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  1. I checked and there was not much known about chayshan. All I could find is just that page but no more info. Is there more information to be had about ChayShan?
  2. What the heck is Shuden? There was a trail of light coming from his hand and he snapped some necks of the Dakhor monks. I’m sorry if this was posted before, which it most likely has.
  3. I want there to be aonic guns later on. That would be really cool. I would also settle for spartan Elantrians.
  4. The almighty power of anybody in the cosmere with a gun is honestly terrifying.
  5. I took the quiz and I was a truthwatcher. I have a feeling you are correct
  6. If you had a pet Larkin, what would you name it?
  7. Oh. Okay. Thanks!
  8. Old thread, but what about larkins? They are in Aimia but do have reptilian features. They Don’t have a gemheart, though, which every animal other than cremlings seem to have. I’d bet they’re not from Roshar. side note: it took me forever to realize Aimia is a palindrome.
  9. I’d go with less public torture of a sort. I also think that it would be very silly to lose your finger privileges for a while. I got an idea: you have incredibles style holding places with aluminum clamped on their hands and feet. You then will give them hell for a bit (that’s a fine word to use here right?) by doing some aon hurties. This would continue for varying days, depending on the sentence. It would be a bit brutal, but would definitely lower crime. You would probably need a mixture of aluminum and a stronger metal since aluminum is a tad weak.
  10. Ah. I didn’t know this! This is a good wisdom.
  11. Oh yeah. It is definitely convoluted. And I’m fairly sure this is actually shorter than the origins call to adventure rulebook.
  12. Actually, this is not an expansion like the name of the wind call to adventure. It works just fine by itself. I honestly hope there is more expansions though. You could also house rule that odiums champion has to side with odium.
  13. I was reading a reddit thread and stumbled spin a question on Brandon’s characterization skills. There was a general consensus that they were terrible, but there was very little evidence. I honestly don’t know what I think of his characterization, but I think there are probably multiple categories. does he portray genders well? does he portray sexualities well? does he portray mental issues well? does he make overall three dimensional characters? I honestly think he portrays mental issues well like with Kaladin, Shallan, and in legion. He is probably lacking in sexuality differences, but I don’t know if the ones he has are portrayed well. I can’t say if he correctly portrays gender well because I honestly can’t speak for all genders. And I honestly am questioning my stance of three dimensionalness of his characters.
  14. I definitely agree that allies are here to support those that identify as LGBT, not to count as one of them. what I now understand is that there is both. You have the people that identify as LGBTQ+ and there are those that fight to end the unfair treatment of those that identify as LGBTQ+. Allies are obviously not identified as LGBTQ+, but they fight for the fair treatment of those that do identify as such. is that a good understanding?
  15. Well, if you know who wit really is..