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  1. Allri woke up. For a moment, she didn't know where she was, but her memories came back as the fog of sleep cleared. Yesterday-or maybe earlier today, she found it hard to keep track of time without the sun-she'd joined a cave exploration team. Sitting there in her tent, Allri was still half-convinced that it was a dream. So much had happened, she'd been swept up in the events without time to think. It hadn't helped that she'd been completely unprepared for Alleyverse caves. They were nothing like the holes in the ground back on Scadrial. She changed clothes and headed out. She didn't know if she'd been asleep for ten minutes or ten hours, and the cave looking exactly the same didn't help. The main group had caught up before she slept, and they'd set up a city of tents in ACE green and orange. The colors clashed horribly, and Allri was almost glad to be leaving today. She pitied the poor souls who would have to stay behind and suffer this assault on the senses. They might get to stay here and relax for a few more days in the only known safe place in the cave, and they might know what was coming and be prepared for life-threatening cave traps, and all of a sudden putting up with some clashing colors didn't seem so bad. Lost in her thoughts, Allri didn't notice the person in front on her until she was almost on top of them.
  2. You know what I'm going to do. Lethal attacks every round. @ me if I win, but I'm not holding my breath. @I ♥️ Rashek out.
  3. I hear a sound behind me and duck, dodging the staff. I turn around and attempt to cut off Po's head in a single blow.
  4. Before Po can open the package, I walk over to where she's lying on the ground and cut her head off.