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  1. Nope, I'm talking about her friends and husband, it's normal that they try to understand her. Furthermore, she is a Radiant, I don't think that anyone would dare to "lock her up " because of her status, and the ones who could do it are her friends. And to be honest our society sucks when it comes to our perception of mental health, it's full of stereotypes, misunderstandings and a general lack of knowledge about the subject (this post is a clear example)
  2. As to why everyone just went along with this, I think it's the normal way to react. I think that you are harming some people with the way you are expressing yourself out of ignorance on the subject (I don't mean to insult you, everyone is ignorant in different subjects). Just as you can't make someone who is sad happy by saying "don't be sad", nothing would change if someone told Shallan "hey you totally own all your decisions and maybe we should talk about why you feel the need to create 3 separate identities". It just wouldn't make sense because what is happening to her has nothing to do with reasoning, it has to do with feelings, emotions, trauma and a very complex psychological process. So, unless they are psychologists, the best thing everyone can do is accept that she is dealing with this and support her, not question her or make her feel even more insecure about herself.
  3. wooow i love your szeth!!!
  4. yeah I can see them , I like your Syl Evanna would fit perfectly
  5. It's a chinese studio, don't know much about them... they made Iron Man 3
  6. true... I would also enjoy an animated tv show . let's see what they do
  7. yes i think so too, but I'd love to see a live action too with real people acting as Kal or Shallan But you are right, the special effects needed for this show don't exist yet.
  8. Wow I love your Adolin, but maybe he's too old. The hair is no problem if he dyes It though.
  9. Don't worry I hope they keep progressing. Anyway, Who would you cast??
  10. From Brandon Sanderson's website
  11. So, Brandon confirmed that the TV show for SA is now on stage 3 (finding a studio). Who would you like to see in the show?? I think Avan Jogia looks like Kaladin (or Luke Pasqualino) oh and Marlon Teixeira For Shallan I'd go with Karen Gillan, Jane Levy or Sophia Lillis (she's 17 like Shallan) I can't think of anyone for Adolin, it's soooo complicated. william devaughn stumpf for Szeth Jeff Bridges for Odium What do you think?? who would you like to be Adolin, Dalinar, Syl and the others?