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  1. the fellowship of the thing

    "You're all the light I'll ever need." He winked. "But also yes."
  2. The engine was quiet. All the thrusters and main generators were in the cold vacuum of space: all they could hear in here were the faint tremors from what little friction made its way through from the heat. The DM/Fusion engines--as well as all the hardware--were surrounded with joint-alloy glass, so they couldn't hear any of that either. "So..." Schevin looked around. "If I were a vanished robot... where would I be?"
  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  4. Schevin and Azgard were offline from all lightspeed communication: the engine, of course, was no place to have such signals bouncing about.
  5. 17th shards christmas

    Let's kick this off with something basic. Today's Prompt: Season's Greetings!
  6. the fellowship of the thing

    "Hold up!" Fadran ran up and kissed her. "Okay. Continue."
  7. Y'know--and apologies for double-posting--I'm gonna host this one, just because a number of people didn't get presents last year and I want to make sure that doesn't happen again. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2jVoxDOGMHtyQEydsTBATp8qlBGdAZ6P9xU7UDYWACpdnmA/viewform?usp=sf_link Here's the signup, everybody!
  8. Anyone wanna be in charge? I can if no one does.
  9. I have posted links to all of last years' activities in the OP of the 17th Shard Christmas - General thread! Tomorrow is December 1, so I'm going to need some people to sign up for running things.

  10. 17th shards christmas

    I'll go drop them in the OP
  11. "I do, and I don't; there ain't ever no try. Me over here with Luke walkin' the sky. Always two there are; always two they say. Ain't no sith lords gettin' past me today!"