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  1. It definitely sounds cooler, but phonetically that'd be incorrect.
  2. You already have Booknerd's support, but let it be known that you have mine as well!
  3. Hence the reason Brandon's writing that book. Also, there's that chapter where he admits to Shallan that for a moment he didn't know what was going on, which I found intriguing.
  4. Granted. Unfortunately, in order to spread it you must actually grow warts on people... including yourself. I wish for fifteen people to like a post of mine.
  5. Every smoke detector is imbued with the power to give people magical abilities. When a smoke detector detects smoke (love that sentence) it'll target the nearest person and give them MAGIC. Depending on the source of the smoke, a person can receive a different form of magic. Take for example a burning math notebook. Smoke detected by such will give the nearest person the ability to go through their next math assignment twice as fast and twice as accurately. Due to this power, people carry around little smoke detectors, matches, and different fuels for the fire. The most common are coal and wood, which grant you the ability to fly and turn invisible respectively, though sometimes you'll run into some oddballs (take for example Shallan's hair. Burning that will instantly make you fall in love with Adolin regardless of your gender). Allergies
  6. Have you read Oathbringer? I'd call that a character arc in there. Not to mention the fact that Brandon's writing a book about him, and has been for ages. We'll get an arc sooner or later.
  7. As an author I can assure that change is very make/break
  8. Already a thing
  9. Just gonna do the Knights and the others I remember off the top of my head: Kaladin - Adam Driver Shallan - Scarlet Johansson, perhaps? She can be pretty sassy if she wants to. Adolin - Let's see... blonde boi? Maybe Chris Evans? A good ol' Captain America for everyone's favorite fashionata Renarin - Looked up a picture of this guy and I have NO IDEA. Dalinar - Samuel L. Jackson. "B****, please. You've been to Shadesmar!" Either him or Morgan Freeman. Lift - That chick from the new Mary Poppins movie, perhaps? Szeth - This guy doesn't fit the description at all but let's face it a DWAYNE JOHNSON would be HILARIOUS in this role.
  10. ANGER. Her entire character is her trying to become a better person; above her little quips! I didn't like Kaladin for awhile either until he freaking changed, like every good character should.
  11. You double-posted.
  12. Let's face it: typos are annoying. Take it from an author who works entirely by computer that the amount of times you have to correct "hte" or "htem" that you're almost glad for autocorrect; almost. However, some of these typos can actually be pretty cool. I was thinking running through some Mistborn name typos in my head and came up with these: Keslier - Pronounced Kez-leer. Sounds like a rogue-like supervillain. Vni - Pronounced like it's spelled. Some sort of foreign agent from another land. Niv - Also pronounced like it's spelled. Perhaps an ancient god? Hmamond - Pronounced Maa-mund. Suddenly everyone's favorite sleeveless jacketboi has gone terris. Those are just a few. Any others that y'all can think up?
  13. Every type of rock has a different magical ability that people can use by holding them in their hand and drawing out the power. Granite lets the user fly, mica lets the user cast fire, tuff makes the person tough, etc. Once a rock's power is used, it becomes like chalk; unusable (except by the rithmatists). Because of this, most houses are made of wood, though rich folks who build castles defend their keeps by the sheer magical power of the barracks themselves. Afterthought: Money is all made of paper in order to prevent stray stones in metal coins. Cold, hard cash.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Granted, but none of the pollen is gone. I wish for the cure to acne,