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  1. This is TST. You use italics.
  2. Nameless turned to Melody. "You're not a narrator?"
  3. Nameless grabbed the skull and shoved it onto X's avatars head.
  4. Nameless cut a hole back to TLT proper.
  5. Nameless stole a piece of the donut and ate it.
  6. A portal opens up, and Nameless tumbles through it. He walks up to the counter and examined the menu. "Lets see... I'll have the awakened stew and... lemonade to drink."
  7. *gives @Condensation the Heimlich*
  8. Nameless floated, barely conscious of anything. He felt Melody come, and felt her leave. He felt... a presence. Something that was not new, and yet he could not remember feeling it before. Then a voice spoke: Hello, Nameless. Nameless looked around him, but he could see nothing. "Where are you? Who are you?" The voice answered: I am . I am your Author. Nameless gasped. "I- could you bring me back? free me from TST? bring me back to life?" I could. Some might resist me, but I could free you from this place. Though you could easily free yourself. This is not your afterlife, after all. I could do all of that. The question is, why should I? I am an author, and as a general rule, we do not interfere with the doings of narrators. Even if that was not so, you have not been living up to your name. Or rather, your lack of one. You are supposed to be unnamable, and yet you are namable. That is why you are tired. You first felt the exhaustion when you fell into the void. You did the same thing every time, you attacked first. You never once made a different choice, always choosing to attack yourself. After being freed, you decided to do something different, to teach instead of fight. But when the school was attacked, you batteled to stop it. You used Shar, as you always have. And so you felt tired again. And then you fought the monsters in the dream, and then you came here. You must do new things, gain new knowledge, if you are to overcome the exhaustion of repetition. Only then will you be a true narrator of mine. Only then will I revive you. Nameless hesitated, "I see. Thank you for telling me this. I will try to gain new experiences."He looked around again."But in order to do so, I need to get out of TST. Normally, I would use Shar to cut a hole, but I don't have him right now." The voice laughed. Don't you know any other way to open a hole? Nameless considered, then smiled, then spoke. "I am a fictitious character who is the result of someone's imagination." The fourth wall ripped open, and Nameless jumped through the rift and disappeared.
  9. Nameless stumbled back. "I... Think you have the wrong person. I've never met you in my life."
  10. Nameless drew Shar, running after Melody.
  11. The giant chickens offered a very good price for their eggs. Five tons of Atium for a dozen eggs.
  12. The eggs disappeared. as did Melody.
  13. "That won't work here." a voice said. "You must use a different type of narrating."
  14. And because she cut her finger with the blade.