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  1. Remind me what Striker's first role was?
  2. Just a simple troll, perhaps?
  3. These Words are accepted
  4. Is it a World Cup role?
  5. Why's that?
  6. Striker, I'm assuming you aren't going to fully roleclaim?
  7. Oh my god there are zombie rules.
  8. So Striker is dead but... isn't?
  9. "The soup? No. Now we through this all in the broth and let it simmer for a few minutes."
  10. @The Bookwyrm @Frustration @Tani
  11. Yeesh. Why d'y'all just go on and drop fifty more pages while I'm asleep? Definitely not my fault for sleeping until 1 PM
  12. That smells like metagaming.
  13. I'm afraid you're going to have to provide a more significant conditional for that action.
  14. I'm all for not killing neutrals but I don't like the idea of Aman throwing around random kills until he gets someone he needs to win.