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  1. I don't know if it's coded to emulate the experience on purpose, as Brandon is usually aware and intentional in depicting neurodivergencies and mental conditions, but as a a long time cosmere fan with strong ADHD, the syl interlude gave me Fuzzy Feelings Of Being Seen. On one hand, depicting a character mostly known as carefree, childish, sometimes pestering and prone-to-losing-her-intelligence-and-maturity character as potentially ADHD worried me it might be somewhat stereotypical and based on a surface understanding of the disorder ("oh look a butterfly! Haha!") . The idea that because ADHDers struggle to focus and are easily excited they're Happy-Go-Lucky goofballs is one you get tired of seeing at a certain point, y'know. But I feel Sanderson handled Syl's issue with attention very well and with a lot of understanding! Syl's struggling with her buzzing brain full of thoughts in order to get what she wanted to do done, her "hanging on" to important tasks trying to keep them in her mind and fearing she'll slip- not only they were a much more nuanced take on the trouble inattention and hyperactivity can cause to an ADHD person and how does it feel to battle them, but they also connected to issues like excutive dysfunction and emotional regulation which are less talked about but very central parts of the disorder! Other readers, ADHD or not- did you interpert the chapter that way? And specifically Fellow ADHDers- what did you think about the chapter as far as Representation and what not goes?
  2. I understtan why people probably don't give the SA ars arcanum too much attention- because knowledge gets piles on it, to get to the new stuff you have to sit through pages of really basic level and a bit outdated-feeling explanations of stuff we're already well familiar with. And honestly, the main reasons I'm really excited about the newest addition to the Ars Arcanum in rhythm of war is not really for its content, which is basic information about Intent and connection with some obvious big neon arrows going "OOOOH LOOK AT WHATTHE STONES DID WITH VENLI, PAY ATTENTION TO THAT". No, the things that interest me in this Ars Arcanum and that I'm suprised to see no one is talking about is information from the way Khriss writes things, and worldhopping.combination magic related information. Three main things got my attention: 1. As far as Khriss knows, this is the first proof of the existence of previously theorized Anti-Investiture!! everybody give a round of applause to Navani coming up with this with much less cosmere awareness as Silverlight scholars. 2. FOIL FOIL WHO IS FOIL! right at the end of the bit, Khriss writes along the lines of "and I think that Foil, deep in his ocean will have to admit this fits my theories more than his". (I can't qoute cuz I don't have the book with me, but I'm surprised people aren't theorizing on this already. The mention of Oceans makes me think maybe this is the name of the specific Avatar of Autonomy to live on Obrodai? but the whole autonomy avatar situation is very vauge and I never liked relying too much on WoBs about it cuz it feels like information we don't have the context to entirely place. Also, I find it odd to think a shard would be engaging in scholarly discourse writing with Khriss 3. Much smaller, but Khriss calls Urithiru "The Mountains of Ur"- that's... an old name to the place, y'know. just how long has Khriss been around? 4. Another small one, but, she has sent her "best agent" amongst the stonewards to investigate. So either this is a place to look specifically for Nazh in the future, or in general a place to look for a worldhopper currently. 5. And I guess the actual topic of the Ars Arcanum is also worth mentioning: what is up with stone Identity and Connection? they seem to really do have more personality and memory, one could even say a consciousness, than your avarage material. Seeing as people have been talking about how maybe Culti's influence on Roshar is in the Crem that makes the ground, and this could be pointing to that. and why Stonewardsand willshapers? I doubt it's related to Taln, but it is odd how these two specific orders stand out in the current order of things, with us seeing very few stonewards up till now, and Willshaper spren taking a unique side in the war and also showing up pretty late, even just from a Doylistic standpoint of- oh, this will probably be a significant twist saved for Later. So yeah im just here to raise awareness of what i found interesting about this easy-to-overlook segment and see what people have to say about it, cuz I think at least some stuff here is discussion worthy.
  3. IDK Man, I'm bored and feel weird, and this feels like a way to talk.
  4. I feel this WOB could be very related to Navani's recent discoveries- combining, creating and manipulating raw types of Investiture and discussing the nature of different types of investiture as wavelengths and Rhythms and what not
  5. shinovar? its the only think i can think of, but, it feels stretchy
  6. Thank you for taking the time to answer! [/genuine cuz im bad with tone]
  7. I would say rather than a specific thing, a shard of Whimsyness would reward or encourage it's users from acting on their desires and dreams, even or especially if chasing them does not seem entirely realistic (cuz. whimsy is related not just to whims but to being fanciful, imaganitive). you could even, in an extreme move, interpret the elemant of Fancifulness, spontaneous joy or adventure, ETC as a kind of idea of 'Romanticize Your Life!' a-la a Ghibli movies and that feeling they have. I do hope we get to see the world they influence... is there a confirmation we will get to see at least a bit of all shardworlds in the run of the cosmere? Cuz. Sanderson likes branching off, but also is obviously focusing on Stormlight and Mistborn a lot.
  8. Wait, I thought they carried them in a pouch... and now that i say this i realize only australian mammels have pouches. I LOVE sea otters they are so cute.... There's a live camera in umm some american aquarium, I'm blacking out on the name, and due to Time Zones i rarely get to watch it but i remember watching it once in feeding time and then Toy Time and it was the best.
  9. It's a good bunch of movies but I've seen them too many times, man. my mom really wants us to watch them together some time soon cuz my little sister is getting not thatl ittle and she still haven't watched them yet but. I saw them at least 3 times in the last 5 years and. There's a limit, yknow? this is not Pacific Rim. there are only so many times.
  10. Favorite Sanderson Non cosmere content- like Skyward, The rithmitist, Alcatraz and.... IDK I only read skyward so i don't really know. and NICEEE on everything else.
  11. 1) What should you do with a drunken sailor? 2) Read any non cosmere Sandrson content? 3) Uhhhm musicals? yes no or eh? 4) Ever cosplayed? If not, ever considered it? If not, Favorite youth halloween costume?
  12. So they will not be selling things like the card deck seperately?
  13. Oh I'm still working on the other ones, it got posted prematurely! Congrats on teleporting the bread, but I've just eaten so I dont need anything. Perhaps maybe a toothpick. anyways diving back in! @Ookla the Unnamable Hmm. Anything Nietzsche said. Or Main Kampf i guess. I don't hateread a lot and when books are that good in my opinion i usually just forget. Almost all of it, and I regret these wasted hours. at least now i have the context to flip through Young Avengers looking for the cute gay bits. YESSS I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE'S SO BABY I CANT WAIT SEASON 2 WILL BE OVER SO MY FOLKS WILL AGREE TO WATCH IT (they want to wait and binge it, I don't wanna do this without em) Niet. or Nien. I don't speak either of those either, tho. I have some basic two-weeks of duolingo german, a bit less klingon, and my native languag which I'm shrouding in mystery for now *v signs* 7 so far, 8 with this one, 20 overall. I'm pretty new here, so. The haiku thread I saw today was rly fun, IG! None, and I doubt I want to change that- animals can stress me out sometimes. Love fictional dogs tho. Every book should have some. Yes. (I'm bi don't make me choose things. I said what I said) Yup. In a four day binge abandoning all other responsibilities. Edgedancer with a historian-activist twist, or, more in accordance to what will be good for my motorics and talents, Truthwatcher. Well. I asked him three this year, but. Currently I just really want to ask if one of the original people involved in the shattering was a horse, just to see the look on hisface and also because i really want to be right. I'm less interested in that, honestly. Sometimes I even feel WOBs that reveal too much spoil the experience, So. So. Yes! my mother is who got me into this and my Partner In Crime! She is currently reading ROW, just reached the 50% mark. Spending four days in Actual Sanderson Events with her was probably a highlight of my life. She's my great friend and I love her so much y'all Yup! and no one can say no to good marinated pork ribs. mmm... Stopping time stopping time stopping time PLEASE i hate moving in the fourth dimension i don't want to anymore please dont make me *curls on the floor*
  14. Well, I haven't played in a very, very long time and I'm rarely interested in changing that nowadys, but i have a lot of fond memories and every now and then I plug in my mouse (I use laptop pad usually) and go mine for a bit while I try and mostly fail to focus on a podcast, or play a bit of hypixel for old times sake. tho, so muh has changed (I last Seriously Really Been Part Of Minecraft Gamers in like, 1.8 or 1.9) that I feel like a very old man. My friend infodumps to me about it a lot, and i think the graphics are cool, and I'm very pro-cute-moths, but its not really my thing and I never watched gameplay, much less considered playing- I have bad motorics and reaction times due to. my brain is like that, so I mostly prefer slower games with less parkouring. I like it very casually, not more. I'm much much much more of a trekkie. But I do keep putting of watching that good animated Clone War Era one everyone talks about. If I can just stop procrastinating.... >:( I can't choose >:( All Of Them >:( actually I don't care for Mistborn era 1 as much as most people do, but. Can i just choose all of Roshar except Select Few? My final answer is Anyone On Roshar Who Isn't a utilitarian. In normal ontext I would say "so you haven't herd of it but there's this great series called the Stormlight Archive-" but here I guess I'll have to be more specific. I mean. They're all amazing but I feel humanity peaked in that One Duel In WoR right?
  15. hmm... This is rly cool! was the "other" in the gender count pecifically the sibling or am i missing something?
  16. I think eventually, with all the worldhopping going on and the techno-magical developments on various worlds, as long as humans and other sapient beings (Parsh, Dragons, Whatever, honestly) will reach peace between themselves and stop competeing against each other, they won't have to worry about the shards anymore. They're starting to come up with things shards can't even expect, and if they continue transferring information, they would become very powerful- Imagine designs and giant organizations that combine fabrials and radiants, soulstamps (Tho im not sure they can be taken off sel), Feruchemical madellions and awakening combined with just, engineering and modern (or futuristic) technology- cuz sanderson says mistborn era 3 will basically be in the 80s. What im trying to say is, when i imagine a future to the cosmere, I think of a combination of Star Trek and Lovecraftian mythos. ure, there are some ancient powerful things out here in space, but we're a collection of cultures together ready to brave that and do cool, good things. If 16 ancient individuals managed to destroy one giant god, why shouldnt the entirety of several human civilizations just. end up overpowering a few small gods? I know it may no happen because. "We outgrow God" isnt really an end narrative I would expect from a religious writer (yes he has a whole lot of diverse themes for and agaisnt religion but, theyre part of a Bigger Thing, yknow) but I think. what if there wont be a need to destroy them anymore, because they're Old News. and dont forget they can be trapped in one place too.
  17. hmm. Don't forget Hoid also has a notable interest in Magic; Endowment can easily make what seem to be some of the most stable cognitive shadows in the cosmere, and the only explicit ones we've seen so far who can Worldhop. And generally with the way endowment's magic works by definition, it is great for making and sending agents in your name, and that whole side of, Secret Dealings Stuff. I'm really curious about how Whimsy's magic will work. Is it like Wild Magic in DND, where you can't know or control what will be the exact outcome? Sanderon isn't really the type for soft magic, but how can a power that comes from a pure manifestation of Whimsy operate scientifically, where every actiong should have the same dependable result?
  18. PFTT, not even distantly. Not only is my ADHD very severe and as such I am prone to Mental Instability, I'm generally pretty Neurotic personality wise, and. Yeah, never really had the illusion of being Mentally Normal. IDK if my issues are big enough to bond a spren, at least not if the Mental Crack has to be specfically in the realm of Trauma , but. I don't Identify as Sane. also, Cracking in mistborn is a similar process to the cracks required to bond a spren, right? I had more then some neard death experiences (almost drowned thrice, and once got caught holding on to someone's hand danglnig after slipping near the edge od a cliff on a school hike). TPBM can ride a bike.
  19. Nope. I like LOTR, but I've never been any kind of active fan (As much as it may dissapoint my mom). TPBM sleeps with socks.
  20. oh, I have some really good old ones! English isn't my first language and I kind of struggle with counting syllables in it, so corrections are welcome he stole himself, it's what thieves do; jester, drifter, smoke after fire a man in the crowd many faces, many names he saw God’s demise the one abandoned tragically late, stumbles next to city's gate a journey must have a beginning, so walk on from thorns life will rise Edit: thought about some new ones BIG ROW SPOILERS, BE WARNED! Warbreaker spoilers born unto pure light a man that we can trust, he only stabs the jerks
  21. I just really want to see Adolin and Laral interact. Like, can you imagine how eager Adolin will be to hear stories about what Kaladin was like as a kid and young teen, not just from a parent perspective, but, as a friend and from a vaugely-similar-age-as-him (adolin) perspective? the gossip potential... the teasing of Kaladin opportunities for both of the... and Laral would be like "HOW THE HELL DID YOU MAKE HIM CARE EVEN VAUGELY ABOUT FASHION. I SAW HIM THE OTHER DAY TALKING ABOUT THE TERRIBLE SUIT CUT THE HEADARSHAL OF ROION'S ARCHERS WORE IN THE LAST BALL. HOW DID YOU *DO* THAT"
  22. EDIT: SUPER SORRY MY BAD DIDNT SEE nope, not on the shard long enough to know or participate in traditions like that, even tho i am starting to have a vauge idea what it means. TPBM sleeps with socks.
  23. OK but they're representations of different eras in time. Mistborn, with the european architecture, heavy fog, paved streets and general feel, is like a gothic dystopia- don't forget it's technically a postpocalyptic story, with Alendi being killed by the Lord Ruler. so the class dynamic there is one of a Postapocalyptic dystopia of enslavment with a Touch of goth (people being taken in the mists) and the class-rebels are partially tied to sanderson's love of Les Miserables. The nobels there are nobles in the Old-timey (regency?) England kind of way. Roshar, however, is a feudalistic-age fantasy. The "nobles" are Nobles in the full medival way of the word, with suporting the aries of the nobles about them in exchange for power over land, with supporting monastries in exchange for divine support, and with a lot of toher aspects of Feudal politics an culture- down right to the Fancy Noble Warriors dueling instead of Jousting. So obviously, the class tension there comes not from "A Dark Lord Enslaved The World And Barely Any Of Us Even Know It Can Be Different", but form normal frictions of the unfair life under Feudalism. The "having it better" is relative to genre- OF COURSE being opressed by nobles is better than living under a post apocalyptic dark god, but being branded a slave for winning a shard and sent to be used as canon fodder for a pay that is basically symbolic- you will never ever really gather the amount to free yourself- when youare like, basically 17, is aa pretty [redacted] life to have in a non-dystopic world. If your rights get violated, even in a seemingly Medium-or-less way, a non life-or-death subject- it's not much compared to the conditions of those living in communist china or North Korea right now, but you're still pissed and you're still going to be annoyed at your neighbour who breaks federal law and gets away scot free cuz he's rich. It's all relative.
  24. As someone who had the whole I-Dont-Want-To-Grow-Up emotional turmoil in my preteen and THEN as a teen Got Transed TM (/J) I felt Lift's interlude resonated so much with both of these. there is definitely a line between them but it felt to me like Lift was dangling about it Mission Impossible style xD I wanted to make a post about this and got Very Nervous so I'm glad you did and i'm here to go Same Hat! Also just because she uses the term girl doesn't mean she's entirely cis. for instance I am an AFAB nonbinary and I refer to myself, my gender preception and my presentation goals sometimes as various types of "Boy"s, but the same thought replaced with "Man" or "Young Man" fills me with unease, even tho I can sometimes, depending oncontext, refer to myself and my aesthetic goals as Young Woman, and sometimes I will reject gendered language entirely. I'm not saying she's canonically nonbinary or even implied or whatever, I'm saying I can view her as NB if i want (honestly, I can always do that, even if this interlude wasn't a thing- basis for headcanons is nice but it is not ever truly Required as long as you acknowledge them as HEADcanons- personal interpertations without auhority over anyone else.)