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  1. Unintelligible took offense to all the non-quest stuff going on, so he decided to just teleport everyone, including Szeth, to the source of the greatest currently active evil in TLT, rationalizing that this would be bound to be where Subversion was hiding. He was wrong. Very wrong.
  2. Nameless didn't take the man's hand. "Sorry, I don't give my name to strangers. I've read enough books to know that."
  3. Nameless watched the unfamiliar man carefully, forming weaves of air to bind the stranger if he made any sudden moves.
  4. "Nurse Joy? What's going on with him?"
  5. "It'd remove the metals from his stomach, wouldn't it? Might even have a positive effect on his soul."
  6. "I'm still a bit too tired for that, I'd say. I'll probably be better after a good night's sleep. "Hm. I haven't quite gotten a handle on shielding people who use magic systems different from my own, or I could do that. Is there any way to convince him to burn aluminum?"
  7. "I don't know. Nurse Joy is looking at him right now." "It's very unlikely. I'm nowhere near tired enough to lose control of saidin."
  8. Unintelligible raised his sword to Szeth's throat. "Alright. Let's prove he's secretly Subversion. Szeth, what's your real name."
  9. "You'll be fine. If anything, I'll be the one that dies." Before Wynn could protest further, Nameless drew in saidin, placing a hand on her shoulder and forming a healing weave of all five Powers.
  10. "Aha! I knew it! Szeth must secretly be Subversion!"
  11. "You're probably right." "Yes I'm sure. Nurse Joy patched me up."
  12. Unintelligible sighed, but decided not to push Phillipe any further. "So, who's going to teleport us this time?"
  13. "Ah. Well, spren can be like that too."
  14. "It's basically what you are. Magic entity that is native to another dimension, strong ones can bond with people and transform into a weapon. Has TAAron not told you about them?"
  15. "Um, sure, I guess? Unless you're like an evil spren pretending to be Tors."