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  1. No one gave Platypus a look that indicated that he did know that person's identity. The creature stepped back from Rym, face showing surprise as its shattered Blade reformed. @The Bookwyrm
  2. The Second Archive "Look for signs that the One Power was used?" Nameless examined the shelf nearest to him. "Or we could try to figure out their cataloguing system."
  3. No One raised an eyebrow. "A solid plan. Although Subversion gave her Blade to the creature that Rym is fighting. She specifically molded that creature to be a perfect match for the Blade, I believe. The fourth Blade that I was speaking of is in the hands of one who has sworn not to use it. As for my Blade, I am afraid to say that I will not part with it. You would find it more burden than aid." As No One spoke, Platypus felt a new mental shield begin to form around his thoughts, one more powerful than he'd had before. "It prevents almost all forms of communication, as payment for the ability that it holds. Analysis, it is called. With it, I can see the powers, weaknesses, skills, and even thoughts of everyone around me. It is quite useful, although it took years of training to master." He held his hand to the side, and his own Blade appeared in it, Platypus's connection severed in an instant. He gave Platypus a look that said "You do not wish to spend years almost entirely unable to communicate. Analysis is my burden to bear." and placed the sword back on the wall.
  4. "I cannot. Now, listen closely. When Plot was slain, his power entered into his blade. However, without Plot himself to control it, the power was too great to be contained in any single sword. And so, it split. I don't know how many versions of Plot's sword are out there, but I know this: if anyone where to master the power of every blade, they would be able to wield unimaginable power." No One's face grew dark at the thought. "Fortunately, my research indicates that it is nigh-impossible to master the power of multiple blades of Plot. Even one blade is difficult for those not properly aligned with their blade's power. Case in point, you and Vengeance. That blade should be among the most powerful, but you have not even begun to unlock its true potential."
  5. No One winces, and Platypus feels an agonizing pain shoot through the fabric of his being, worse than any he'd ever felt. "That sword does not allow its wielder to speak. It is the burden of carrying this version of Plot's sword."
  6. No one frowned, giving Platypus a look that said "Take the sword if you wish to know more."
  7. The two blades are markedly different, although a certain similarity is apparent in their design. No One offers the blade to Platypus, holding up a finger in a shushing motion.
  8. The Second Archive Nameless drew in saidin to summon a globe of flame, revealing a vast room filled with endless bookshelves containing an uncountable amount of books. "Probably a safe assumption."
  9. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Nameless didn't look as Thaidakar left, channeling saidin and saidar into the massive crystal in the center of the courtyard. "This is... interesting. I've read about saidar, but channeling it is an entirely new experience." As he worked, the prism began glowing, lines of light shooting out into the smaller crystals around the courtyard. Nameless frowned, glancing around. "Shouldn't something be happening? I-" He cut off as tendrils of darkness shot out of the ground around the courtyard, wrapping the crystal pedestals in shadow, then lashing out to wrap him, Rue, and Random in shadows and dragging them down through the cobblestones and into darkness. The Second Archive Nameless opened his eyes, and was met by darkness. "Guys? Are you down here?" @Aes Sedai @Random Bystander Island on a Distant World Lark cocked his head, looking at Platypus closely. "Of course I know. Your soul is in the process of merger." @Being of Cacophony
  10. No One shook his head in disappointment and the sword reappeared in his hand. He held it towards Platypus with an expression that said "look more closely at this blade. Notice anything familiar?"
  11. No One gives Platypus an affronted look, then pulls a sword off the wall and levels it at his neck.
  12. No One didn't react at first, eyes examining the depths of the Narrator's soul. Finally, he turned, gesturing for Platypus to follow as he opened a secret passage in his home and walked down into a basement.
  13. Subversion found them adorable.
  14. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Nameless shot Thaidakar a glare s he entered the link with Rue. I tell you to stay quiet about Callandor and you go and bring it up like that? @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Aes Sedai
  15. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Nameless shook his head. "No, Callandor is too dangerous. Far too dangerous. Rue, I don't know if this is going to work, but I don't have any better ideas. Are you going to initiate the link?" @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Aes Sedai
  16. Island on a Distant World Lark clutched his chest suddenly, wincing in pain. "Bookwyrm, something's wrong. The clinic may be in danger. We must hurry." He turned to the group of Lightbringers. "Do you know how to leave this place? Get back into the wider multiverse?" @The Bookwyrm Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Nameless nodded, putting himself on the edge of reaching saidin in preparation to link. "Thaidakar, linking is actually safe. The chances of us exploding are about as low as if we used the power separately. I just don't think that Rue will like me being in charge of her channeling." @Aes Sedai @Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  17. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Nameless frowned. “Rue, I think I might know what the riddle means.” Rue could feel his reluctance through the bond. “It says we need balance, and considering this Archive stores all the collected knowledge of the One Power… well, we could try linking.” @Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  18. Ruined City off ???: Central Prism “The other Archive was on a different plane of existence. Who’s to say blowing holes in the ground would do anything besides destroying the entrance?”
  19. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism. Nameless nodded. "All right. How do we get into the Archive? Something to do with that inscription?" @Aes Sedai @Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  20. That, and it ruined the mystique. So when Platypus came to him for answers, No One simply gave him a look that very clearly said "I'm wiser than you in every way imaginable. Compared to mine, your knowledge is less than that of a flea." The figure blocked the Mordite blade with its own, sword of Plot shattering like glass at the impact.
  21. Ruined City of ??? Nameless cursed, forcing himself to a sprint as he headed for the center of the city. Over his shoulder, he shouted back to Thaidakar. “No need! We’re close.” He passed streets filled with darkness, ignoring any shadow creature that didn’t get in his way. He leapt over some fallen rubble, shoved one final shadow creature to the side with air, and- Ruined city of ???: Central Prism Nameless burst into a circular courtyard, edges dotted with pillars holding fist-sized crystals. Now that he was here, the street behind him seemed dark, filled with shadows. On the opposite side of the courtyard, the street leading into the center seemed the opposite, lit with unnatural light. In the center of the courtyard, a massive prismatic crystal stood, somehow refracting shadows as well as light. Next to the central crystal stood a pedestal with writing engraved on it in a variety of languages, one of which Nameless could read: Only balance leads to true enlightenment. Nameless came to a halt, panting. “Looks like we’re here.” @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Aes Sedai @Random Bystander
  22. Ruined City of ??? All right. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Keep TAAron safe. Nameless shouted to the others, increasing his speed. “Something’s happening at the clinic! We need to hurry up and finish here so we can help.” @Aes Sedai @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Random Bystander
  23. No One, it should be noted, did not like talking.
  24. Ruined City of ??? Nameless ran down the street, blasting away any creatures that got close. Tors? What’s up?
  25. Ruined City of ??? “Uh, wrong way.” Nameless pointed down a different street. “It’s that way. You’re heading towards a group several hundred strong.” @Thaidakar the Ghostblood