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  1. @ZincAboutIt, @Sorana, @Ashbringer, @EmulatonStromenkiin, @Voidus
  2. Of course! The two, I feel, are almost mutually exclusive from each other. It works fantastically as a stand-alone, and I had a blast listening to it. I’d recommend giving it a listen, even if you haven’t read and/or don’t plan on reading Dark One before Brandon Sanderson makes the novelization.
  3. Spoilers for Dark One: Forgotten ahead! If you have not listened to Brandon Sanderson’s latest audiobook collab with Dan Wells, I highly recommend you listen to it. It’s a great 6 hour journey that I’m sure you’ll love. with that out of the way, let’s begin. So Dark One: Forgotten takes place a bit before the original, with a story exploring Malmahan’s misdeeds. Additionally, it gives context to the brief mention of a podcast being used as evidence for Malhaman’s murders. However, this doesn’t seem to be the same murder case. In Forgotten, there are 42 strictly LA-based murders done by Malmahan, with Malmahan himself saying that there were many, many more. In the comic, however, there are 15 strictly New York-based murders, with Malmahan claiming that he committed 13 additional murders. To go further, Forgotten is set in 2022, whereas Dark One seems to be set in 2020. Given that Forgotten is meant to act as a prequel, that doesn’t add up. So either Forgotten is non-canon, which seems unlikely, it is an intentional discontinuity in-world, which I also doubt, or Dark One’s canon will be rewritten with the writing of the Dark One novel. Personally I’m betting on the last one, but I have know confirmation. Has Brandon Sanderson said anything about this?
  4. Honestly, I really liked it! It hit a really nice niche for me as a Doctor Who fan, with the horror being exploring a terrifying hypothetical (in this case the question of “what if everyone forgot you existed?”). It was a wonderful ride, and I felt that it was an excellent addition to the Dark One series. Honestly, I feel like it could stand alone, unconnected from Dark One. Personally, I enjoyed the short length of the story, compared to other audiobooks Brandon Sanderson has done in the past. I felt it could convey a thrilling story in a pleasantly short amount of time, and there wasn’t a single part that I felt I wanted to go faster. The voice acting was fantastic, and I loved the unorthodox approach to storytelling that is criminally underutilized. That said, there’s quite a bit that I feel goes against what is said in the original Dark One, and I’m not sure if that is a rewriting of the canon or if it is an intentional in-world choice. Overall, I really liked it and am excited to see Sanderson and Wells collabs in the future!
  5. A new entry has arisen! here’s On Two Feet.
  6. That is an interesting thought! One key thing to consider, however, is that there is a price to be paid for the bond. What price would that be? Now here’s a thought, which is actually quite similar to yours. What if the vessel-shard bond is a spiritual bond? It is a contract, much like that of nahel bonds, yet it runs much deeper. It exacts the price of limiting actions of the bearer and eventually effecting their spiritual identity to be that of their own. It seems to be a fairly decent candidate.
  7. Perses, head down, opened his senses once more. To his horror, the house creatures were right there. Perses froze, anticipating their next move. They approached, from all sides. From them, one emerged. It’s body morphing, it’s heartbeat changing. As it morphed, it’s heartbeat ended up beating to the same rhythm as Malsam’s. Was it copying her? He silently cursed, as he wished, not for the first time, that he could actually see what was going on. He cursed again as Malsam opened her mouth to speak. "I mean you no harm, Watcher. Not so long as you mean me none. What is the reason you are here?" From what Perses had felt during his probing, they were not negotiators. Perses didn’t dare speak further, but he did pay close attention as the creatures in the shadows advanced, approaching behind the others. As Perses opened his mouth to warn them, Willow bolted, Vivi in toe. Ruin. Perses flared his senses. Bronzesense, lifesense, hearing, touch. He was using unsustainable amounts of each, and because of his in depth probing earlier, they might not last. Luckily, fights often ended quick. Making his peace with Death, and praying to both Harmony and the Survivor, Perses raised his gun towards the Malsam copy and fired, right at the center of the creature.
  8. So are we considering general fortune a shard has? Because I feel that can lead to quite the edge in any sort of large scale attack. Odium, for example, while powerful, is not particularly adept at thinking ahead (well, pre-TOdium I suppose). Cultivation, Endowment, and maybe Autonomy, on the other hand, are quite high on fortune, and are up to their metaphorical knees in schemes.
  9. Hmmmm. Maybe. But it is worth noting that luhel bond seems to be more exchange-oriented. You have to give up something to get it. For a Nahel bond, it seems both parties benefit without all that much effort. Spren get intelligence in the physical, radiant gets powers. I would say an example of a Luhel bond that we have seen would definitely be Nighblood. Where midnight spores eat your water, Nughblood eats your investiture/soul.
  10. Honestly I would be so bummed if Brandon introduced this super cool world, and then kind of did nothing with it. There’s so much potential here, and I want to see all the possibilities! I certainly think Tress’ story is over, but I just want another story set here, perhaps even just a slightly lower stakes one.
  11. I’d honestly go with some creative miming, or perhaps morse. Are you looking for other potential options?
  12. I worry that it might be extremely powerful, with near immortality, extreme probing skills, shape shifting of a sort, and sleeplessness. How have those strengths been balanced in the past?
  13. ….has anyone made a Sleepless character? There’s a whole host (pun hyper intended) of possibilities with playing as one, and I am very close to trying to do something with that.
  14. Yeah, that seems to be quite a common theory. I think it has some merits, but I feel like the black of the uninvested sand would be quite similar to that of blackened Aethers on death, so I am not sure how the unsureness would come about in regards to color. Oh wow I completely forgot that! That makes things so much more likely! Thank you, I totally didn’t catch that (or I might have, but it was on my first read-through).