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  1. *Puts in earplugs*
  2. "Chiiiiiiiickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn!!!!!" screamed BOB. This was also predicted by the Oracles, although the oracle who made the prediction had been kicked out for lying. She was quickly reinstated and made head oracle.
  3. As was prophesied by the ancient oracles.
  4. Which was why he killed anyone who called him the chosen one, going instead by the name of Bertley Orthal Bandrius, or BOB for short.
  5. @Karger Brandon doesn't confirm that, and I believe that he has misled questioners before, so that is only the questioners opinion.
  6. No, the Feruchemical energy overwrites the allomantic one, allowing you to take feruchemical power from Preservation (spoilered for length):
  7. And why his parents had cut off one of his hands and permanently fused a shardhook to his arm for his thirteenth birthday present.
  8. Atium would likely not be effective against Obliteration, as Obliteration's danger sense would counter it to some extent.
  9. Then Lift ate the sticknut. "mmm, nothing like a good sticknut" she said to sticknutnah, who was taking off her sticknutnah cosutme "thanks for helping me make some. Think you can soulcast them now?"
  10. explosive.
  11. Warbreaker:
  12. Stick went to confront donut, and a fierce battle of wills ensued.