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  1. Nameless asked everyone if they had known that llamas were an excellent wolf-deterrent.
  2. It is a little intimidating when you see it on a thread you've posted on. (Also, please note that whenever you change your profile pic, it might result in a few heart attacks.)
  3. Everyone had already left to go to the bathroom.
  4. Nale was taking lessons from Batman.
  5. A shifty-looking guy from the ebay opened his coat to reveal several hair-dryers of various kinds.
  6. She decided to kill everyone on the planet with lightning except for the turducken.
  7. They'll bow in awe of our ability to predict the future.
  8. Well, after waiting a few days, I have come to the conclusion that my brain was more melted than I thought. Whose role would Mat take over? Rand's or the Dark One's? Also, what do you mean? Why would Rand killing the Dark One do that? Yeah, it was pretty intense. Yeah, that's cool. I guess that the next Rand reborn in the next third age won't have Rand's memories, right?
  9. I have no idea where I will be in 20 years. Some sharders will leave, others will stay, others will die, an others will randomly decide that they absolutely hate Brandon Sanderson and leave after telling everyone how absolutely awful his latest books have become. (And maybe we'll stop joking about stick.) (Also, there will probably be a lot more arguments about which character is the best).
  10. I have been loving everyone's chapters in the RoW preview chapters, and I feel that Kaladin might actually be making progress with his depression, instead of just ignoring it. Shallan feels a little repetitive, I guess, but I fully trust that Brandon will be able to pull it off well. I could honestly see Shallan's final oath being that she had a happy childhood, or that she isn't a monster. I feel like a big part of why it feels like the characters aren't making progress is that we get only one chapter a week.