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  1. The fire started spreading, as if in response to the screams of the many.
  2. The thing is, Radiants aren't pipes. Radiants are dams. A Mistborn takes power from Preservation, and their "pipe" determines how quickly they can take that power. Radiants take power from spheres or Honor's perpecdicularity, but they are not limited by how quickly they can absorb power, but by how much power they can hold. Like seriously, name one time in the books where a Radiant was limited in how quickly they could use their powers. If there is a limit, then it is there because to use their powers more quickly would kill them.
  3. Nameless summoned water out of the air in an attempt to put out the fire. It didn't work very well.
  4. So, here's a WoB on how compounding works (spoiled for length): So basically, when you compound, you are burning the charged metalmind. However, because of the investiture you stored in that metalmind, instead of getting the normal allomantic power from the metal, you instead get the feruchemical power. So, to answer your question, it would not be difficult to compound connection because the allomantic effect doesn't activate while you are compounding. It is replaced with the feruchemical effect. That said, burning normal duraluminum while compounding could be dangerous:
  5. Nameless winced as the statue immediately went up in flames.
  6. Ignoring all the laws of physics, Nameless completed his thousand-foot tall rock statue. It stood tall and proud, a perfect representation of his now-deceased rock pet.
  7. Mach speed Kal can already happen. Give him enough stormlight and he can do it. Your analogy of large force over small time compared to small force over large time doesn't work because Radiants can already do large force over large time. They are limited by two factors: the strength of their intent, and their available stormlight. Duraluminum neither increases the available stormlight nor increases the strength of their intent. Therefore, it would have little or no beneficial effect for Radiants.
  8. Nameless thought that this was an overly complicated method of thinking that this was an overly complicated method for carving a statue. He laughed maniacally as he continued to carve, intent on breaking as many brains as possible.
  9. Okay. Well I do. Thus there was an argument. Because I think that there is a big difference between Hitler and someone who killed a couple of people and abused his children.
  10. She either could use soulcasting from gemstones like Shallan was able to link lightweaving to gems, or she just used the stormlight quickly enough that she never glowed.
  11. What, so if I blow up a planet then feel sorry about doing it and decide not to do it again, that makes it better? It's not. I am not arguing that Lin isn't evil. I am arguing that he is sympathetic evil. Can you agree that you feel bad for him? Is there a difference between him and Voldemort?
  12. True, but what is that redemption? doing good things? Is Darth Vader a good person at the end of Return of the Jedi? Does saving his son make up for blowing up a planet? No. It makes him a more sympathetic and nuanced bad person, but does not change the evil things that he did. Lin Davar is an evil person, but he had good intentions that were twisted by the unmade. Does this excuse him? no. Does this make him pitiable and sympathetic? maybe.
  13. Everyone does or has done evil things for evil reasons. If you don't allow exceptions for extenuating circumstances, then there are no "good" people in the world.
  14. Yes, but he also wants to save the world. As I said, doing to wrong thing for the sort-of-right reasons for a sort-of-right goal. Besides, this is irrelevant. All I'm saying is that either the world has things such as nuanced evil, or there is no good.
  15. Sadeas was a thrill addict who wanted to "save Alethkar" by taking control by force, so that he could start a war with other countries. He treats his underlings with contempt, callously throwing away lives. He wanted power, not to protect Alethkar. If he wanted to protect Alethkar, he would have supported the king, not fought against him. Taravangian only wants to save the world, he feels guilty about his actions, he treats those around him with respect, and he only kills the people he thinks he needs to kill in order to save more. Elantris: