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  1. Vio cursed as the vines grew up his legs. "Please can we just talk?" he yelled. Then blasting tensor power tword the celiling he lashed himself upward about ten times ripping himself free from the vines and also taking a good chunk of the floor with him. @Sorana @Sunbringer
  2. Vio screamed as fangs entered his arms. He activated his fabrial and felt the healing take place. @kenod @Sorana
  3. Vio cursed. He forgot that he wasn't a windrunner, he lashed himself toward the hole more kicking at the girl to let him go.
  4. Vio cursed as his leg was caught by a woman. He quickly lashed himself once more sideways. Kicking he lashed the woman toward the roof of the Bleeding Spike.
  5. The flying thing swooped down again and hit the barrier caused by the line of Forbidance.
  6. Vio looked at what was happening around him, time seemed to slow down as he was encased in a bubble of some sort. He spun quickly and shot a wave of tensor power in all directions, including the wall behind him. He turned ready to make an escape through the wall as he lashed himself toward the direction of the hole. @I think I am here. @Sorana @kenod
  7. Vio turned to the child who had just entered the bar. Really, He thought, This is the best the Ghostbloods could do? "No, kid," Vio said. "Plese tell me I guessed right and you are the Ghostbloods." Walking over to his table he gestured to the seat opposite him. "Please sit and talk with me." @I think I am here.
  8. Fasi looked around at everybody, they were all relaxing and talking jovially. She was obviously not welcome. This always happens, Fasi chided herself, you always get yourself shoved out of the way. Nobody wants you nobody needs you, your just a Rithmitist who can solve some problems. Fasi looked around the room her thoughts growing dark. But even then your useless, Fasi thought. As Fasi looked around she realized something, they did not chose her, they did not welcome her. Her skill as a Rithmitist didn't matter. Fasi slowly slunk away from the group being careful not to disturb anyone. She started wandering the cavern wondering what was going on. She passed by the mural where she was depicted. As she walked she suddenly heard a voice coming from her right. She couldn't quite make out what it was. Quickly but quitely she with drew a piece of green chalk and moved forward toward the voice. She soon heard the words, they were two distinct voices. "Why are you talking to that thing?" said voice 1. ""It talked to us, it might be friendly." said voice two. With a start Fasi realized that she was hearing herself and Sarah talk at the top of the cliff. What was going on here. Then a object came flying towards her. Fasi yelled and jumped out of the way as a flying creature plummeted toward her. She hit the ground and turned. drawing a perfectly straight line of Forbidance where the creature would most likely return from. @Rushu42
  9. "Yes," Fasi said lost in her thoughts.
  10. Fasi looked around. She nodded almost imperceptibly.
  11. Vio stopped playing. "Sir," He said with a smile. "Let us sit down and talk." Vio walked over to a table and sat down sheathing his violin. Then he gestured to the policeman to sit across from him. "I will come, but I would prefer if we talked first. I'm expecting someone." Nila smiled, she loved all forms of fighting, she just needed to make sure Avalon didn't take control. "I'll take the back," she said perkily. @I think I am here. @Sorana @kenod
  12. Exept for the chalk, Fasi mused. "Well what do we do now," she asked.
  13. Fasi walked up behind Sarah. "So, what do you think this is?" She asked in a wispier. @Rushu42
  14. Nila looked at Mike. "Yes however my spren has informed me that Vio is currently sitting and playing his violin, I don't think he'll run with something that precious out. And while that is a great idea Mike that would involve a scuffle and I don't think we want to do that with Shattermind around." Nila gasped. That hadn't been her speaking that had been Avalon influencing her. He was pushing at his bonds and seemed to want to break free. Nila resisted with a snarl and forced Avalon back into their head. "Anyway," she said somewhat shaken."I propose that we try talking to him here. I'm sure he will let us. He's a very talkitive guy. We might get more info out of him here then if we torture him as fun as that sounds." @Sorana @I think I am here. @kenod
  15. "Perhaps," Fasi mused. "Or..." She trailed off. She pulled out a piece of green chalk and drew a dog chalkling. The moment she was done it puffed into dust. Fasi stared in disbelife at where it had been. @Rushu42 @Sorana @ZincAboutIt
  16. Fasi looked on amazed. She turned to Sarah. "What do you think will happen if I shoot it?" @Rushu42
  17. Nila looked at Mike. "He woln't bolt," she said. Flicker came around the corner and flew to Nila when he saw her. "Madam," his small quavery voice said. "The violinist is in the bar playing of all thing I can't believe this." Nila looked at Mike "Acording to Flicker Vio Lin is going to welcome us in with some nice music." \ @Sorana @kenod @I think I am here.
  18. "Fair," Fasi said almost imperceptlibly.
  19. Fasi stalked after Sarah. She hated being told she was imcompitant, she was on of the best Rithemists around. She followed until they reached a wall that was covered in paintings. She saw a picture depicting two woman on a leadge. She gasped as she realized that it was her and Sarah from just a few minutes before. Looking closer at the image she noticed something, the chalk she was holding was white. "That's wrong," Fasi said. "I was holding a purple piece of chalk, not white." @ZincAboutIt @every one else at the wall
  20. No not at all, you just knocked some seance into me
  21. Ya your right, I was mainly brainstorming on what to do.
  22. 1. thank you 2. They do share a soul, at least for the current moment if you were to cut of the right hand with a shard blade both would have lost the use of it. 3. It sounded cool 4. I agree however Avalon is a compleatly pacifist character. Also I'm just brainstorming 5. THanks