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  1. the fellowship of the thing

    "We're heading to an ancient realm known as 'Wall Marte.'"
  2. the fellowship of the thing

    "We are not going to that place. Come on; there's another place I know of." Fadran starts making for one of the portals, this one hidden behind a large mural.
  3. the fellowship of the thing

  4. "Alright." Janice looks at a number of vents they could choose. "Which one's your favorite?"
  5. "Like... blowing something up?"
  6. the fellowship of the thing

    "Sounds seasonal enough. Let's do it!"
  7. 17th shards christmas

    You texans are crazy.
  8. Too bad. I don't care. Eat it.
  9. the fellowship of the thing

    "That's right. Any suggestions on how to do that?"
  10. the fellowship of the thing

    "That it will."
  11. "Alright, Cadenza... let's go find Aryanna." Janice sets off into Talongarde. @Ookla the Grammatical @00kla @Ookla the Hemalurgic Pinto @Ookla the Dragon
  12. "How do you think we should go about looking for the mafia?"
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    "The thing's half the size of the house, though! How the heck did Jek get it here in the first place?"
  14. One timeskip later--CITY. They're in the city now. Woooo.
  15. the fellowship of the thing

    "Alright. Step one: bringing it 'round back." Fadran scanned the tree. "Any idea how the scud we're supposed to do that?"