppermind, they’d test ya.
  8. So using your own coppermind is like being right at the moment you are learning the information. The questions on the text would then be about translating that information, not remembering and retaining and THEN translating the info. It is a useful thing to have, but it ruins part of the purpose of the test, which would be memorizing and retaining that information later in life. So yeah, I’d say it’s cheating.
  9. So in this case, it does matter a tad. Asexuality Is something that really isn’t represented in books or movies-heck, not many celebrities are ace! So Brandon giving representation to asexual characters is important. It is something that those that are not familiar with it might see this character and learn what asexuality is all about. So doing it correctly is important. now, I’m with ya. I think Brando is learning to write and learning to represent minority groups and communities is something that is tough to do. I’m glad he’s doing it. He’s really trying to represent the LGBTQ+ community in many small, and sometimes big, ways. If he makes mistakes along the way, as long as that is mended, it’s not the end of the world. But it is good to address the mistakes to allow Brando Sando to fix them in future books.
  10. Darn. Wait-can you drain metalminds? When was this info dropped? Chromium just got a lot more powerful than a I thought before.
  11. That is tall! The tallest building in the world right now is 180 meters tall! That makes it 8 times taller than the tallest building in the world!
  12. So there’s all this talk about how dangerous mistborn are, and how dangerous radiants are, but not many people have considered Awakeners. For one, awakeners use invested weapons, so it’ll be tough to soulcast or push/pull. The cloth or other items will be tough to cut through with coins, especially when you can fortify it. Shardblades are tough to stop, but invested vs invested are very good at resisting each other. Awakened stuff is also pretty darn strong, so pewter won’t make a huge difference here. And the strength of awakened objects might even be able to break some Shardplate. so that cancels iron, steel, pewter, shardblades, soulcasting, and maybe even Shardplate right there. now, the radiant’s trump card, regeneration, is tough. BUT awakeners also have resilient tools. The lifeless. One breath lifeless allows you to make an army pretty darn easy. If we are talking one v. one, awakeners will have superiority in numbers. If we are talking about many vs many, every death can be used as another soldier. That would cause a lot of emotional turmoil. If we’re talking about mistborn, lifeless koloss would be annoying to deal with. so that combats large numbers and the regenerative properties of radiants (sort of). now the trump card of mistborn is their atium. But to an awakener with enough breath, that’s no problem. Just do Vasher’s hundred breath trick, catching them off guard and killing them without problem. 100 breaths to kill a mistborn is likely worth it. Heck, that truck might even kill a radiant! So there goes a mistborn’s trump card. Now for the awakener’s trump card. Anti-investiture. Heightenings don’t usually grant much to awakeners in battle. But with the knowledge of anti-investiture, it means everything. Third hiieghtening grants perfect pitch. That allows you to know how to play the opposite tone of any type of investiture. That allows you to be an anti-investiture generator. One blast of that stuff can kill a radiant spren and, since scadrians are of preservation, that means that they too are susceptible to non-existence. so that DEFINITELY defeats Shardplate and regeneration. Now Nicrosil and chromium is hard. It can’t affect the awakener because the breaths are not really kinetic investiture, since they are attatched to the spiderweb, not the person. But it can affect the awakened material (not lifeless though). That renders awakened cloth a tad useless, so long as there is nicrosil or chromium. Though, while that is being done, an anti-investiture blast can finish things off. Abrasion is hard to use against invested stuff, so that’s out. Gravitation is annoying to put up with, but holding anti-investure stops them from air drop kicking you. soothing and rioting can really hurt, especially with duralumin. But an aluminum hat can cancel that easily. Bondsmiths can by tough to deal with if you are dealing with multiple people, but every awakener is an anti-investiture, perpendicularity closing machine. I think, overall, that covered everything that could be thrown at an awakener. Conclusion, awakeners are OP.
  13. So here’s my current theory on how they operate. An excisor is a machine that can place and remove spikes in the person using it without harm, presumably retaining the charge (possibly with aluminum wrapped spikes) when the device is not being used. You then have A and F nicrosil spikes that you spike into the user, allowing the user to compound nicrosil, allowing them to give their ability to use other metals (presumably granted by extra hemalurgic spikes) to others without losing the ability themselves. That way you can have a reusable way to give medallions that use F-nicrosil and other feruchemantic abilities without having many feruchemists or ferrings in your community. And I like that it still has a question to be answered, which is safe hemalurgy. Although I think that might have been done during Sazed’s reformation of Scadrial.
  14. Yay! Thank you! I will say that my theory was shared with others on the shard and elsewhere. It was a conclusion shared by many, I think I just posted first. Thank you nonetheless!
  15. I think @Leuthie explained it well: Not quite one of the 16, but big!