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  1. Right? even some of the items that were actually from the shattered plains seem unlikely to be found- I mean, rock's specific razor? what are the odds he has so many items Connected directly to Kaladin? and the horse from the vision popping up in less than a day where it simply should not be... I think there is definitely something here that has to do with Connection and someone pulling those strings. honestly, if hoid wasnt Accounted For in this planet and context, I would say it's his kind of vibe, except it obviously isn't. Maybe someone is summoning objects based on their Connections, like a weird reverse version of what you do with beads in shadesmar? like soulcasting except more about locating things and drawing them to you from the cog than changing existing things. I wonder if he's offering The Other Sock tm of all the pairings I lost.
  2. but this is a lingusitic reveal. there are many glyphs that are not religious- from the signs on stores, maps or magazines for men to read, to the shash-nahn on kaladin's head. the fact that construction of the language shows shardic awerness is nice, but it can't be used as evidence the practice of burning glyphs has powers. If i research old celtic, for instance, and find the etymological development of their word for Light shows suprising connection to modren concepts in theoretical physics, it doesn't make stonehenge a particle accelarator.
  3. Good point on Rushu! Tho, honestly, my lil young pre-Non-binary ass got unreasonably-afectionate on Rushu from the first time I read that little scene she has in WoK rambling about "What IS up with beards and gender and hair?" in the middle of a different more important thing, so, I would probably forgive her as a Good Character even if she murders someone on screen gfsdgf to be honest. If i was a lighteyes in roshar, where ADHD was not known about, I would have probably joined the ardentia too (who has the mind for Social Propriety) and would be a lot like her- unmedicated and thus esaily distracted peppy scholar ardent who wants to study everything and anything and goes on tangents talking to actual monarchs.
  4. Oh boy, this is going to be a bad one, but I think I have an idea. In my defense if it's too easy, I've never done one of those before. ok. Probably too easy. but. I just love the last image too much to not do it.
  5. *sounds of distant googling* Valid, Would his cosmere name be Aluminium Head? xD
  6. I'm brainstorming an OC, and i realized I really don't consume the right kind of media to get her right. I'm looking for media following the story of a young lawyer, like, believes more in the ieals above the law- equality, justice, generally Protecting People- who gets exposed to a case related to discrimination or human rights violation that reveals an entire phenomena of injustice she didn't know about, takes the case on despite better judgment and does a lot of hand on Investigation work. Because it's a fantasy work, I'm a bit less concerned with researching the details of the whole Law part, and more on the spirit of the character, their journey and the plot steps they go through- so i guess if you have recommendations that have a journalist instead they'll work. I know Law Drama is a big genre and this is probably a vauge request, but I really barely ever watch anything that isn't fantasy or sci-fi, so i have no idea how to find my arms and legs in this, and need to be recommended The Best clearest/well done examples cuz i really don't know where to start. Also, any fantasy books that center on Legal Drama would also be help , evne if they dont fit the specific plot.
  7. fdsfsg can you IMAGINE how lopen would react if we find out Kaladin has some distant ancient family connection to Herdaz?
  8. It might just be my struggling with imagining things in 3d and generally understanding physics, but reading the ars arcanum of RoW, I found something I don't think we've seen mentioned in-world in years now- Amethyst fabrials called Reverses, who do the opposite of Ruby fabrials- they make reverse movements. To quote khriss, In the continuing plot thread from dawnshard to rhythm of war, the invention of brand new controlled (ruby) conjoiners that let you move things in different directions (drop down a weight in a shaft, Mr Stromblessed goes up) is treated as a New Hot Deal. did sanderson forget the existence of Reversers just as much as we did, or am I missing something? Khriss does write that they are a "recent invention". does that mean they will be a recent invention soon, and Khriss is not in the same point in time as i assumed (Roughly around us), or are there instances of them in the book i forgot? Generally. Help? Am I The Idiot here?
  9. finished BNHA today, i guess i will go back and finish Kipo cuz I haven't started season 3 yet and that show is cute.
  10. I very recently got into BHNA, and only finished season 4 today. The first time i saw Aizawa on the social media feed of the friend who got me into it I went "Haha he looks like Vasher" and half of my season 1 experience was incresingly going OH MY GOD HE REALLY IS MUCH MORE LIKE VASHER THAN I THOUGHT
  11. I think Sanderson said somewhere- I can't remember where, but i'll arcanum search it later- that Kaladin is distantly related, blood-wise, to Aesudan, Elhokar's wife, so yeah.
  12. If the crem is distribuited by stormfather, wouldnt it be connected to honor? anyways. good theory, now that you say that i really feel like the connection to crem could be possible. anyways, i wonder if this has to do with the whole, Shins Treating Stone As Holy thing. well, we'll probably discover in the next book if it is, seeing as we're heading to shinovar.
  13. Oh my god. reunited at last
  14. hmm, i dont really have ideas, im gonna pass it on
  15. thats still one word, its just a long one cmon this is more fun when its more intteresting. ulitmate Offtopic thread.