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  1. Maybe a small sword. A baby one of mass destruction.
  2. I believe that was more of an expression, not an actual amountage.
  3. Neither, actually. I mean the “what is this death!!!!!” One.
  4. Ah, my apologies. I shall never make such an outrageous mistake again.
  5. I think this is very reminiscent of the thingy spook did as his little side quest in the third installment of the mistborn series! Huh.
  6. I like the theory that there will be a point in whic there are four or five people controlling two or three shards, and then doing an epic battle with people from various magic systems fighting it out too. You could also have nightblood involved in it and that sword from Oathbringer (if you have read the book, you’ll know what I mean). So far I see three big shards: harmony, who controls two shards (again if you read a book, you’ll know what I mean. Otherwise, I think this isn’t a spoiler), autonomy, who is doing some funky stuff offscreen (offbook?), and odium who just loves splintering shards. Don’t know where Hoid would come into this, but I think a giant battle with a bajillion different magic systems interacting with one another would be so cool!
  7. Depends on what you mean by allomantic power. If you are saying the power of something that was spiked, then probably not. If you are saying the power from the metal itself, yeah probably. It just depends how long it takes to decay.
  8. You won’t really need to worry about the cosmere for the most part. In all of the books Brandon has written, the fact that most of them occur in one solar system only really matters in Oathbringer, but even with that one, it is something that’s cool, but not super necessary to enjoy the book. my advice to you is that you should look out for Hoid in any of Brandon’s books that doesn’t involve earth in any way. He’s a cool Easter egg for someone not chest deep in the cosmere. Just look out for him and see what he does to connect to the plot of the book.
  9. I don’t know, who?
  10. I’ve seen memes, explain a plot badly, character comparisons, but I haven’t seen any sanderson puns. So here goes: A shu korathi man was shunned and cast out from sel, which is now dominated by the shu derethi. He goes to nalthis and gains a wealth of breath. He awakens a large, hollow half sphere. He gives it the command “destroy sel” The awakened object then goes out to destroy sel. It causes terror for three years. Then it is finally stopped for the most mysterious reason: it gave up. It felt emotions, and most of all, pity. It gives up because he feels bad for the people. The people then screamed from the hilltops “mercyfull dome-y!” i wonder if there are other terrible puns that can be made!
  11. I was laughing at the accidental typo, not to make fun of anyone, just appreciating the genius of the typo.
  12. I think that is probably the case, but I don’t think the properties could also be manipulated. The only reason wyndle’s blade isn’t sharp is that he has dulled it, but even then I think the properties still were the same.