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  1. I still don't get why they use silver
  2. They have two metalic nails in their bodies. Also if they have metallic bones they'll look slightly different than normal bones on a X-ray
  3. As I said which light(s) you can use should depend on Connection to Shards (I don't think many ferruchemists who could have breathed the white mist could also have breath the black one in) so I blame Ishar Or maybe Syl is talking about Nohadon? We also know Fabrials are part of it (well, Rosharan Fabrials at least, Elantris and primer cubes obviouslt aren't part of this) Exactly as much as any truespren Don't forget Shallan's truth being accepted by "we have no idea whom" I don't think we have definite confirmation Honoursprens aren't pure Honour Well first there has to be a mechanism preventing her from becoming a Savant That idea looks very weird when you put next to it the fact the three Mists can be equally used by ferruchemist I'll say it again : she's the only one to have ever used Growth I don't know whether that can help but I'll give you this WoB
  4. Oh yeah, I had forgotten that Ah ok, it was in that framework ... Shai's power is to change the past and present of a object according to an imagined vision of Shai Shallan's power is (in part) to change people in something else they could be I don't see any contradictions ... Rocks have a soul, that's why Shai can modify them Before anyone says it, NO this is not an Enlightened Truthwatcher, Glys was the first enlightened truespren. I don't see how this is interesting, you could use the black mist to power Ferruchemy if you had the right Connection The fact that Khriss said it Isn't that just because Lift is always in a better state than Kal?
  5. Not any more than Navani burning glyphs is working directly on anyone, yet they often work How is that seeing the future? Also, for some reason that feels more Endowment than Honour/Cultivation Not at all. For what Shallan is doing (offering people to become something else) yes you do but that's not the same for every type of changes. And for that you only need an imagined future. Now about the farsight events I didn't imply it was imagination, my point is that when she's drawing Yalb or Ash* she's having farsight effects and not foresight effects, the former is not seeing the future but the latter is *and not when she's drawing Gaz I'm confused, why are you using a bigger change in your metaphor for having a big spren than for using another magic system? I don't remember when Adolin got healed by Renarin other than on the scene he materialised Glys as a Blade That is very possible We had always assumed they had a farsight version of Renarin's foresight, I makes even more sense now that you shown Shallan has some farsight (make your farsight grow in a vision with Progression, like I'm assuming Renarin is doing with his foresight) Even the part where reverse lashings are fully physicals? Yeas it actually can While this is most likely true, I refuse to consider an ability he should have as an ability he has and then use that as an argument for him having every physical part of Adhesion, that's just circular reasoning
  6. If it was a high-school teacher it's possible he did not understand what he was talking about, after all knowledge of advanced quantum field theory is not exactly why they are recruited Funnily, I was screwed up by hitting reply before finishing reading and edited that in^^ Point taken Note that it's theoretically possible to power Ferruchemy by the mist or the black mist Source? I don't see why it's impossible she just saw That would necessitate really insane weights Why wouldn't they be able to use Gravitation to help moving forward? Shouldn't matter Except of course the wind mask every Windrunner can do and Dalinar can't The statue reparation and Perpendicularities are actually hybrids, and I stay convinced Navani used spritiual Tension on Moash But yeah, the white light are definitely Adhesion That's changing the future not predicting it Both are seeing the present, maybe even the past, not the future. Syl did the same when she shapeshifted into Shallan. That was only mentioned once. We can't know yet whether it's normal to S-Progression, an accidental use of V-Illumination or V-Progression. I don't remember that I don't appear to be able to show him the inherent contradiction between saying "Void appears to be the Surge with reverse Physical/Spiritual ratio" and "having a Godspren allows you to use the Spiritual version of a normally physical Surge", can someone else try? Also I don't see how assuming it's normal for Tension to have a Spiritual side alows to makes the Realms softer, that's neither Cognitive, Physical nor Spiritual. Er... no, not even close. Life is not even fully included in Cultivation. No it can't, it would have created a wind between Lezian and the window if it was Ok, I think you missed that every object has a spiritual aspect, linking two objects (eg a window and Lezian's head) is spiritual adhesion.
  7. That's electromagnetism, the electroweak interaction is how electromagnetism and the weak interaction fuse when the temperature is above 10^15 K, it doesn't exists at the temperature your phone uses. (Of course, the point you were trying to make perfectly works if you replace "electroweak interaction" by "electromagnetism" in your sentence) So you do agree we don't know that Renarin's progression works normally I don't see how reducing (external) gravity wouldn't solve the leg shattering issue Ok, Fabrials aren't More often than Navani's burning a glyph and her prayer becoming true within the hour? I don't remember what chapter that was, can you give a citation/the chapter? I don't remember anyone talking about perfected-self vision when healed by Lift or Yalb Transformation is literally asking something to change it's Identity, you can't get much more Spiritual than that Conceivable, but how do you explain Navani's Spiritual Tension and Dalinar applying Tension on the Realms themselves? I don't see how Pressure has anything to do with asking something to have an abnormally high gravitational field That one doesn't matter much, some people believes Surgebinding is only of Honour and are wrong but they're still talking of the same thing. The other points are legitimate but if English can survive "Draw" having five different meaning we can survive Surge having two
  8. What? Oh, I see. I wouldn't have made that kind of jokes but it was worth trying (That's not a theory that's WoB) Yes, at best four (the four female Herald other than Ash, I'm saying at best because I'm not sure we have confirmation we've seen the other three on screen)
  9. Yes The other main possibility for who she can be is Shallan's mom I don't see how he's supposed to have been a Shardbearer
  10. Ok, time for the big guns This character is not exactly young This character is considered a divinity by at least one religion This character has appeared on screen at least once This character is renowned for their fighting abilities This character was never called by their real name while on screen We're not sure when this character has appeared on screen This character is or was a Shardbrearer
  11. I don't see how drawing a future you hope for is future sight Renarin's Progression doesn't work normaly I'm curious as to how you would explain S-Transformation whithout attributing it a strong Spiritual Aspect I think the second is more likely, the idea would be "take V-Illusion's temporal effects and make it grows with V-Progression (or S-Progression depending of the theory)" Windrunners too uses Spiritual Adhesion, for reverse Lashings Gravity reduction. That's a surge Fabrials are linked to the third magic system Still similar to what Navani did to Moash with Spiritual Tension Is quite similar to what Shallan was doing at the Battle of Thaylen fields We're using the word Surge to mean of of two thing : The philosophical meaning you want that word to always mean H+C's interpretation of that thing Since when do phones uses electroweak interaction? Funny, depending on how one parse that sentence there can be two exceptions. Talking about Lift, isn't it a bit weird she appears to be the only one able to use Growth?
  12. Not everyone's favorite philosopher king Not the beautiful Ash Not the cynical Denth Ok, so I have no idea whether the next clue will make you find instantly or if it will confuse you even more This character is not exactly young This character is considered a divinity by at least one religion This character has appeared on screen at least once This character is renowned for their fighting abilities This character was never called by their real name while on screen We're not sure when this character has appeared on screen
  13. I would consider Taln and Talenel to be the same name, the difference between the name given to this character (IF they were given a name during their scene(s)) is bigger than that Already said no
  14. Oh, I know He's a divinity to some? I thought he was more some kind of St Paul figure from the point of view of his new brand of Vornism Not everyone's favorite Lifeless The Thrill? No, it never fight it's own battles This character is not exactly young This character is considered a divinity by at least one religion This character has appeared on screen at least once This character is renowned for their fighting abilities This character was never called by their real name while on screen