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  1. Makes sense considering what Hoid asks him at the feast on WOK .
  2. I think that it is just meant to hold it in place, but it does not actually influence or interact with the investiture in any way. Basically just a brackety thing!
  3. If I am to give a reaction after my first read, I would say that it is my least favorite Stormlight book, I did enjoy it, and I recognize that there was a LOT, and I mean a LOT that went down, and needed to go down in order to set things up for book 5. I may change my mind on the book after reading it a couple more times as I felt that I was being yanked from one storyline to another just when I was starting to become engaged with it; I think that after reading it at least once more, I will be familiar enough with all storylines so as to follow it better.
  4. Right, Also I am seeing more and more that a potential solution to most of the Cosmere's shard related squabbles seems to be along the lines of what was done in Scadrial; as Navani described the Stormlight & Voidlight mixture as being in some sort of Harmony. Having seen Sazed's current limitations, I think that it allows for a deity to exist while allowing its world to just be; this last thought just gave a whole new meaning to "Unite Them".
  5. I completely agree with you, some part of me keeps thinking that T was under the influence of Cultivation's "Boon" which made him stupider which would in turn drive him towards a path that Odium wasn't anticipating thus giving him an edge, but based on Harmony's letters, it is foreshadowed that TOdium is going to be an even worse enemy which just makes it a bit shortsighted for her to set T loose like that. Now, If she did it for revenge, then that is something I can also understand, but right now I am just wishing and grasping for straws; I am sure once we zoom out onto the Cosmere, things will start to make more sense.
  6. I have always thought that there is something fishy about silver not being an Allomantic metal and then I read the Silence short story and I was even more lost as it invalidated all I had theorized, so I just gave up on trying to guess stuff about it.
  7. Thanks for following me!

  8. I think that given Hoid's quote to Dalinar and the letters he has written, it can be inferred that Adonalsium was shattered for a reason, but that things are not turning out as they expected after the shattering which means that they are not improving hence the part where he states that if one could put him back together into something else, maybe something that would be more akin to what he thinks is good. Again, also I believe that Adonalsium like Harmony may have been balanced, and had its heart on the right place, however lesser minds were unable to comprehend his actions
  9. I am leaning more towards uniting all the shards of Adonalsium; I am currently on my first re-read of stormlight, and on WOK Hoid tells Dalinar the quote below which has me thinking that this may be the right interpretation of the phrase. Nonsense. Balderdash. Figgldygrak. Isn't it odd that gibberish words are often the sounds of other words, cut up and dismembered, then stitched into something like them—yet wholly unlike them at the same time? "I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Aimian. If you do put a man together like that, Dalinar, be sure to name him Gibberish, after me. Or perhaps Gibletish.
  10. I believe that Odium has already agreed to a contest of champions but that contests itself is unresolved. I was listening to e Odium Shardcast, and they were asking basically "what would prompt Odium to agree to it" first I think that they covered some key points from which the most relevant to me I believe it is the fact that going against two shards that are cooperating was extremely risky for him, and I also believe that Tanavast may have given himself impossible odds. I think that the original contest of champions had something to do with the Heralds. I am pretty new to Stormlight so the timelight is a bit fuzzy, but here is what I imagine happened.......Honor saw that keeping Odium trapped in Roshar was something of a sacrifice to protect the rest of the Cosmere which is an Honorable thing to do, so he made a sweet deal for Odium to take that was basically the Desolations in which Honor and Odium would choose Champions, I am certain that Honor's were the Heralds, and maybe Odium's were the Unmade, but I am not sure on that second one. Anyways it was a fight to the Death, and would not be resolved until either group was destroyed. Since the Unmade are very hard to kill Odium jumped in on the deal, but then Honor went and did the Oathpact, essentially creating a loop of desolations that would essentially trap him. Then I think that in an attempt of tipping the scales Odium started creating the Fused, then Honor started the Heralds as a response. I think that after a while, Odium got frustrated and either went straight for tanavast, or just went straight for roshar which ended up on Tanavast's death and essentially leaving Odium trapped. On shardcast they also covered the fact that Odium recognizes that leaving Honor's splinters to freely roam around on Roshar wold be a problem for him on the future makes sense since he was unable to do anything else after killing Tanavast since he was and is still bound by the initial contest. I believe that this makes sense given what he is having Moash do by the end of OB. I realize that there may be a lot of flaws with what I just wrote, but that is kind of what I have imagined happened; I just find it easier for me to continue with the story if I have some sort of plausible explanation of why we got where were are on the books.