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  1. Folorian focused on what Aln was digging up, revealing stone fingers cluthing on nothing, this kind of statues had always seemed weird to him, they looked as if a piece was missing. "I don't have a shovel on me but I can go fetch some at the Guild" @[email protected]
  2. "Are you alright?"
  3. You should wait for Sorana or Voidus to see they've been tagged, it's currently nightime for them
  4. Folorian walked up to Aln "Do you need help?"
  5. "Withering seems like a natural process to me, and we've seen sprens unique to the Alleyverse -the one that started the Alleystorm for example- so that's not completely out of the table. There's also the possibility of someone having modified a spren with access to progression or improved a deathspren, either way anyone with access to Transportation should be able to tell if my hypothesis is valid.
  6. "Do you think Ms. Adama will come back todnight, or should I come back tomorrow?"
  7. I was wrong, you just used some line breaks and I thought it was not intentional, sorry
  8. The shopkeeper seemed overwhelmed by the situation, which made sense: not everyone would flinch if someone in aluminium chainmail with two sword and someone looking for explosives casually talked about mind control epic and people trying to stab them. "I'm called NullBlade. If you really need my real name I can give it, but I'd rather not." Keeping his name secret was not as important in the Alleyverse as it had been on Earth since people were be less prone to go attack the family as a retribution when it was on the wrong world, but he still preferrerd it.
  9. "If it only affect Progression, maybe it's an unknown kind of spren that would be the opposite of a lifespren, but differently or stronger than a Deathspren?" Folorian focus his attention on the edge where the plants where not completely dead, after few minutes he saw it had moved of something like two millimeters "It's certainly growing, I don't know how much time I spent looking at it but it moved of one or two millimeters." @[email protected]@Invocation
  10. @Nathrangking Your spoiler box is bugged, are you using Grammarly? That app in broken on the shard Good memes though
  11. Surprised by this answer, mostly. "I'm fine, I had to flee a small angry mob roused by some kind of mind control epic but other than that it's been a pretty good day. You?"
  12. Using Progression on dead plants? Folorian had heard of tales of Edgedacers reviving newly dead people, but it was probably just tales and as far as he knew Aln was not able to do it. "I don't see how it could help but then again I don't see how it could backfire, so go ahead if you want."
  13. "This is not what I need" NullBlade said as he rolled up his left sleeves, revealing an aluminium bracelet a bit above his wrist with two nail-like aluminium spikes planted in it. "I actually need the aluminium to get inside of me, I hoped you would have a better way to do it than this but if you don't I guess I'll just wait for Ms Adama to come back and have her soulcast some replacement nails." He pulled down his sleeves as a tall person entered the shop, asking for bullets and weapons "Hello, er... Mister? Madam?" @[email protected]