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  1. An ingenious plan. He'll be so traumatized.
  2. That sound like a great idea! I think we should force him to kill his dog.
  3. Wait, you're an Author? Makes sense, this being the Authors-only communication channel. Don't tell mine. I stole his computer while he wasn't looking, and I don't think he's noticed yet.
  4. He's obviously lying. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So what kind of arc do you think we should give him? I was thinking he could discover all the terrible things we've done so he can learn to hate us even more! And then he could turn other people to his side in a desperate attempt to end TLT. Anyone have any characters or avatars that would sympathize? If we don't have enough, I'm open to making more.
  5. Ruined City of ???: Outskirts Nameless came to a halt on a ridge overlooking the city proper. "Stop here. There are enemies ahead." He examined the city, then made a quick gateway that opened far above the city to get a top-down view. "That's odd. They're only in half the city." @Aes Sedai @Random Bystander @Thaidakar the Ghostblood Island on a Distant World "What's the hurry? There might be some unique situations during nighttime." Lark examined the newcomer. "Who are you again?" @The Bookwyrm @Being of Cacophony
  6. But at least Kilometers would be free.
  7. Kilometers screamed in horror. Now he would never be free. Unless... Unless he destroyed TLT completely! Then he wouldn't be controlled, no one would.
  8. Kilometers took advantage of this distraction to use the corpse of the Narrator he'd just killed to create a bomb of randomness, hoping it would be enough to destroy the Narrator's hold on him.
  9. Ruined City of ???: Outskirts Nameless nodded, staring at the image. "Right. Come on." He dashed off towards the center of the city, doing his best to ignore Malum's taunts.
  10. "Of course. I forget. Your lies all seem to blend together, since you've told so many."
  11. Nameless shrugged. "At least I can find you, if I must. Really though, shouldn't you be getting back to TAAron?"
  12. Nameless smiled, wrapping a flow of spirit around Malum. "There. Now I know where you are."
  13. Indeed. This task would prove to be impossible, though he searched the rest of hi-Hey! What're you doing here? This isn't supposed t-hrk...
  14. Nameless lashed out blindly with weaves of spirit, sharpening them to a razor's edge as he sought out Malum.
  15. Kilometers wept silently as he drew his blade on the Narrator, who was currently unaware of his presence. I thought they only controlled the afterlife, but they control all of it. Everything. They control everything. I must end them, before they decide to end me.