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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm. So to summarize, at this point, we have: Nahel/Lhel : Bond to Divinity/? Elithinathile: He who transforms Raboniel/Hariel: Lady of Pains or Wishes/? and then we have El, who use to also be Vyre (He who quiets).
  2. I like the theory that Hoid was there to distract Rayse. I think Hoid went there to make Rayse look at him, which he obviously would do because he would be pissed after learning Hoid wrote the deal that bound him, and Hoid going out to tease him after something like that would've made sense to Rayse. But... I think that was part of the plan. Hoid's was the flashy part, something you want to look at, something you can't help but focus on, while the important sneaky stuff happens in the background. Specifically, Design went off chasing some enlightened spren. So... I wouldn't be surprised if Design was going to have a secret meeting with Sja-anat, under Rayse's nose. What would the outcome of such a meeting be? The most tantalising answer would be Enlightenment. It's possible that... given Hoid's speech about Lightweaving making things too easy for him, he's willing to give it up for some other power the Enlightened cryptics might be getting instead. Maybe Soulcasting is the one that would get replaced for him? There's a whole bunch of options, and Design might not get Enlightened and might be doing something else entirely, instead of meeting Sja-anat. Now, of course, Hoid's plan partially backfired - instead of Rayse, it was Taravangian, and we had some really creepy stuff happen there with Taravangian forcefully reaching in and playing with Hoid's memories, BUTT, Hoid's OG plan still worked, I think. Rayse or Taravangian, memory-rape or not, Odium still focused on him, and not on Design. We focused on him, and not on Design (or anyone/anywhere else, for that matter).
  3. There is a wob about this, but it's not as direct as that, and piggybacks off of some in-world lore: which is based on the listener Song of Spren, of which we have the 9th and 10th stanzas: Now... the interesting question is, why can't Singers bond truespren like Syl and get forms out of that? For example, why is Venli's radiant-bond to Timbre not replacing her form-bond to that spren that grant her envoyform? And I think that would be in the same vein as "Why do Fused kill the Singer and take over their bodies, rather than just giving them some form?" Truespren like Syl and Pattern are probably just too big and smart for the form-granting nahel bond, the more advanced Knight Radiant-like nahel bond is probably their equivalent of the same thing. But... that's just speculation, we don't actually know.
  4. I would like to see a fantasy protagonist that goes through all the big phases of life, and motherhood would definitely be a part of that, especially for a character that's newly wedded and happy, but still has a whole time gap to look forward to. I would want this of Kaladin and fatherhood too, eventually, though with him, there's not that obvious a path.
  5. I've been thinking, what if Skybreaker and Dustbringer Division both allow for propulsion? That way, Skybreakers would be like the fighter jets of the Knights Radiant. With Adhesion and Gravitation, Windrunners have flexibility and agility. So it could be that the Skybreakers fulfill another niche, especially once they get plate. This niche of less agile, less flexible, but more destructive and faster-over-distance combatants. Where they would potentially be able to use Division and the more oxygen-rich Rosharan air to generate propulsion and achieve supersonic flight. That way, a group of Skybreakers flying in formation passing a village wouldn't be unlike a flight of low-altitude fighter jets, giving you this idea of where their moniker of Skybreakers might come from. This also helps with the Dustbringers. Where Edgedancers can slick themselves but have to gracefully skate, a Dustbringer could slick themselves with Abrasion, and then be able to use Division-based propulsion to travel quickly over land, giving them this niche of fast, mobile, land corps that can cover ground and deliver destruction where needed. A kind of land cavalry that, 1) brings Division-based destruction, breaking things, and 2) leaves behind a trail of dust and fire, as they use Division on the ground for propulsion, leaving a wake of dust behind them. The Dustbringers.
  6. I guess the only real point of contention between what you're saying and what I'm saying, right now, is whether there is a distinction to be made. Personally, I don't see a distinction, to me they're all just perpendicularities, and each, depending on how it's made and all, is going to have some characteristics unique to it. Like how Dalinar's perpendicularity has no liquid pool, he can just pinch the realms and create a pillar of Light, whereas the Well of Ascension was a pool that filled with glowing liquid-like Investiture over a period of 1024 years. Now, that being said, there is some kind of distinction between the shard's investiture investing a place and the vessel personally "going" to a place and investing in it. So... I could see certain perps having an additional significance to the vessel or the shard in some way. But in general, I just feel that calling something x's perpendicularity is just more writing convention, than something with massive realmatic significance.
  7. I agree here. The fact that Ishar has people in Shadesmar, the fact that he's able to somehow reach in and "touch" spren in such a way that he can force them manifest physically in a very creepy, weird way, and the fact that the perp was meant to be a clear exit strategy makes me think that this is an ability he's familiar with. Though... when he gained it, I don't know. My only real take on this is that perps do not inherently require shards to make them, and since there are only really sixteen base "flavors" of investiture, there is nothing that realmatically stops you from creating 19 perps using... say pure Odium investiture. But, this is different from Odium actively going to a planet, investing in it heavily, and that creating a natural perp on that planet. You and I would call this perp "Odium's perp," which would make sense, because it is Odium's. But that is different from saying that Odium, the shard, only has one perpendicularity, as if it was a specific object in his possession. As you yourself point out, Drominad seems to have a naturally occurring perp simply because it is naturally invested enough to have one, and that perp is associated with Autonomy. There are other places that could have a perpendicularities made of... say pure... Ambition, outside of Threnody. Basically, what I'm trying to get at, is that discussion around opening a perpendicularity should be able to be done, without us having to think about it in terms of "how are these two people able to summon this one specific thing?" It's not shared, Dalinar does not have one instance of a perpendicularity, he has the ability open a new one, even if it is personally taxing to him, at will. Apparently, so does Ishar. At least nowadays.
  8. I think we've been making an assumption in saying that Shards have a perpendicularity, almost like... a possession of some kind, in a "Hi, I'm Honor, and this here, is my perpendicularity" manner. The way the text talks about it may seem that way, but... I don't think that's quite the case. Any place where you can have enough investiture, you're going to be able to pierce the realms and have a perpendicularity. So... in that sense, "Honor's perpendicularity" is kind of not exactly a thing. Like... there is a small, weird perp even in the Highstorms, as they expose the gems to the spiritual, in that timeless moment that comes at their eye. There would have to be another kind of perp at the heart of the Sibling, too, and not that different from the Highstorm perp, except this one pulls invetiture from both Honor and Cultivation and mixes them together. So... what people like Dalinar and Ishar are doing then, is not strictly summoning "Honor's perp" to them, it... would have to be more "I'm going to use this power of Honor to open a perpendicularity here." Which would be actively different from Transportation, which would be more about travel, being "a force that pulls people through realms" and somehow also a force of motion, separate from gravitational acceleration. We've seen multiple powers interact with Connection, like how Illumination has a small Connection component to it, so... people with access to Transportation and Transformation being able to slip through realms would not exclusively limit the ability to open perpendicularities to them either. What the Bondsmiths do is more general, and is specifically opening a perp all the way through the spiritual, and pulling a Shard's power through it (which makes a lot of sense, considering at least two of the three bondsmith-spren are Light generators), whereas for soulcasting and for Transportation, you need to expend stormlight, and don't get a window into the spiritual to pull more of it through.
  9. I'm aware. I just also had it in my notes, so it ported over when I copied the sentence.
  10. Honestly, I don't think the answer is as simple as that. Plenty of things touch the spiritual realm, including Dalinar's (and Ishar's) perpendicularity and highstorms, which don't seem to render Ishar lucid. It's only when a new Bondsmith is sworn (Navani), that he gets a bout of lucidity. Now... it'd be interesting to see if this extends to someone like Kaladin, because if it does, then we might have a super long sequence in the fifth book, where to give Ishar five minutes of constant lucidity, some Radiant swears a new ideal every 30 seconds, and that would be a treat.
  11. See, I immediately went in the opposite direction, in that they needed a solid, durable metal enclosure for the gemstone, but also something which doesn't start producing magical effects if the knife accidentally (or deliberately, I guess) traps a spren in it. And so the silver nickel alloy, which is magically inert, so they can use it to enclose and hold the gem, while not producing any magical effects either. (I guess they could use ralkalest/aluminium, which is a point in favor of there being some meaning behind this, but still.)
  12. for the Dagger page, is the thing you're missing, I think.
  13. I'm not _too_ keen on Autonomy being dominating, tbh - I feel like what Autonomy's doing can easily be understood in terms of giving Autonomy, but also looking to the future. It's a balance between allowing people to be themselves, and even enabling them to express their own identity and make their own decisions on their own, but also making sure that they don't roll over someone else down the line.
  14. I like this, a lot. I've seen Autonomy as the Shard of expression of self, and the opposite of control and conquest, but I didn't think to assign a thematic connection to identity, as a concept to it, and I love it. It's wouldn't be realmatic Identity, just like Honor isn't realmatic Connection, but is still thematically close to it because of his focus on bonds of different sorts. I'm actually kind of wondering if Willshapers, as an order, would find common ground with the Shard of Autonomy, just like Elsecallers would - in theory - to the hypothetical Wisdom/Prudence.