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  1. Nameless countersues Platypus for slander, demanding Platypus's turns with the sandwich as recompense. Meanwhile, I steals the sandwich from Nerdy and gallivants off to the other side of the world.
  2. I leaps from the ground and takes the sandwich, destroying the court system on his way out.
  3. I then runs away into the woods and disappears, cackling with laughter all the way.
  4. Maybe not, but I’ve held the Shard of Flavor before, and that one knows even more about flavors than the shard of Ramen.
  5. My fallen body stands up and hits your charred corpse with a shard of explodinatium, which explodes you again. Then I take the sandwich.
  6. Genuine chicken flavor can only be created by an evil Kandra-witch-insect centaur. Every other attempt at chicken-flavored ramen actually tastes like chull meat.
  7. Don’t lie to us. It’s well established fact that shardic noodles can only laugh in the face of pancakes with peanut butter on them.
  8. No one could laugh in the face of pancakes unless they were an evil Kandra witch-insect centaur.
  9. I hand you a bar of chocolate, then hit it with a chocolate explodinator and take the sandwich from your charred corpse.
  10. That does seem to make some sense. Maybe you’re not a Kandra pretending to be a Shard-witch-sorceress-waerloga-enchantress-Aes Sedai combo. One more question to see if you are: Pancakes?
  11. Nope. The Princess Bride movie is better than the book. TPBM doesn’t like sequel series.
  12. The women’s script from Stormlight would be pretty nifty. I’d finally be able to know what all the text in the illustrations is saying. what type of writing utensil do you prefer to use?
  13. And how would you know?
  14. I think I know what it is. Can I bring a general who’s afraid of the dark?
  15. That’s exactly what a Kandra pretending to be a Shard-witch-sorceress-waerloga-enchantress-Aes Sedai combo would say.
  16. A Memory of Light was really good, but I’ve been listening to the Fellowship of the Ring’s audiobook recently and that one’s really good as well, so I can’t decide. What’s your least favorite audiobook?
  17. That would be a problem. If I didn’t know that Kandras can use noodles as a bone substitute!
  18. The destroyer felt a shift in the balance of pulls, and the full force of the creature’s power and soul flowed into him. The power of Unity dragged the destroyer’s soul into the mass of conflicting emotions and thoughts that made up the creature’s consciousness, held together only by the power of the Plotblade and an overwhelming desire for vengeance. — “It cut away. Can’t have us seeing the result of the battle. That’d ‘spoil the plot’.” Moni yawned, picking up the remote and turning the tv off. “Well, I’m going to bed. If I’m getting dragged into plot again, might as well get a good night’s sleep first.”
  19. Guys! You can’t just jump to the least likely option right off the bat. Noodles is clearly just a Kandra pretending to be a Shard-witch-sorceress-waerloga-enchantress-Aes Sedai combo.
  20. The Addition Amorbas had quite an advantage over their more-complex counterparts: simplicity. Where the Quadratic Dogs planned, the Addition Ameobas took action. And so, they took a bunch of very large clubs and went to go beat up the Root Kittens.
  21. Granted. I changed it back because it’s been more than ninety days since I changed it twice for Ookla season. I wish to know how speed bubbles interact with internet.
  22. Granted. You will now win exactly half of your battles. I wish to know my enemy.
  23. Earth: Greenland "Yeah. I doubt I could even make a gateway to the Clinic anymore. My gateways were already starting to become unstable when we left."
  24. If you do not think yourself capable of subduing them, abandon this attempt at claiming me. They and I are linked, and you have not the strength to separate us. "Sort of? More of a "Plot" channel than anything. It helps me stay up to date.