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  1. Clinic: Cafeteria Nameless rounded a corner running at full speed, then abruptly pulled to a stop. Before him lay the entrance to the cafeteria, filled with a horde of countless Kaos tigers and other monstrosities. above their heads, he could see what appeared to be a group of survivors fighting for their lives. There didn't look to be many left. Around him and the others the cracks in reality were widening, the clinic's reality collapsing back into nothing. "Creator shelter us." He breathed, frozen for a moment in horror. @Aes Sedai @Ati16 Clinic: Roof Lark struggled to his feet, face rigid with agony. "I... cannot." He extended his hand jerkily, and a new Kaos blade appeared. "This is the only path I can take. The only path that will allow me to reach my goals." @Telrao
  2. “I… take it you don’t know how to get there?” Nameless opened a gateway to an empty plain somewhere in Greenland. “Does that help?” He ran off, tying the gateway open behind him. “Right. Rue, Ati, I can sense a large concentration of Kaos’s forces near the cafeteria. I think there’s some survivors there.” @Aes Sedai @Ati16 Clinic: Roof Lark screamed in pain, tossing his sword aside before it exploded and falling to his knees. The connection between him and Telrao snapped as he lost concentration, the flames of Kaos around him sputtering weakly. @Telrao
  3. As a matter of fact, maybe.
  4. The brave adventurer nods, then slowly fades away, returning to normal reality. that’s some impressive coding. Most I’ve ever done is write a program (with some help from my vastly more programming-skilled brother) that reversed my writing.
  5. “I asked because I was dying.” The brave adventurer rests a reverent hand on the Plotblade of Lore. “Of curiosity and boredom. Thank you for answering my question.” Abruptly, the brave adventurer takes his hand off of Lore and begins walking towards the door. “Please ask your investigator not to divulge my entire life story once he deciphers all of the data he got off of me. I would prefer that my backstory remained a secret for the moment.” I would also like to know how you know that. Do you have a program or something for it, or did you count manually?
  6. He didn’t destroy it during Wax’s experiment, so him knowing or not isn’t relevant there. And mostly unable to act is not wholly unable to act. I don’t find it impossible that he could influence his own godmetal in such a way as to either outright destroy the Lerasium produced or at least cause it to be vulnerable to destruction.
  7. After giving it some thought, I don’t know that Harmony was lying. He could be destroying the Lerasium on purpose, in order to prevent Mistborn from returning. Eventually, everyone would just assume that the experiment doesn’t make Lerasium, and then intent would take over. So I definitely still think he’s trying to mislead everyone, but he might have been telling the truth when he told Kelsier that all the Lerasium was destroyed in the explosion.
  8. The brave adventurer shakes his head. “That won’t be necessary. I just… wanted to know. Your Plotblade, the one everyone says is the most powerful of them all. Is it Continuity?”
  9. The brave adventurer appears quietly in the room, glowing with a previously hidden power. That glow fades as he regards the ruler of the realm he has travelled through. “Onyx, I would ask an audience of you. It is of the utmost importance.”
  10. Unfortunately, No One was also allergic to goats.
  11. No One was immune to aoe sound attacks.
  12. "Thanks." Slowly black cracks appeared throughout the lobby, forming holes into nothing. "Light, we need to move! Rue, Ati, you're with me. Insa, you go with Bookwyrm. We'll evacuate all the patients that we can, then meet up afterwards. Do you know how to get to Earth? We can rendezvous there." @The Bookwyrm @Ati16 @InfiniteInsanity
  13. "Yes, I doubt it will attack you until it has completed its revenge, unless you get in the way."
  14. Subversion shrugged. "For vengeance, that creature will do anything." she tilted her head, eyes gaining a far-off look. "In any case, thanks for the favor. I owe you one."
  15. "Bad for you? It'll be great for you. That thing is going to be such an amazing antagonist. If you ever have to fight it, good luck. And I'd be careful about thinking you'll be able to take the power back easily. The nature of the Plotblade you've just empowered will make that... difficult."
  16. Page 2348 "Great! I'd just like you to speed up the power-granting process a little. It'll be worth it, I promise."
  17. Clinic: Lobby "Right. Bookwyrm and I can both lead a group then." @The Bookwyrm @InfiniteInsanity
  18. Clinic: Lobby Nameless opened a gateway to the space between dimensions, dropping the last of the forces of Kaos that remained in the lobby into it. The gateway snapped closed, and he released saidin, breathing heavily. "There will be more of them coming. We need a plan. It looks like the emergency protocols have been disabled, so the only way out is our own portals. Bookwyrm, you can travel between dimensions. Who else here can? We should split into groups, move throughout the clinic, and save as many people as we can." @Aes Sedai @InfiniteInsanity @Ati16 @The Bookwyrm Clinic: Roof Lark drew another Aon, and in a flash of light he appeared inside the bubble of light, right behind Telrao. He slashed his blade at her neck. @Telrao
  19. Clinic: Lobby Nameless frowned. "I don't actually know exactly how many patients there are. Hundreds, at least." He hesitated, then channeled saidin through the ter'angreal, a beam of light eviscerating a group of Kaos tigers. "Bookwyrm will probably know more. He's staff." @Aes Sedai @InfiniteInsanity
  20. Clinic: Roof Nameless stepped through the portal into the lobby, already launching weaves of fire and earth at the forces of Kaos there. "As I said, there should be portals to safe worlds. If the safety protocols have failed, I can gateway them out myself, although I have a limited spectrum of worlds I can Travel to. Insa, you can travel interdimensionally, right? I think Bookwyrm could too. Is he here?" @Aes Sedai @InfiniteInsanity Lark shouted, Kaos exploding from him and forcing the cats away. When the shadows cleared he was standing, holding one hand in front of himself. A crimson thread of connection appeared suddenly, extending from his chest and into Telrao's. Lark moved his hand rapidly, lines of light trailing from it, and in an instant an Aon Daa shot forwards towards the two cats. @Telrao
  21. Clinic: Roof Nameless nodded. "Right. If the emergency protocols are still working, evacuation portals should be opening around the clinic. We need to get down there and start helping people get to them. Does anyone know the exact situation down there? Actually, let me just check." He opened a Gateway down into the lobby, revealing a scene of utter Kaos. @Aes Sedai @InfiniteInsanity @The Wandering Wizard Lark cursed, moving to dodge the aon. Then, strangely, he stopped, letting the Aon slam into him. The impact blasted the corrupted psychiatrist off his feet, sending him skidding a dozen feet across the roof. @Telrao
  22. Clinic: Roof Nameless shook his head emphatically. "Emma's too powerful for us right now. Any damage we do, Kaos will heal. We need time to learn how this ter'angreal works, to figure out a way to fight on our own terms and not hers. We can charge into battle now, a battle that we'll probably lose, or we can fight to save lives. Please Rue, the people of the clinic are dying, or worse. Please help me save them." @Aes Sedai Lark cut the Aon from the air, then, moving with Kaos-granted speed, stabs his Blade for the Second's heart. @Telrao
  23. Nameless grabbed her arm. "Rue. I hate to say it, but I don't think fighting Emma here will accomplish anything. She has all the advantages right now, and even if we win we're still inside a dimension that's about to start collapsing."
  24. Lark leaped forward, striking towards the Second with his dark Blade.