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  1. Why did you choose your username? If you had to choose another one, what would it be?
  2. Cool. How's non-adult life going for ya?
  3. Doesn't that make you not a stick?
  4. If you're under 18, you're a non-adult. If you're over 18, then yes, you need a lawyer to prove yourself a non-adult. As far as I know, the only penalty for non-adults is the fact that I believe people under 13 aren't allowed due to legal reasons.
  5. Yeah... sad. TLT FOREVER BABY!
  6. No problem. Granted. Your bane is that the jacket makes you uncomfortably hot whenever you wear it. Edit- I guess my wish didn't get granted. I wish for a deevy knife.
  7. technosupport

    Techno content! Any of you guys catch the livestream?
  8. If there is a limit, then TLT will undoubtedly reach it first.
  9. I wish for people to remember the little things like doing their laundry, checking their blind spot before merging, and not giving their credit card number out on the internet. Oh, and also MAKING A WISH!
  10. After years of lawsuits, the case finally went to Joe the impartial, supreme judge of all worlds, universes, and realities.
  11. So, any bets on whether someone's going to win in your lifetime?