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  1. And yet, it is less effective without enhancement. One could still use F-iron without being able to stand while tapping, but the power still compensates for that. How? She was moving at speeds that should have made it impossible for her to react like she did without a 1:1 mental speed increase, and nothing we know about Kandra suggests they have heightened reaction times.
  2. It's not about not killing oneself, it's about being able to use the power. And given what we've seen in the books unless you're tapping at an absolutely insane rate, the increased speed of thought is equal to the increased physical speed.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. However, easy explanation is that F-iron only siphons off enough investiture to allow one to move normally, as it's not meant to increase strength. might be a bit weird, but F-iron is already pretty weird. Even if it works that way, if her mind wasn't sped up the extra input wouldn't allow her to react to it any more than she could react to her eyesight. Besides, if it did work that way then she would have had some indication of Wax's plan with Wayne, and wouldn't have been so shocked when Wax started shooting her from the speedbubble.
  4. If he's ten times more massive, wouldn't 10x strength be effectively the same as 1x strength at normal mass, as it takes ten times as much strength to move himself? Yes, but she had sped up before that, and there was no indication that she was using a different amount of speed in that particular instance than when she'd moved throughout the mansion. Besides, we're talking about reaction time here, so the simple fact that she was able to react relative to her own speed is all that is relevant, regardless of how long she was at that speed. Yes, but that shouldn't change her reaction time.
  5. F-iron keeps up fairly well while tapping, considering how much Wax normally taps. And increasing strength is something completely outside F-iron's ballpark, so to speak. F-steel, on the other hand, is already increasing the speed at which one's muscles move, one's blood flows through their veins, etc. It won't take that much energy, comparatively, to speed up one's thoughts. Are you saying that Wax should be able to lift ten times as much if he becomes ten times as heavy? Because that doesn't really compare to what we're saying at all. Bleeder tapped for much more than a fraction of a second when she attacked the governor's mansion. And while Trellium spikes are strange, we have no real reason to think that Bleeder's allomantic or feruchemical abilities were abnormally powered up by them.
  6. Except that all in-book evidence points to it keeping up with at least at low rates of tapping, much like F-iron.
  7. "Of course. I went to great lengths to claim that Blade. It's the blade of Unity, although it does appear to be in quite a state of disrepair." Subversion shook her head in annoyance. "That Avatar fellow is quite annoying, Bookwyrm. My plot with the monster was going excellently before he butted in. Rym was going to push it until it came to a new realization of its powers and then it would escape, and it would run rampant across the thread as a cool antagonist for quite some time before someone managed to stop it." She sighed. "It would have been so perfect." "Pretty much." Moni turned her head to look at the lawn outside, scarred by the battle that had taken place there last night. "Are you sure there wasn't anything? You're not hiding it from me just because you know I hate getting into Plot, right?"
  8. @therunner, it says that the speed of thought increases are similar to the slight strength increase in F-iron, not that the mental speed does not keep up with physical speed. And he also explains exactly why it doesn’t have to have a temporal effect in order to cause the increased mental speed in that same WoB. That’s the whole point.
  9. The ones called Rym and Avatar. They wanted our power, so they killed us and took it. If they had not, then you would be us. We would be us. There would be no us. We would be whole. — “Yes. My Author wishes to inform you that the Plotblade of ‘Suddenly, Pineapples’ is utterly powerless. Its very nature is antithetical to Plot’s, and Nameless is surprised that it is even a Plotblade. Perhaps it is the means by which Plot was killed, something utterly against his nature forcibly incorporated into his being.” — “Odd. I’d think whoever sent you here would have some Plot they’d want to send you on, dragging me with you.” Moni frowned. “Well, that’s fine with me, I suppose. I’ve been doing just fine without Plot in my life.” She went back to her breakfast, a slightly disgruntled look on her face.
  10. On Scadrial I’d pick unlimited F-Atium, immortality would be pretty cool. On Earth, I’d pick A-Atium solely so that I could prove exactly how effective in combat it is to people on the Shard.
  11. Earth: Greenland Nameless looked at Bookwyrm. “You’re the expert on inter dimensional travel. Do you know of any safe places to put the refugees?” @Aes Sedai @The Bookwyrm @InfiniteInsanity @Ati16
  12. Can I bring some important jewels?
  13. The voices of the creature were silent for a time. When they spoke again, they were quiet, speaking in a semblance of unison. We want to be whole. They killed us, stole us. We cannot be whole until we have reclaimed what was stolen. — Subversion smiled. “I’m Subversion, current Narrator of Namless. Speaking of, he told me to tell you the powers of ‘Suddenly, Pineapples’.” — Moni nodded, gesturing towards a jug sitting on the table. “So, do you have any quests you need to go on? Have any prophetic dreams last night?”
  14. @therunner, that first WoB you linked to says that the temporal effects of F-steel are minor, not the sped-up speed of thought. The questioner was specifically asking about the ferring’s relation to the flow of time when using their powers.