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  1. “Journey before destination, you bastard.”
  2. Theory: Whimsy, Mercy and Valor are on the same planet/system. Harmony talks about them in the same epigraph, and their letters add up to 16.
  3. I am really surprised by the epigraph of Part 2. =O
  4. I wish there was an update on Fabrials at Ars Arcanum, but Stoneshaping was interesting.
  5. This is mean to those who have not received it. But it is the first thing I will do.
  6. It reminded me of certain magical people from another series of books that Sanderson finished.
  7. In fact, what this indicates is that Breaths are the magic system but not the Hieghtenings (and perhaps not even the Commands). Whether it is forced or not from each one, I myself find it very interesting. Brandon confirmed that a certain level of Investiture has similar effects: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/jovvuo/dawnshard_is_here/gbbsifd/?context=3 It really gives me something to think about Nicrosilmind, especially about Compouding it. Huh
  8. Harmony's godmetal. It is part of the Malwish Airships prime box, and replicates Allomancy (and maybe Feruchemy).
  9. I really doubt that a Dawnshard is needed for a Shard splinter to another Shard. When talking to Kelsier in SH, Khriss says: "Unraveling," Khriss said. “Only a slow death. Ati doesn’t know how to Splinter another Shard? Or he hasn’t the strength? Hmm. . . ” She seems surprised that Ruin didn't take advantage of Splintered Preservation instead of doing it slowly. Unless she doesn't know exactly how it works.
  10. I don't have many ideas yet, but your last "Care" could be Preservation. Although it is really divisive with "Survive".
  11. F-Tin is really good. You store and tapping the senses individually and you can use them to enhance or protect your senses depending on the circumstance. It must be incredible for meditation.
  12. Yes, Lirin is a good person but he often fails with Kal. I think Brandon's message is that you don't have to be crazy, evil or something in the middle like Lin to harm your child. Good parents can have serious flaws. I have high hopes for these new interactions between the two. It's like finally seeing the continuation of the dilemmas they had as a father and son in WoK. They both have a lot to learn.
  13. Oh, now I understand. I didn't understand this "Stormlight conducts" as Investiture draining. Huh. If so, it really is true.
  14. Chromium is reverse aluminum in MB, why is everyone so sure that the new metal is Chromium? What would make the most sense would be Duralumin or Nicrosil.
  15. I think this complaint is natural, and even expected. Living with people with depression or PID is not easy all the time. An external person will eventually become frustrated, angry and distant. I consider this to be a very important part of Sanderson's writing about his characters. Accompanying them is almost like living with someone real, with all the advantages and disadvantages. I am sincerely happy to see something outside the logic of conventional narrative but which hits well in reality.