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  1. "GO HASH BROWNS!!!!!!!!!" Nameless shouted.
  2. The goats stared at the old man. One of them spoke up: "Well, we were running low on rations anyways." That night, the goats feasted. The old man's house provided an excellent place to lay low, and if his neighbors came by to ask where he was... Well... Rations were still a little low.
  3. Fall. December 25. No, no, and probably not. Yes. Either Risk, Settlers of Catan, or Memoir 44.
  4. I agree.
  5. Which meant that the boat was piloted by goats. It was actually a warship.
  6. Nameless looked at Butt Venture disinterestedly. "Why'd you summon him?" He looked back to the champion. "HEY BUDDY! THANKS FOR THE HELP! YOU CAN GO NOW." The Champion disappeared back to the land of candy.
  7. "What? They insulted my power, attacked me with my own magic system. What did you want me to do? Summoning The Champion was the natural course of action." Nameless continued eating his popcorn.
  8. PLOT-LIKE WEIRDNESS!?! I call that plot. (Unless you're talking about this battle.)
  9. 100% WITH DRAFT THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Which is why The Champion was made partially immune to it. in order to be a legitimate threat to the narrators.
  11. If you can see exactly were the bullet is going to land, then yes, you can. Minor Steelheart spoilers: The primary point is to get the Radiant out of cover. 1. Man, if only Amaram had been in a fit state of mind, critically injured, and Rock hadn't shot him in the back. 2. As I said, allomantic bronze can detect illusions. 1. Yes, but even if it makes you 2x as fast as a normal person, a Mistborn with pewter is fast enough that with Atium, they can still dodge easily. 2. Why? Atium lets you react to everything, so that won't happen until the Mistborn runs out. Well, it did. 1. Atium? Regular people with Atium were able to slaughter their way through Kolloss that are about 4-5 times stronger than normal people, and have six foot long swords. A Mistborn will have no problem. 2. Atium? Seriously, the Radiant can't beat Atium. I have argued for a Radiant beating a Mistborn in the past. I still think that the Radiant cannot beat the Mistborn in close combat with Atium involved.
  12. Perfect! I really needed that. Now Retrac can't blackmail me anymore. I have a criminal record.
  13. Then The Champion remembered that it was attuned to the narration wavelength of it's master(s), which used to be Sugar and HFCS, but after they left, control of it was given to Nameless instead. While not totally immune to other narrators narration, it could not be affected by a single sentence, or something completely illogical. (Illogical meaning completely inconsistent with The Champions behavior and personality.)
  14. The Champion shook off the narrator's attempt to narrate it, and wrapped BoS with it's whip. Then it turned towards Truthless.
  15. Okay. Easy. They can see a few seconds into the future. They dodge that. Now the Radiant is out of Stormlight, and the Mistborn still has plenty of Atium left. We don't know if live Plate actually increases in strength, and all of my points still stand. 1. So the Mistborn dodges them. 2. You mean the decoy that the Mistborn knew was a decoy and ignored? 1. Plate doesn't give that much of an advantage against normal people, let alone a pewter-enhanced Mistborn. 2. The Mistborn has 3 or 4 times as much time to dodge, no problem. 3. It was a spear. Kaladin tried to hit the Shardbearer with a knife throw, but he missed. His spearhead had been cut off, and he grabbed that and slammed it through the eye slit. 1. Knocked down by what? 2. The Radiant is out of stormlight, they can't summon their Shardblade, their armor has a whole in it's chest and has locked up, and they have a Mistborn holding an aluminum daggers already touching them with one hand. Mistborn wins.