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  1. Fadran is content to let Miss T take the lead.
  2. Fadran brightens his flame and leads the group. "We're going to want to make our way into the main cavern first. From there, we can take one of the side passages and find any number of natural caves that haven't been explored yet."
  3. Yes, Fadran replies, but I've already got one astral voice in my head trying to drive me insane, so this brain is a little out of parking spaces... Also who are you? "What's that?" Fadran asks, referring to the book.
  4. Fadran chuckles. "Well, this place is a fortress. But it also doubles as a city; you just can't see anyone because they see in darkness rather than light."
  5. The doors open to Sunken Deep, revealing a dark and uninviting cave. Uninviting, of course, meaning that it was SUPER inviting for people like Fadran. "The caves of Sunken Deep," Fadran replies, lighting his hand aflame for some light, "to discover new Universes and have an adventure!" "Pleasure to meet you, Lenene." Fadran steps into the caves, looking about.
  6. Fadran nods to the new spren. "Hello, Spin. Pleasure to meet you." He then cracks his knuckles and steps up to the two demons in armor standing guard over the gates of Sunken Deep. "Can we come in?" One of the guards glances between Fadran and his Channelblade, then gestures him inside without a word. Fadran waves for the others to follow him.
  7. Fadran blinks. "Welcome to the crew!" He declares. "Also, what's your name?"
  8. Fadran shoulders his backpack. "Are you guys ready to explore some caves and discover some random Universes?"
  9. Fadran clears his throat. "Thanks for the metalmind, but I won't be needing it; I got my Channelblade. And if anyone else gets hurt, I got Viteran Healing magic." Fadran frowns. "Actually, I will keep this metalmind, because Viteran Healing is slightly unbeneficial to the health of the Healer."
  10. Fadran blinks a couple times. "Ooookay."
  11. "None whatsoever." Fadran replies. "Demon eyes view dark as light and light as dark. Rather, they have antifire torches that soak up light and radiate darkness."
  12. When you miss your fellow Zelda fan's birthday by over a week.


    *Guilty sigh* my apologies.

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      No worries! You got it eventually, and that's what I care about.

  13. Fadran steps through the portal after his many companions, closing the Parallarity Gate behind them. He finds himself on a darkened landscape, shadowed by an eternal sea of stormclouds in the sky. Before him, an enormous metal gate sits proud inside a mountain, the sides of which were adorned with hundreds of walls, parapets, turrets, towers, and the like, each manned by entire squadrons of demons sitting bored on guard duty. "So those guys are demons," Fadran explains, pointing at the shadowey figures, "but that doesn't mean they're evil. They're probably more reasonable that the high elves. Besides, if it's after the war of the Iconar Collective, then we should be fine." It is indeed post-war now, Icona remarks, the six realms are one at this point in time. "Right. So it is after the war, which means that I should be able to get us in and explore literally anywhere within the vast catacombs of Sunken Deep."