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  1. @Frustration, Kaladin's Plate took the form of windspren when he was giving it to people, so it's not always in the form of armor. my interpretation is that the Plate is always there, ready to be summoned (Unless you give it to someone else), but it doesn't stay solid all the time. Lirin noted that he couldn't feel it, even though he saw it, and I took that as an indication that the Plate can be incorporeal but not invisible. It definitely isn't always in Plate form, because of the windspren, but I could see it protecting you even when it is invisible but still in plate form.
  2. But only if you thought about it too hard.
  3. Nameless started playing a harp made of tendons.
  4. Yes this is a rickroll, don't click the link. And no, the release date is not out. SILKSONG RELEASE DATE IS OUT! Coming on November 18th 2021! (Here's the link to team Cherry's announcment, if you want it)
  5. are you alive?

    1. Frustration


      It's not looking good.

    2. Nameless


      Yeah, I'm alive. My school just blocked the 17th shard on their internet.

  6. Kaladin spoke up. "Lift? are you daydreaming again? I thought you said you'd pay attention if I trained you to fight with a spear."
  7. This made Rlain sad. He left quickly.
  8. Lift spat them out in Jasnah's face, then ran away.
  9. This was perfectly normal. (Although Kelsier kept trying to get her to try bacon.)
  10. Well, before RoW came out, I made this (mostly jokingly) thread here detailing what Kaladin's going to do. After reading RoW, I think that Kaladin's mission to Shinovar will be his last combat mission until the back half. He might swear the fifth ideal, he might not, but either way, I think he's going to retire to fix the Rosharan medical system and train new Windrunners.