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  1. You can take advantage of Cadmium's conditions to use the Time Bubble popping to accelerate a vehicle out of it. Of course, this would require a lot of preparation and testing, as the object is usually thrown out wildly. Other types of experiments to try to shorten travel time with bendalloy would also be interesting. Maybe create a bubble not too big for the airship to popping for acceleration, and then create a bendalloy bubble big enough to cover the entire airship and accompany it to reduce travel time. It is always good to test what size a Bubble needs to be to accompany a large or fast vehicle, eventually they will allow FTL after all.
  2. You have to think about Savantism, Resonances and Compounding too.
  3. I particularly find it very interesting. Of course it would be more useful if you had both types of Compounding (being N-end, Feruchemy would be very inefficient for Allomancy alone), but if you can use the normal Compounding to store the excess and then convert to Allomancy it would be incredible . One advantage I can think of is that probably Chromium and Nicrosil would probably not affect Allomancy when being fueled by Metalminds. Even if Double Compouding is not available, it should at least allow continuous use with less chance of being taken to Savantism. In addition to making it much easier to use of dangerous (or poison) metals, it does not need to be consumed and replaced. This is very useful for expensive or lost metals (like atium and malatium). Obviously this assumptions were based on interpretation of mechanics not be necessary for the metal to be burned at any point to make it work. In the case of the Double Compounding interpretation, the great advantage is that you do not need to carry metal flasks (only Allomantic metalminds) and be able to store them all in advance. And I also have a theory that this is necessary to detect Feruchemy with A-Bronze.
  4. Wow, whoever asked him that question is very smart. It is probably possible to become Savant in a single day with the help of Duralumin. With Nicrosil you could sell Savantism to someone else.
  5. Savantism requires that the metal be flared for a long time.
  6. Well, the confusion you made is that you don't have to be out of combat to tap 10+ charges to heal quickly. In fact, if there is a metal that makes Feruchemists very powerful in combat, it is Gold.
  7. Nobles always claimed to be superior (taller, stronger, less fertile, and more intelligent) although this has more to do with Balance.
  8. Not necessarily. We know that the alloys of base metals will also make a person a Misting, but we have no idea of the main effect of the alloy. Only it will be of the Physical and Enhacement type.
  9. Feruchemy powers do not need to be related to the Allomantic power. Ferucchemy is always Internal and even the quadrants have a different name (Temporal are Hybrid, Enhancements are Spiritual). Being a Universal Metalmind makes sense precisely because of the scope that the Allomantic and Hemalurgical powers have. Using Atium for comparison doesn't make a lot of sense because of how weak it is when thinking about how invested Lerasium is.
  10. Well, we're not sure if anyone used a spike from Lerasium. There has always been a strong theory that there were originally 16 Lerasium beads in Well (which means we don't know the location of many).
  11. Hardly, Khriss theorizes in Ars Arcanum that there are only 16. And there is also what Sanderson said: Questioner For the space Mistborn are we going to have more elements? Brandon Sanderson The base 16 are basically it. But the interactions between them and things. And there is one more metal, there is harmonium, so you will hear about that later on. Salt Lake City Comic-Con 2014 (Sept. 4, 2014)
  12. I suppose Universal Metalminds too. A beautiful way to have all the feruchemical attributes stored in a single metalmind. Imagine Compounding this.
  13. That is what is in the table. The person who wrote it probably had access to more knowledge than shown so far. But what those effects would be is complicated. Lerasium only saw Elend using it, and he was half-dead.
  14. Just remembering that creating Misting are side effects, not the main thing. Lerasium produces several expanded Physical and Enhacements effects.
  15. In-World. Phantine Is this hemalurgy table also a speculative in-universe document (like how the RPG had atium spikes only stealing temporal, because that's what the steelies believed)? Peter Ahlstrom It is an in-world chart according to the knowledge of some people at a certain stage in the history of Scadrial. [Edit: not Roshar, sorry. Also it’s not Khriss.] General Reddit 2019 (Jan. 5, 2019) About Lerasium, we're not sure what Attributes should mean. It can be just human attributes (like strength, memories, etc.) or it can be anything from the hemalurgical table (which I find difficult). Still, it would not be strange if Lerasium is more powerful in Hemalurgy than Atium, even if the latter is Ruina's metal, Lerasium is much more invested.