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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. AonEne


      Happy birthday! 

  2. Indeed, indeed. Yeah basically all the other peeps said it. Atium, bronze, electrum, the 11th metal, gold, lifesense, aviar stuff (sense related of course) iron, and steel all count as their own sense. You can even possibly count pain as it’s own sense! Basically, anything that lets you see, hear, feel, taste, or touch things that function outside of those five senses (ie. being able to see atium shadows while blind, which the inquisitors can do), you can store as it’s own sense. This also counts for stuff like pewter’s sense of balance and (stormlight spoilers) Can be stored as an add on to those other senses! really cool stuff!
  3. A fair answer. A fair answer indeed.
  4. Well, iirc, there was some duplicating Leras shenanigans going on in SH, wrent there? Leras both visiting Kel as well as some other background souls? Might be wrong tho.
  5. Which spikes would you have?
  6. They just got better at naming things when ash stopped falling from the sky.
  7. Just rusting everywhere. Got it!
  8. @Kingsdaughter613, I didn’t stop to consider you were also posting these on the shard! I guess this is another way to binge the ones I missed lol!
  9. one of us. One of us. One Of Us. One Of Us! ONE OF-
  10. Ok you know what? I’ll make it official. Why not? 

    so I’m going to be off of the shard for like the foreseeable future. I’ve already pretty much been doing that, but I feel like I should just fully officialify it. I just feel that this has become more of a burden to keep up with than a blessing. I have no idea how significant I am on the shard as of now, but I hope I’m not missed too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shard, but I just can’t keep up with the bustle of it. I dunno when I’m going to come back, but I’ll probably return whenever a book is released and I want to talk about it. 

    yeah I dunno if I did that right, but I’m not retaking it. See y’all!

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    2. FriarFritz


      Byeeeee hope life goes well

    3. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      I'll miss you, if that makes you feel better.

    4. Condensation


      We'll miss you! Sad to see you go, but it's like that sometimes. Bye!

  11. Nice profile pic! Sorry to be late.

    1. Koloss17


      About noticing your new profile pic

  12. Hey mate, my friend finally finished your request.

    Sheyaan's request (regular head).png

    Sheyaan request (purple head).png

    1. Koloss17


      Ohmygod I am so sorry for not noticing this. I’m like barely existing on this site rn and I am not really keeping up with notifications or checking in much. I was even so silly as to compliment your profile pic when I saw that you donned that picture and I actually just realized that I commented on my own profile instead of yours. I am so sorry for like not noticing this and I thank you so much for this and thank you. Sorry!

  13. Well congrats on joining!