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  1. Well, if two kandra remove their spikes so you now have a mistwraith couple and just need some time. Problem solved.
  2. As I recall the point wasn't just about the amount of attribute, but that you're tapping your own power. Brandon says that if you use someone else's power or fuel Feruchemy in another way it's possible. So, unkeyed metalminds and/or Compouding. Maybe learn to use Mist too.
  3. Well, sure(?). But we're going to have a final off-world version.
  4. And if I remember right, we're going to have a complete Hemalurgy table after TLM.
  5. Hard to say, we don't even fully understand the mechanisms of F-Nicrosil. But I imagine increasing the powers of Allomancy and Feruchemy stored in an unsealed metalmind is a plausible possibility. Although I highly doubt that this allows for infinite medallions. Just improve medallions effect.
  6. Cadmium, Pewter and Steel, very easily.
  7. I don't think this is enough to explain a total block on a planetary level.
  8. Allomancy: Cadmium Feruchemy: Brass, Copper, Bedanlloy or Bronze. Of course, depending on what F-Nicrosil actually does this might be the best metalborn power.
  9. You see the present.
  10. An Atium bead lasts for 30 seconds. If it ended so quickly on Feruchemy, Marsh would never have survived 300 years with a bag. In the case of using Feruchemy, burning slower generates more atribute per gram and is better.
  11. One thing is certain. It's not the same as Allomancy, or that would be too fast for Atium (and we know that's not true).
  12. Elend sighed, then pulled her tight. His new government was supposed to have inherited the Lord Ruler’s atium reserves—a supposed cache of the metal comprising an amazing treasure. Kelsier had counted on his new kingdom holding those riches; he had died expecting it. There was only one problem. Nobody had ever found the reserve. They had found some small bit—the atium that had made up the bracers that the Lord Ruler had used as a Feruchemical battery to store up age. However, they had spent those on supplies for the city, and they had actually contained only a very small bit of atium. Nothing like the cache was said to have. There should still be, somewhere in the city, a wealth of atium thousands of times larger than those bracers. This to me is quite different from saying that this is made of various metals, and that the smallest part is made of Atium.
  13. An Unsealed Metalmind is a special nicrosilmind. The original Bands are atiumminds, so they can't be Unsealed.
  14. A-Nicrosil is a good one. Work by increasing people's powers temporarily for exorbitant feats. Or go with A-Chromium and be a mage hunter.
  15. I find it difficult to overcome the synergy between almost all of Feruchemy's powers + Duralumin. But I think A-Bendalloy + F-Bronze is underrated. Just store wakefulness inside a Bendalloy-bubble and have as much productive time as possible outside the bubble. A-Pewter and F-Gold too. It's a great way of life. You will always be strong, fast and balanced and can always store boosted health. So, in the worst of consequences you are in the normal health you were born. At best, it can survive being beheaded.