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  1. "Of course dear," She said with a smile. "Follow me." She walked out of the room. @Sorana @I think I am here. @kenod
  2. "Probably a better idea," Fasi admited.
  3. Fasi looked at Sarah. "Fasten it to one of my lines they are string enough."
  4. Avalon glanced at the woman who had attacked him. "Yes, Nila and I were investigating him for a potential hit. I know he has many gagets that make him seem invested. Hence him flying out of here. His most prized possession is that violin of his. Shattermind the epic is a barmaid there. She shouldn't be a problem"
  5. Fasi drew another line of forbidance. "Just because it talked don't mean it's friendly," she growled at Sarah.
  6. "Why are you talking to that thing," Fasi hissed.
  7. Fasi backed away from the strange creature and drew a like of Forbidance on the ground. Not that it would do much good.
  8. @ZincAboutIt
  9. Vio Lin wondered if Nila had dropped the bait.
  10. Fasi drew a line of revocation tworod the creature. It shot arcross the floor directly hitting the thing.
  11. Avalon smiled.
  12. Avalon took control. "Of course you are forgiven. However Nila might vapoise the next person who tries to do that."
  13. I cant tell her my plans. "Perhaps."