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  1. My favorite songs are, in fact, from video game OSTs. They change over time, but I'll give you some of my favorites right now: "Want You Gone" from Portal 2 always makes me wanna cry. "The Edge of Dawn" from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I love it almost as much as I love the game as a whole (almost). "Jump Up Super Star" from Super Mario Odyssey. I'm not much of a jazz person, but this song is an exception.
  2. YAY!! YOU'VE WATCHED AVATAR!! Watch Legend of Korra now. That's an order.
  3. ROOOOT BEEEEER This is a random question. Ummm... M&Ms. It's a bag full of clashing colors that people love to sort but also want to eat at the same time. Probably a wolf and a fox. I couldn't tell you why; they just sound cool. What the heck does Awakened mean? *Reads Warbreaker* Ooooohhhhh...
  4. "Betrayal is something you should always expect but never assume."
  5. Xaoth leads the way to his Super Secret Lab (Patent Pending)!
  6. “I have a lab a couple towns from here. I can get you hooked up with some pretty great stuff there as a bonus.”
  7. “WellokaybecauseIlikeyoutooandIwasterrifiedthatyouweremadatmebecauseIaccidentlyreadyouremotionsbutapparentlyit’sokayandI’mrelievedthankyousomuch.”
  8. “All except one,” Janice says, trying at a joke.
  9. I can only play those because I listen to them nonstop. Ene, sometimes? Sometimes I remember how long @xinoehp512 has been here and freak out.
  10. “No, I was... being... stupid. My question is... do you still, um... like me?”
  11. I’ll check them out. Also... *laughing* do I play piano well? *snorts* no.
  12. “I don’t know. Are you okay now?”
  13. Do you love Studio C?