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  1. "I don't. I'm trying -and lamentably failing- to understand her" Of course the fact she was fully storing her Connection with her didn't help. And was also preventing her from seeing Marie as a serious threat and to act in consequences. GOD BEYOND SHE WAS DUMB. Adilie stopped storing her Connection with Marie, she expected to be overcome by terror but while she was indeed afraid again she was actually mostly feeling stupid
  2. I don't know what it tells that the most upvoted comment in this thread is a one liner without picture but I don't think it's a bad thing
  3. Adilie frowned and tilted her head "Are you trying to convince me to kill you or am I missing something?" Maybe she just didn't understand the full extant of what she was saying. If having power was reason enough to use it everyone would kill each other because they had the power of doing so. But then again she was a follower of Ruin
  4. It's RoW General we are indeed supposed to keep spoiler marked
  5. That is exactly what I was saying actually Roshar can easily have been corrupted by Odium
  6. If Cultivation wasn't involved in creating cultivationspren there's a problem^^ Cultivation is very good at making people belive she doesn't care. Though she does seem to protect Listener more directly than humans Or he knew she would never stop helping from the shadows and didn't need anyone asking her. Also it allowed Cultivation to fake that she wasn't acting at all which is very usefull when you work the way Cultivation does Probably the latter, I doubt he splintered Dom, Dev and Amb by using the hole-in-the-soul thing That's not a crackpot at all, literally half of the Shard believes it The world can be corrupted without Cultivation being currupted
  7. Ah, didn't survive the transfer I see
  8. Yes, why wouldn't we? It happens rarely because we rarely have both something to say and a meme to share but it happens
  9. No double post please. (good meme tho)
  10. Ah yes, that's indeed an issue I was asking about the language not the magic, if Aona made the Aons there no reason for her to to inspire herself from the landscape (also, your WoB is about whether the land is the Dor's Vessel not why the landscape changing affect the Aons)
  11. If Taln had broken and that had caused the Desolation he wouldn't be late. Of course he could have broken after the Desolation started but that'd be very weird if he broke short after him breaking was not needed, so I think he didn't break. In Row it's made clear there is a body and the eyes burned out Your right, Shallan killed her mother the same month Szeth killed Galinar (Tanat 1167) which is a few months after Ulim first appeared
  12. Thanks you *me thinking about all the one-liners in Forged Iron* @More Cynical Than Funny @mathiau @Emi
  13. Why would Elantris's existence before the Splitering mean AonDor existed before the Splintering too? And why would we think Aons didn't exists before the Splintering? We know the Seons didn't but it'd be weird if they were the first instance of Aons. With our current understanding of the Dor it's perfectly possible a proto version the Elantrians existed without the AonDor/with powers that didn't work the same way at all It's also possible Elantris was not originally a functioning Aon but just five cities shaped in a Aon Rao way and some Elantrians made it in the Shaod amplifier it is today Why would they have arrived millennia after Odium?
  14. (The link doesn't link to anything) I don't see any issue, it just means Aona created Elantris for some reason, probably to protect the people of Arelon