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  1. Well, after RoW, Radiants now 1. Have experience fighting enemies who can drain their investiture. 2. Some of them have living shardplate, which is shown to regenerate quickly upon taking damage. 3. Have a lot more combat experience. 4. Have better showings of regeneration. (Kaladin repeatedly healing from stabs to the spine for a long time before running low on stormlight) We have not, however, seen: 1. Stonewards in combat. 2. Exact details about the difference between living and dead shardplate. So, has reading RoW changed anyone's mind about the battle between Radiants and Mistborn? Which Twinborn matchups can the Radiants now win? How many Radiants to kill a Fullborn?
  2. Welcome to the Minecraft fan club! Our membership requirements are simple: 1. You must like Minecraft 2. You must play Minecraft 3. You must play on Java, Bedrock is not truly Minecraft. You get bonus points for having beaten the Enderdragon and/or the Wither, and making awesome redstone machines and farms. Now, for those of you who don't play Minecraft and are wanting in on it, here is an advisory list and starting guide: There are two editions of Minecraft: Bedrock and Java. Bedrock is the edition that used to be called pocket edition, or windows ten edition. Java is the original, the secretly inferior best edition. Java is available only on the computer, while Bedrock is available and compatible across PC, iOS, Android, X-box one, gear VR, Playstation 4, and Nintendo switch. Here are some of the advantages that Java and Bedrock have over each other: Bedrock: Java:
  3. The title says it all! ask me any question you want. (I reserve the right to ignore any questions I don't want to answer.)
  4. This game is simple, if you possessed Szeth's oathstone, when he was a truthless, what would you order him to do? You can't set him free, order him to kill himself, or take his... WoR spoilers: but everything else is fair game.
  5. Well, I finished the Wheel of Time series. I started on July 21st of this year, and finished it on the 15th of October about thirty minutes ago. My favorite character ended up being Mat, after I valiantly strove to like all characters equally for ten books. I feel like the last battle would have gone a lot smoother if he had been in charge from the start. Perrin is awesome, The Aes Sedai are the most annoying people in the world, and now I want to see Lan versus Kaladin on a battlefield. I would love to see a story about the world after The Wheel of Time, although I suppose I'll just have to imagine it. In basically every book after Moraine "died" Rand got progressively worse and worse, until I was getting close to hating him. At the start of the thirteenth book, that all turned around, and I like Rand's character quite a bit. On an unrelated side note, doesn't Rand simply sealing the Dark One back in his prison mean that all of this will play out again, just as it likely has many times before? Better put up a cuendillar sign on the prison.
  6. Kaladin spoke up. "Lift? are you daydreaming again? I thought you said you'd pay attention if I trained you to fight with a spear."
  7. This made Rlain sad. He left quickly.
  8. Lift spat them out in Jasnah's face, then ran away.
  9. This was perfectly normal. (Although Kelsier kept trying to get her to try bacon.)
  10. Well, before RoW came out, I made this (mostly jokingly) thread here detailing what Kaladin's going to do. After reading RoW, I think that Kaladin's mission to Shinovar will be his last combat mission until the back half. He might swear the fifth ideal, he might not, but either way, I think he's going to retire to fix the Rosharan medical system and train new Windrunners.
  11. YKYASFWY read and like books that Brandon didn't publish because they weren't good enough.
  12. Darryl glanced at the forest. "Do you hear something?" Various thumps and cracks sounded out in the dark.
  13. A troll froze, club an inch from her head.
  14. A twig snapped behind her.
  15. "Well, hopefully they don't get attacked by a monster. That would be terribly cliché."
  16. So, at most you would need 32 tones to counter metalborn. I think, however, that you actually only need to use 3 at most, Harmony's tone, Preservation's tone, and Ruin's tone. Mistborn and Mistings get their power from their connection to Preservation, so if you destroy that connection, they would be unable to get power.
  17. "I don't. I have some matches though."
  18. "That's good. Um, would any of you know how to start a fire?"
  19. "No need. I can summon them from my interdimensional vault. I have a bracelet coded to allow access to it on my... right arm. Right."
  20. "Ah. Well, do you have any marshmallows?"
  21. "Well, does she happen to know any campfire stories?"
  22. "Well, do you have any ideas?"
  23. "Bother. My arm's disappeared on me."