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  1. I have always assumed that they reproduce sexually, and have genres. In this case, your sex (male or female) as Mistwaith which (usually) defines your gender as Kandra. Although Kandras is much more flexible on this issue.
  2. I agree. That is why I get irritated by this "Moash did nothing wrong" philosophy. All the characters have had serious flaws in the course of the books, in some cases really terrible things that would make them the villains of another works. I don't think Moash is the worst person in the world, my biggest anger at him was for betraying the person who saved his life (which puts him in the same group as Amaram and Sadeas). I think he can redeem himself, but for that he will have to stop being stupid and accept the consequences of his mistakes. In fact, I really hope that in RoW we will see the characters having to deal with the consequences of their choices so far. Kaladin confessing about conspiring against Elhokar, Dalinar having to rebuild the trust his children had in him after confessing how Evi died, Adolin facing the fact that he murdered Sadeas, and Renarin having to deal with the lies and his corruption. As we are going to have Moash's arc in this book I would then like to see him having to deal with the fact that he is this selfish coward, and making new choices. I just hope that if he decides to redeem himself he survives, i hate when characters die without having to deal with their own mistakes. Life before death, Radiant.
  3. The issue here is not just about "Ends Justify the Means". Adolin killed Sadeas because he knew Sadeas would escape politically like a hero in public, while in private he would remain a traitor to the throne. Altogether Sadeas put three people that Adolin cares at risk, and was confirming to Adolin that he would do it again. Dalinar continued to give Sadeas a chance, even though he didn't deserve it., all based on a friendship that no longer existed. Any other High Prince would have already been executed for crimes like those that Sadeas committed, and Adolin realized this short-sightedness of his father and decided to act and make the best decision for the kingdom. Adolin still tries to argue with him that he had another way of solving things. "Why?" Adolin asked, stepping up to him. "Why are you like this, Sadeas?" “Because,” Sadeas said with a sigh, “it has to happen. You can’t have an army with two generals, son. Your father and I, we’re two old whitespines who both want a kingdom. It’s him or me. We’ve been pointed that way since Gavilar died. ” "It doesn’t have to be that way." “It does. Your father will never trust me again, Adolin, and you know it. ” Sadeas’s face darkened. “I will take this from him. This city, these discoveries. It’s just a setback. ” Adolin stood for a moment, staring Sadeas in the eyes, and then something finally snapped. That’s it. Moash never gave Elhokar a chance, he didn't even let Kaladin argue with him about Roshane. He didn't even plan to hear Elhokar's side of the story. And this moment where he speaks: "I'm sorry, Kal," Moash said, stepping forward. "I should have made it quick at the start." it was after Graves saying to him: "He has seen too much," Graves said to Moash. “If he lives this day, he’ll betray us. You know my words are true, Moash. Kill him. ” And shortly thereafter he summoned the Shardblade. If he only planned to incapacitate Kaladin he would not need a super weapon against an already severely injured and powerless man armed with a knife. Could he have repented? It can. Could he have given up? Yes. But it does not change the fact that he has shown himself willing to kill Kaladin for a petty revenge. So I accept that you defend Moash's actions, or that he is redeemable, and that what Adolin did was wrong. But not to compare Adolin and Moash. Moash betrayed Kaladin, the Bridge Four and the Kingdom, and after that he went on to even worse crimes.
  4. Sadeas* tried to kill Dalinar through sabotage, and it almost killed Kaladin and Shallan if you forgot. It was no longer about war games.
  5. Sadeas tried to kill Dalinar more than once, and suggested betrayal even to the throne itself. Sadeas was being so stingy that he would ignore the threat to the world just out of a desire for power for himself, and would continue to undermine Dalinar even after discovering he was right (who already had enormous difficulties in getting help from other kingdoms in the fight against the Voidbringers). Comparing him to the person who was willing to kill his own friend in exchange for revenge, just to keep his position and status safe afterwards, is just senseless. Storm Moash.
  6. I really hope that Shallan and Kaladin will solve this chull in the room about Helaran. Although Shallan's DID plot is very interesting to me, I would like her to make progress on this (since it will probably be a requirement for her to further improve her ability as Lightweaving and Soulcasting). I want Adolin to make progress on his journey as a Radiant, I particularly don't mind him becoming a powered character. Preferably helping Maya. I really want Dalinar to make progress in his Bondsmith skills, especially with Perpendicularity. I hope that Renarin will have a greater role from now on. Its secrets make it very justified that it has been tenous so far, but there are no more excuses. Fabrials. Fabrials everywhere. Preferably also Surges Fabriais. That was more of a wish list than a prediction, but there it is.
  7. And that’s exactly why it shouldn’t happen, it’s too cliche. Kaladin is already such a different protagonist precisely because he has had a family for most of his life, and even his departure and distance was necessary for his character construction as he was at that time. His father returning just to die is just a very tedious genre convention.
  8. I would really like Lirin to become a Radiant, preferably a Windrunner. But I just hope he doesn't die.
  9. I see Atium returning in The Lost Metal, but not in a continuous way as it was with the Pits. Perhaps some hidden reserve that has escaped the end of the world. The god metal that will be produced continuously for the time being will probably only be Harmonium. But I doubt that we will see Lerasium, after all the plan is that in Era 3 the Mitborns are just legend things. But probably the science of Era 3 will allow Atium and Lerasium to be available again, probably through the distillation of the Mists.
  10. Sporkify This is more towards the whole physics stuff, but is Feruchemy really balanced? If it gives diminishing returns, wouldn't this end up as a net loss of power? Brandon Sanderson It doesn't diminish. Or, well, it does—but only if you compound it. You get 1 for 1 back, but compounding the power requires an expenditure of the power itself. For instance, if you are weak for one hour, you can gain the lost strength for one hour. But that's not really that much strength. After all, you probably weren't as weak as zero people during that time. So if you want to be as strong as two men, you couldn't do it for a full hour. You'd have to spend some energy to compound, then spend the compounded energy itself. In more mathematical terms, let's say you spend one hour at 50% strength. You could then spend one hour at 150% strength, or perhaps 25 min at 200% strength, or maybe 10min at 250% strength. Each increment is harder, and therefore 'strains' you more and burns your energy more quickly. And since most Feruchemists don't store at 50% strength, but instead at something like 80% strength (it feels like much more when they do it, but you can't really push the body to that much forced weakness without risking death) you can burn through a few day's strength in a very short time if you aren't careful. Footnote: This question was asked when fueling Feruchemy with Allomancy had only been seen in Rashek. As such, the term compounding is used purely to reference tapping at a higher rate than can be stored. Hero of Ages Q&A - Time Waster's Guide (Oct. 15, 2008)
  11. You are ignoring that Metal Minds have a waste of energy as you increase the amount of the attribute you use at one time. In addition to that, Composition would require you to burn more and more metal and faster. I don't see this happening with a human, you would probably need a mechanical form of Compouding and a source of Alomatic Investiture that does not need to be consumed internally. Something like White Mists in abundance. And I doubt that this is nerfed. It is something really interesting to allow mini black holes to be created technologically for some applications as a weapon or source of energy.
  12. Even without Harmony's direct intervention, the Set and the Terrismen are doing breeding work so that any bloodline (s) most likely to acquire Alomancy and Ferukemia respectively. Eventually this dilution will reach its peak, but it will still be possible to find some metalborn, which will be complemented by the medallions. And probably until Era 4 we will follow a return from Lerasium, even if it is with the Scadrians discovering a way to distill them from the White Mists. So I doubt this is a problem.
  13. I wouldn't doubt that this is one of the Set's research focuses. After all, they just need a Nicroburst to make this work. The general society, except Kandras and Terrismen, are very apathetic in the development of Invested Science. After The Lost Metal I doubt it will continue.
  14. About Aluminum: Questioner 1 Does aluminum actually make the metals disappear, like, be metabolized? Or does it just cut the Spiritual connection? Brandon Sanderson So... I haven't actually canonized that... I've gone back and forth. For a while, I said it got rid of them. And there may even be... But the more I thought about that, the more it doesn't make much sense. Questioner 1 It doesn't. Especially the way that duralumin works, it doesn't really make sense. Brandon Sanderson And so, I've been kind of pushing the other way. Since I haven't said it in-world, it's not truly canon, but I believe I've answered other fans saying that it burns them all away in a flash, and we might need it to do that, for future things. So, I'm undecided. Questioner 2 It needs to get rid of them, but a path to sever the connection at the same time. Brandon Sanderson One of the big problems is, if it only severs the connection and leaves the metals, than you have heavy metal poisoning from some of the metals. Questioner 1 But if it makes them burn away, that doesn't work the same way as duralumin. Duralumin only burns the ones you're burning. Brandon Sanderson Yeah. I kinda have to err back on the side of "it gets rid of them," just we don't have to deal with metal poisoning, but I've kind of been wavering a little bit, thinking, "Is there a better way to explain this." LTUE 2020 (Feb. 15, 2020) https://wob.coppermind.net/events/412/#e13599
  15. The problem with replacing spheres with a representative money is that magic systems make money counterfeiting a lot easier. Spheres are reliable, if they shine it is because they are real. But I agree that eventually an alternative will be needed, as in the future they will find a way to produce synthetic polestone and even perfect gemstone.. Perhaps the level of Stormlight itself will become the priority and set the money value, just like for the Sprens currency. So I bet my chips on perfect synthetic gemstone and a Stormlight measurement system.