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  1. We have seen him manifest objects in the CR without consuming any kind of investiture. Enough of Preservation's anti-mist will still kill him though (no idea for Harmony's anti-mist)
  2. That's technically RoW spoiler
  3. Neither was Folorian, he generally left human interactions to Alanis, though even her wasn't that good "A nurse will come for us when someone can take care of us, it could take a lot of time depending on how overwork they are" He remembered the minds of Savant looked different from the Cognitive and decided to peer into it, like with most thing his bane made the process harder as his brain didn't readily accepted the flames in the CR and the bodies of the PR to be the same and he had to peer slowly to convince it No, he has not. Kerr? Are you speaking to someone? You know your firth truth. His first truth? Yes, it was about what he and Aliece had done about... about what Aliece had tried to do to him What don't you say it? I'm trying, I want to says the words, the words want do get out. But it's like... if I say I'm not sure whether I will still be able to remember in any other way than... that. Even if you won't, not saying the words won't change a thing. I think you're right but... My mind think you're right, the rest of my being? It's just terrified. The receptionist suppressed a laughter "Child, this is an hospital, not a place where conspiracy theorist shares gossip"
  4. Fusedfabrial will probably happen first, El might already be one
  5. We know both Seons and Skazes can be used for Farbrials and it's likely CSs like Shades can too
  6. Which is basicaly my point, I don't think Tanavast can remove one's Allomancy REMOVED BY MODERATOR. Dalinar ascending probably means he touched enough of Honour's power to become a Sliver
  7. Honour's possible defeat in book five That could also be on a much smaller scale, an Herdrazian who lost their homeland thinking they would manage to hold it forever for example The metaphorical light of hope can also fail This time I can't really find another interpretation That could also be a particularly violent Rhythm of the Fused and Regals, the Rhythm of Execution for example Please note that like every other types of future sight, the Death Rattles can and will sometime fail, even though they seem to be the most robust kind of future sight we've seen
  8. That's not really anything new, RoW already stated it For this kind of discussion the nuance between CS and spren is not relevant I don't see why anti-investiture having been introduced to facilitate killing immortal CSs means more mortal CSs can't exists Returned are being artificially anchored to the PR by their Divine Breath it's probably just that when you die your Breaths don't follow to the CR
  9. Irrelevant, Dalinar is a Boundsmith his true strength is not about fighting Not sure that would work, the connection that Connection is written in their sDNA so you'd probably have to work harder than for the Connection between a human and a Spren. But after what Navani did too Moash's Identity I can't really call that completely impossible Then how did Rashek die? Rashek was a terrible Fullborn, if you want to use one as an example take Kelsier
  10. The former best duelist of the planet that could get supernaturally healed is a better option than a child who wants to kill get renvenge on Moash, yes* Still would require to stretch the "willing champion" thing a lot though Also, we're getting a bit too much off topic
  11. In Mistborn it was not about Hemalurgy but about the cracks in the souls, Hemalurgy create some but there are other ways I think Shards like Honour or Odium probably need a weaker link to influence their follower since their intents are about links while Ruin and Preservation's ones are not
  12. Honestly yes, he is. Gavinor is just that much of a bad option
  13. As if Folorian would stop looking at Poller, he didn't say anything but was slightly annoyed that he would think he needed to remind him how his bane worked. And he now he was looking behind him like he risked to lose his way any seconds Preservations's wings! That did not look suspicious at all. He asked Kerr to warn him if Poller said something and used the time the Receptionist was taking notes to take memories of her. As every Lightweavers Folorian needed a focus to create illusion, his was memories freshly taken out from his metalminds, the main issue being that while the illusion was up the memory faded at the normal rate which for an image a person was quite fast, meaning that the each of theses illusions could only be used once. "Alright. Cognitive Ward's busy but we should be able to get something in today. I'll call your name when we're ready. Is this a guest?" The receptionist had started speaking again, time to focus on both of them again "He was there when I hit my head... he doesn't talk much but he wanted to help. And... I don't really have anyone else to help me." The receptionist nodded, and Poller went to go sit down, away from the other waiters. "Well, that's a start." "Yes" He whispered "Honestly I've seen far worse starts for infiltration missions" And even some of these had succeed "Though it would probably be better if you didn't constantly looked behind you to check on me, I can take care of myself and you look very suspicious while doing it" @Random [email protected]
  14. It's possible to edit a post and add a citation by first clicking the quote button then copy-pasting the content of the "new post" box in the post to edit
  15. Thaidakar is most likely above and if the current Hallandren king has a tongue he might be just as strong too, but yes, definitely top four (or three if Hoid doesn't count)