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  1. Soulburst is a really great name.
  2. I would have loved to see Feruchemy heavily in Roshar. That like the Cultivation's magic system would have been incredible.
  3. I really think the golden light is because they used a Heliodor in that Fabrial (as they usually do with Alerters).
  4. Quantus is right, Kurkistan If you spiked out Miles' Feruchemical gold, would he be able to burn his Allomantic reserves [read: Feruchemical reserves using Allomancy] and heal it back? Brandon Sanderson If you spiked out his ability to heal gold and somehow left him alive? Kurkistan Yeah, but still having Allomancy. Brandon Sanderson Still has Allomancy... Kurkistan And he’s like in the middle of burning a goldmind. Brandon Sanderson Yes, that would still work. It'd still have a Spiritual Connection to him. Kurkistan So if you're a Coinshot and you get [spiked] to have Feruchemical steel, and then you lose the spike after making a store, you can still Compound that for speed? Brandon Sanderson Yes... Yeah, that should still work. Kurkistan Was Paalm doing that? Brandon Sanderson That's a RAFO. Shadows of Self Chicago signing (Oct. 12, 2015)
  5. 7%
  6. How is Iron winning? Steel is much better than Iron.
  7. It is really uncertain that Marsh has Era 2 powers spikes.
  8. I agree. They've been wrong twice with Atium. First they thought that it only stole only Temporal powers. Then any power. I think we only know from Wob that this is actually a wilcard, even the people of the world probably don't know it yet.
  9. Well, Atium is still able to steal anything (even one at a time) better than any other spike and it also doesn't decay. My biggest problem with Nicrosil stealing any type of Investiture (including Metalborns) is that, unless the metals that steal powers can do more than that, these eight metals seem somewhat redundant.
  10. We don't know exactly how unsealed nicrosilminds work. But still, a Nicroburst is incredibly powerful. And, yes, that would allow him to use Compouding on unkeyed F-Nicrosil or one that he had done using a medallion. Which seems totally incredible, even if it is uncertain what it does. Although I really like his perspective. I have always had the theory that there are sealed and unkeyed nicrosilminds that would allow to create metalminds that would grant powers to any Soulbearer (which is probably easier than creating a medallion that anyone can use). And a Nicroburst would be able to do that through Compouding as well.
  11. Well, yes, you can't Compouding Pewter (for example) to have infinite strength because there is a limit to how fast you can burn a metalmind and how much you can store. This limit probably depends on each user, but it means that there is a limit on how much attribute you can use at once without extinguishing everything at the same time.
  12. Dude, this is a VERY good guess.
  13. I don't know if I agree with everything, but Chanarach as Shallan's mother is now my headcanon. Amazing.
  14. As to why it is a bad idea, almost all Cosmere CSs are broken and crazy. They are no longer properly alive, and their wounds are like wounds right on your personality. It is somewhat difficult even for the personality to survive. Are there any ways to get through this, things that Kelsier is sure to be researching, but considering his knowledge and power how much damage will he do before he achieves something viable? He lied to the Southerners, manipulated them into a new religion, and is most likely responsible for the Set group getting to know Hemalurgy. Yes, he saved Southern civilization, but as with all his actions, there is always chaos and many problems involved. Not everything he does is just to help people.
  15. I can only think of SH, and Kelsier pretending to be Ruin. Dude, this needs to be real. It will be the most fun thing at Cosmere.