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  1. Thanks for following me!

  2. the art is pretty and i like it 10/10
  3. hollow knight
  4. they come to me in my dreams like visions from an angry god. After that, I try to develop it more. I have at least ten characters that I made up in a dream and then refined.
  5. I am READY!!!! I'm gonna watch the indie world showcase when I can. silksong time

    1. TheMothLord


      no silksong sorry

  6. how is everyone? i just want silksong so i mean if someone has info please tell me I'm losing my mind

  7. I'm so happy that i found this group! Im gay, and ati and leras are definitely gay change my mind.
  8. i finished a steel soul run in hollow knight and honestly i feel like a god

  9. the hollow knight fandom just seems to live off of memes, stupidly good fanart, lore discussions, making fun of matpat, praising team cherry, begging for silksong, and crying over primal aspids.
  10. it's spooky month so i drew some doodles of grimm and the troupe the bottom right hand one came from an idea I had at 3 A.M. I woke up and thought "the grimm troupe has dnd sessions every Friday" so it exists now.
  11. the pale king: the white palace is good, but what if we had more buzzsaws literally everyone in hallownest: *screaming*
  12. i made a thing and i feel like it's incredibly important to share No, i don't take constructive criticism because I'm right
  13. I'm pretty sure but I could be wrong as well.
  14. No, You still have to defeat Grey Prince Zote in the Pantheons