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  1. Hi!

    @Honorless Vin becomes the hero of ages and gets the power in the well of ascension while defeating the deepness? By the way, don't tell me If It's true or not. I don't wanna be spoiled
  2. Hi!

    @Honorless I only just learned that the Watcher is called Zane
  3. Hi!

    (Spoilers for Well Of Ascension) @Honorless I've read almost 200 pages of WoA and I personally think the mists are the Deepness, because of the ghost and them arriving earlier.
  4. Hi!

    @DragonLynx931 Wrong place dude.
  5. Hi!

    @Honorless Honestly, It ain't that emotional. Only the first few pages where the mother and father die.
  6. Hi!

    @Honorless It's a graphic novel made by Kazu Kibuishi, I think he's underrated. Not many people talk about his work. Also Amulet Is pretty good, though I only have the first book. I might continue It after finishing Mistborn.
  7. Hi!

  8. Hi!

    @Honorless Everytime I try to take a picture, It flips It.
  9. Hi!

    @@Honorless I just got the trilogy set from amazon and the covers are just, WOW! They're so realistic, almost like a picture!
  10. @The Forgetful Archivist Awesome man! what problem was It I'm intrigued.
  11. Hi!

    @Honorless It'll probably be a while since I'm not that fast of a reader honestly, It took me a month to get back on my reading feet and I'm glad I did that as Mistborn turned out to be amazing. And I also only have the first book but I'm gonna get the trilogy set instead of buying the other 2 books by themselves as It's cheaper.
  12. Hi!

    So I uh finished the first book and lemme tell you, that was one heck of a book. 10/10 would read again. [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] [ S P O I L E R S ] So uh, like suddenly Marsh dies and then Kelsier. And then Marsh comes back and like what. And after that they tell us that the Lord Ruler Is Rashek and not the Hero of Ages, and turns out he was using Feruchemy and Allomancy instead of having the powers of the Hero of Ages. Like honestly It gets confusing sometimes.
  13. Hi!

    @Wander89 I'm gonna finish the final empire then go onto the 2nd mistborn book @Honorless Honestly, I can't decide between Kelsier and Marsh, they are both amazing characters.
  14. Hi!

    @Honorless Honestly, It was so sudden. I loved Elantris and the magic systems, the mystery and everything about It. And then suddenly that all goes out the window and you're now following some criminal badcrap who wants to kill the ruler.
  15. Hi!

    @Wander89 I've read elantris and half of the first mistborn book, my favorite part is when Raoden figures out what he needs to do to restore elantris, and he's also my favorite my favorite character too ngl.