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  1. why do I have so much random niche knowledge about medieval faeries in my brain, it's like "hey what's 7 times 2" "I don't know, but did you know that the headless horseman, an androgynous mythical creature from Irish folklore, commonly called the Dullahan, is technically a faerie of the Unseelie Court, the more malevolent faerie court" "what"

  2. if anyone disagrees with me on anything, go to the nearest trashcan and challenge it to an honorable prison broadsword duel.  I will be summoned. the honorable prison broadsword duel must be to the death or it will summon my theatre teacher. you must do this with an actual glove or it will not work. I will not tell you whether smacking the trash can with the glove or throwing the glove down at the base of the trash can is to to the death

  3. opinion from an actual straightn't. yes, i am a big proponent of more LGBTQ+ main characters, but I understand where brandon is coming from. I am also a mormon, and I've gone from not knowing gay people exist, to being pretty homophobic (but i swore i wasn't. spoiler alert: i w a s) to realizing that i would like a girlfriend as much as i'd want a boyfriend, maybe even more. as mormonism can be pretty homophobic, i usually wouldn't really trust a (straight) mormon to write a gay character, but it's clear that brandon is trying to walk a fine line between lack of representation and inaccurate representation. in conclusion: yeah i want a gay main character, but it probably won't happen for a while and im ok with that.
  4. powermove: instead of letting the fae kidnap your kids, kidnap a fairy to assert your dominance

    1. The Dude That Wore White

      The Dude That Wore White

      i told this joke to my friend and i was informed that this is the plot of Artemis Fowl

  5. (fade from black into the set of the first chapter. ALCATRAZ is strapped to an altar of outdated encyclopedias with a masked executioner standing over him) (record scratch) (freeze frame) ALCATRAZ. (voice-over) Yup, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got into this situation. Well, let me start from the beginning... (epic music as the camera zooms out to reveal the title screen. The title shatters and the camera zooms back into ALCATRAZ'S home) ALCATRAZ. (voice-over) I've had bad luck since I was born, for example, my name is Al. Under normal circumstances, that would have been an okay name, but my parents must have had a cruel sense of humor. My name isn't Alfred or Alfonzo or even Allison. My name is Alcatraz. Alcatraz Smedry. (ALCATRAZ stops doing a voice-over) ALCATRAZ. (he holds a lightbulb in his hands carefully. The lightbulb explodes) Whoops.
  6. cytonics are a form of delver. Delvers are at first estimated to be the size of a small planet, then shown to be much smaller. My theory is that spensa, doomslug, alanik, and the other cytonics are some form of delver. Evidence: being a cytonic is an inherited power; cytonics have a strange connection to the delvers; and m-bot's 'inhuman' comment morrimor is baby and i will protect them with my life i knew cuna was just trying to make spensa more comfortable and utterly failing at it alanik is pretty encompasses half a page morrimor
  7. Hey there! Happy Birthday!

  8. surreal memes are my aesthetic.

    look at em

    comedy gold



  9. not from a biased theatre kid perspective but shakespeare's plays are g R EA T. its just a bunch of idiots running around being stupid 10/10 very relatable

  10. Okay, so I don't know you, but I was searching for the Rep Levels thread, saw this, and just died. You might not think you're funny, but this screenshot says otherwise :P 

    Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 8.32.44 AM.png

    1. The Dude That Wore White

      The Dude That Wore White

      i can't believe people think that im not an absolute disaster

      well  i mean i am, but at least im a funny hot mess

    2. AonEne


      Eh, we’re all disasters sometimes. 

  11. I just use like basic questions and them meme charts like the basic questions help me actually develop the character, the memes help me see how they would react to a situation