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  1. Which Nameless pulled a coin out of.
  2. I do think that TLR burning Lerasium would have had no effect, but if for some reason he had made himself equal to a normal Lerasium mistborn, he could've burned one of the two lerasium beads and become more powerful, rather than resorting to hemalurgy.
  3. TLR was overconfident, but he was also smart. His system was designed to keep things under his control. He played the nobles and inquisitors against each other, he used his own reputation to great effect, and was smart enough to implement the soothing stations. Giving permanent control of koloss to inquisitors would probably not be a good idea. Even if he did let them have control over sections of his army for extended periods of time, it would be small sections. Letting them control all of them would be a bad idea. Regardless of exactly how powerful TLR is, as @HavingTheHasHoidAPurpose? mentioned, using lerasium would be far superior. He had not just one but two leftover beads, and using them to give himself extra power would be infinitely better than giving someone lerasium, then killing them with hemalurgy.
  4. Nameless glared at the wind, then pulled a rabbit out of a boot.
  5. Nameless gasped. How had the wind seen the coin in his hand? He must be losing his edge.
  6. We don't know that they did, and I don't remember anything implying that they did. Inquisitors did control koloss to put down rebellions, but did TLR let them control the koloss when they don't need to? I don't think TLR would do that, no matter how sure he was of his control over the inquisitors.
  7. The thing is, the koloss didn't get any new spikes. They only made new koloss out of their existing spikes. TLR keeping the koloss away from cities probably came from the fact that even Ruin couldn't perfectly control them during rampages. The inquisitors may have controlled smaller groups of koloss on occasion, but do you really think that TLR trusted them enough to let the permanently control large sections of his army?
  8. Wasn't Elend starting to feel stretched by the number of Kolloss he controlled? TLR controlled every single Kolloss, which I believe numbered in the hundreds of thousands, for a thousands years. That's more than double the number that Elend controlled.
  9. So he settled for doing a magic trick instead.
  10. Nameless took the opportunity to leap out from behind the air and rip up the peace treaty.
  11. @Bort @Frustration, I checked WoR, here's the relevant section from WoR chapter 88, page 1059:
  12. But two spikes, even two Lerasium Mistborn level spikes, wouldn't allow him to do what he did. 1. We see in the books that Sazed is wrong about TLR having the same power level as a normal Lerasium mistborn, so that epigraph is already obsolete. 2. It's possible that savantism played a role in his abilities/ 3. Yeah, I don't think he had access to Nicrosil. 4. Two spikes, even if he collected them from a lerasium mistborn, would not be enough. less than doubling his steelpushing and soothing powers would not have had that great of an effect.
  13. It means that either: 1. Brandon wasn't paying attention closely or got confused and answered the question wrong 2. Brandon originally had TLR as being spiked and has henceforth changed that 3. Brandon was being intentionally obtuse. Two spikes would never give substantial benefit to a Well of Ascension enhanced Fullborn.
  14. Well, that's the way of theories. Sometimes they get WoB'd one-shot, sometimes they survive, and sometimes it's anyone's guess.
  15. Maybe? It might depend on intent, or it might not. I have no idea.