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  1. I'm not sure that *wins* is a good idea.
  2. Welcome to the shard Vain! mistborn series are you reading, the second or the first?
  3. Granted, but you will never enjoy reading again. I wish for a suit of completely indestructible shardplate.
  4. @Nymeros, why do you say that? I agree that it would be more difficult to kill non-catatonic Heralds, but Nale is the only one we have seen actively fighting, and Moash has an honorblade now.
  5. *Wins by not being arrested for cookie spiking, or being cookie spiked*
  6. Then they all died from overwork, and the fourth wall was swarmed with people trying to break through, until...
  7. But they were allergic, and had to go on sick leave.
  8. *Wins by stabbing Salad in the back while they are distracted by Winning while everyone else is distracted by the competition*
  9. Still fine, as I stipulated that I didn't need to fuel it in any way. Granted, you become the Balrog that Gandalf killed. I wish for a crossover in which Waxillium meets Kaladin.
  10. He exists, unless you have a really bad split personality. Welcome to the shard Danox!
  11. *Wins by not being future*
  12. *Wins by not being present*
  13. Use what to awaken? I have no breaths, just immortality.