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  1. Happy Birthday, Mathieu

    1. Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      Hey, happy birthday!! 

  2. You mean beside her oath not to form one?
  3. Both are explained in the post Voidus linked, also please don't double post
  4. I was talking about D&D. But yes, if they hadn't gone to war Preservation and Ruin would have fit it very well to
  5. I only remember WoBs saying they were like Yin and Yang, which I think would means "opposite but complementary" and not "opposite and enemies" Makes sense
  6. The fact Change is there might not be a coincidence, depending on whether it came here before of after Odium. Is that an assumption or a fact?
  7. And this is the reason Inkspren and Honoursprens hate each other
  8. As far as intellectual curiosity is concerned, yes it does.
  9. The answer is "Brandon will never tell us whether the CS is a new being with your memories or is still the previous being"
  10. He took out a blue cyrstal shaped like a half-circle and put it on his head The bells were ringing in the dale And men looked up with faces pale; The dragon's ire more fierce than fire Laid low their towers and houses frail. So the music casque still worked. Good. He went out and took out a pink crystal shaped like a L, except the long end was pointy. Some short faint strings of pink light converged to the crystal and three pink spheres were consecutively shot toward the ground. He inspected the damages dealt to the grass, concluding that though the blaster was a bit slower to shot here it was still as damaging. Now came the most important test, he took the black cylinder inside his pocket. A few black strings appeared around it and light in the zone one meter after the cylinder became warped as if it had come close of a black hole. He smiled. The gravity stick may be weaker than the massive clubs red mages used and than the blaster of true arcane mages, but it was still debilitating. And no armour known to men could stop gravity. Da'ar turned his stick off and went to Fadran "Excuse me, did you say something about toppling an evil empire?"
  11. We know there's one but we have no idea which
  12. That's not how I remember it. I remember him trying to save as much as possible and only managing to save one city. It seems to me that if Smartvangian had thought sacrificing Karbranth would help save the rest he would have done it. That's indeed a risk of that happening. A lot of Dalinar's and Navani's viewpoint chapters will probably be them making sure it doesn't happen in case of a defeat.
  13. Ok, I misread you I thought you meant "because Todium is the Karbanth's queen uncle" I doubt Jasnah would do that. First she knows Odium is likely to just refuse the deal and second such an action would make the other kick Alethkar out of the coalition
  14. Yes. She's utilitarian not vengeful or mad.